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Light-Heavyweight (≤82½ kilograms), Men

Date26 July 1980 — 14:00-19:00
LocationDvorets sporta Izmaylovo, Moskva
Participants19 from 17 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

There was no heavier favorite in the 1980 weightlifting tournament than Soviet Yurik Vardanyan. Vardanyan held the world record, had not been defeated in three years, winning the 1977-79 World Championships, and also won lift gold medals in every lift at all three Worlds. His gold medal in Moskva was won in dominant fashion, as he set world records in both lifts, and his world record total of 400.0 kg would have won the gold medal as a middle-heavyweight (≤90 kg) or a heavyweight I (≤100 kg). Bulgarian Blagoi Blagoev won silver, fully 27.5 kg behind Vardanyan. In 1976 Blagoev had seemed to win the gold medal in this class, but was later disqualified for a doping positive.

1Yuri VardanyanURS400.0WRGold
2Blagoy BlagoevBUL372.5Silver
3Dušan PoliačikTCH367.5Bronze
4Jan LisowskiPOL355.0
5Krasimir DrandarovBUL355.0
6Paweł RabczewskiPOL350.0
7Detlef BlascheGDR345.0
8Juhani AvellanFIN332.5
9Vladimir ZrnićYUG330.0
10Stefan JonssonSWE327.5
11Talal Hassoun Abdul KaderIRQ322.5
12Erling JohansenDEN317.5
13Stephen PinsentGBR305.0
14Salem AjjoubSYR302.5
ACÞorsteinn LeifssonISL125.0
ACRobert KabbasAUS142.5
ACPetre DumitruROU155.0
ACSerge Van CottomBELDNF
ACBertalan MandzákHUNDNF