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Heavyweight (>90 kilograms), Men

Date18 October 1964 — 10:00-16:00
LocationShibuya Kokaido, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants21 from 18 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.
Olympic Record (>90 kg, Clean & Jerk)202.5 WR / Yury Vlasov URS / 10 September 1960
Olympic Record (>90 kg, Military Press)180.0 / Jim Bradford USA / 10 September 1960
180.0 / Yury Vlasov URS / 10 September 1960
Olympic Record (>90 kg, Snatch)155.0 / Yury Vlasov URS / 10 September 1960
Olympic Record (>90 kg, Triathlon)537.5 WR / Yury Vlasov URS / 10 September 1960

Yury Vlasov (URS) had won the 1960 gold medal and had not been defeated since the Rome Olympics, winning the World Championships in 1961-63. Also the world record holder, Vlasov’s margin over the other lifters was huge, and he was virtually conceded the gold medal. When he broke his own world record in the press with 197.5 kg, the coronation seemed assured. His teammate Leonid Zhabotinsky led the snatch with 167.5 kg and was in second overall, but trailed by 5 kg. Vlasov put up 210.0 kg in the jerk, and seemed to have the gold medal when Zhabotinsky, on his second attempt, pulled 217.5 kg to his knees, then walked off the platform, shaking his head, seemingly in defeat. He then returned, a few minutes later, cleaned 217.5 kg, and easily jerked it overhead for a world record in the lift, giving him 572.5 kg and the gold medal over Vlasov in a huge upset.

Bronze went to American Norb Schemansky who had also won bronze in the class in 1960 and a silver in 1948. He won a gold medal as a middle-heavy in 1952, and his 1964 bronze medal made him the first Olympic weightlifter to win four medals. Zhabotinsky would return in 1968 at Mexico City and defend his gold medal. Vlasov never lifted competitively again, turning to writing short stories, novels, and poetry, and later became a politician.

1Leonid ZhabotinskyURS572.5ORGold
2Yury VlasovURS570.0Silver
3Norb SchemanskyUSA537.5Bronze
4Gary GubnerUSA512.5
5Károly EcserHUN507.5
6Mohamed Mahmoud IbrahimEGY495.0
7Ivan VeselinovBUL490.0
8Hwang Ho-DongKOR482.5
9Don OliverNZL480.0
10Serge RedingBEL477.5
11Manfred RiegerGER475.0
12Manuchehr BorumandIRI465.0
13Arthur ShannosAUS465.0
14Oun Yao-LingTPE460.0
15Ernesto VaronaCUB457.5
16Abdul Khalik JuadIRQ445.0
17Humberto SelvettiARG445.0
18Udo QuerchAUT442.5
19Hadi Abdul JabbarIRQ440.0
20Brandon BaileyTTO425.0
ACEino MäkinenFIN137.5