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Featherweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date23 November 1956 — 20:00
LocationRoyal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants21 from 19 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

The defending champion was Georgian Soviet Rafael Chimishk’iani, who was World Champion in 1954 and 1955, and European Champion in 1956, but he was not chosen for the 1956 Soviet Olympic team. Despite his absence the battle again came down to a Soviet versus an American lifter. Yevgeny Minayev opened with a world record press of 115.0 kg to take a 7.5 kg lead over Ike Berger, but Berger tied the competition with a snatch of 107.5 kg. When Berger lifted 137.5 kg in the clean & jerk for a world record total of 352.5 kg, the gold medal was his. At Rome the two would return and resume their battle, with Minayev winning in 1960. Berger also competed at the 1964 Olympics, again winning a silver medal, that time behind Japan’s Yoshinobu Miyake. The bronze medal in Melbourne went to Poland’s Marian Zieliński, who would compete at four Olympics (1956-68), winning three bronze medals.

1Ike BergerUSA352.5WRGold
2Yevgeny MinayevURS342.5Silver
3Marian ZielińskiPOL335.0Bronze
4Rodney WilkesTTO330.0
5Hiroyoshi ShiratoriJPN325.0
6Georg MiskeGER320.0
7Tan Ser CherSGP315.0
8Lee Gyeong-SeopKOR312.5
9Jules SylvainCAN310.0
10Takahiro YamaguchiJPN310.0
=11Maurice MegennisGBR307.5
=11Julian CreusGBR307.5
13Hussain ZarriniIRI305.0
14Tun Maung KyweMYA297.5
15Liem Kim LengINA292.5
16Keith CapleAUS287.5
17Koh Eng TongMAL285.0
18Muhammad BashirPAK247.5
ACLim Jose-NingTPE87.5
ACRodrigo del RosarioPHI190.0
ACSebastiano MannironiITA200.0