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Lightweight (≤69 kilograms), Men

Date20 September 2000 — 10:30 (B), 18:30 (A)
LocationSydney Convention Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales (Convention Centre)
Participants17 from 14 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

When this class started, three Bulgarians had already tested positive for doping during the Sydney Olympics which, by the rules in force at the time, meant the expuslion of the entire Bulgarian weightlifting team. However, the expulsion was not announced until 22 September, allowing the Bulgarians in this class to compete, with 1999 World Champion Galabin Boevski equalling the world record to win the gold medal and defeat his teammate, Georgi Markov for the gold medal. Both Boevski and Markov were caught doping at the 2003 World Championships, when they were found to have tampered with their urine samples. Boevski was banned from international competition for eight years, effectively ending his career, and Markov for 18 months. In October 2011 Boevski was arrested at the São Paulo International Airport when he was found to have 9 kg of cocaine in his luggage. He was convicted of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to nine years in Brazilian prison, although he was released in October 2013 and returned to Bulgaria, although the reasons for the release are unclear.

1Galabin BoevskiBUL357.5ORGold
2Georgi MarkovBUL352.5Silver
3Siarhei LaurenauBLR340.0Bronze
4Zhang GuozhengCHN337.5
5Rudik PetrosyanARM335.0
6Valerios LeonidisGRE330.0
7Lee Bae-YeongKOR330.0
8Kim Hak-BongKOR330.0
9Turan MirzəyevAZE327.5
10Youssef SbaîTUN320.0
11Yoshihisa MiyajiJPN320.0
12François DemeureBEL310.0
13Giuseppe FiccoITA302.5
14Yasin ArslanTUR300.0
15Sébastien GroulxCAN297.5
16Alexis BatistaPAN242.5
ACWan JianhuiCHN147.5DNF