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Flyweight (≤52 kilograms), Men

Date20 July 1980 — 14:00-19:00
LocationDvorets sporta Izmaylovo, Moskva
Participants18 from 15 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

This was the closest competition in Olympic weightlifting history with the first four lifters all registering the same weight. The gold medal went to Soviet Kanybek Osmonaliyev who had won the 1978-79 World Championships on bodyweight, as Osmonaliyev was 0.2 kg lighter than North Korean Ho Bong-Chol. Ho’s teammate Han Gyong-Si and Hungarian Béla Oläh had both weighed the same at 52.0 kg (0.1 kg more than Ho) prior to the competition so they were re-weighed after the event ended, and Han was awarded the bronze medal as by then he weighed 0.1 kg less than Oläh. So in this case, Han Gyong-Si became an Olympic medalist because he sweated more than the other guy.

1Kanybek OsmonaliyevURS245.0ORGold
2Ho Bong-CholPRK245.0ORSilver
3Han Gyong-SiPRK245.0ORBronze1
4Béla OláhHUN245.0OR2
5Stefan LeletkoPOL240.0
6Ferenc HornyákHUN237.5
7Francisco CasamayorCUB232.5
8Adyaagiin JügdernamjilMGL215.0
9Gaetano TostoITA215.0
10Ioannis KatsaidonisGRE207.5
11Humberto FuentesVEN207.5
12Giuseppe ChiapparoBEL200.0
13Raul DinizPOR197.5
14Imade KadroSYR190.0
15Almabruk Mahmud MahmudLBA190.0
16Durval de MoraesBRA187.5
ACKarunagaran EkambaramIND90.0
ACDorjiin EnkhbaatarMGL90.0