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4 x 400 metres Relay, Women

Date10 – 11 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants71 from 16 countries

The United States had won this title at the last four Olympic Games and was expected to do so again. They were led by Sanya Richards-Ross, the individual 400 champion, DeeDee Trotter, the bronze medalist in the 400, along with Allyson Felix, the open 200 champion, but one who often ran the 400 metres in invitational meets, and had attempted a 200/400 double at the 2011 World Championships. No other team was given much of a chance for gold.

In the end it was more a coronation than a real race. Trotter gave the USA a nice lead on the opener, posting 50.2, with Russia’s Yuliya Gushchina second at 51.0. Felix then ended any suspense with 48.2 on the second leg, the fastest of the race, as Russia trailed by more than two seconds. Francena McCorory had the third leg for the Americans and opened the lead further, giving Sanya Richards-Ross what amounted to a victory lap. She brought it home in 49.10 for a final time of 3:16.87, equal to the fifth fastest time ever. Russia trailed almost four seconds back for silver, with Ukraine getting bronze. Richards-Ross won her second gold medal of the London Olympics, while Felix won her third, including the 4×100 relay the day before. Richards-Ross also won her third consecutive gold medal in the event, emulating Frank Wykoff, who won three relay gold medals for the United States in the 4×100 in 1928-36.

That was how the event and the results seemed to have ended. In 2015, however, the IOC began re-testing samples from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, using newer, more advanced testing techniques, in an effort to find those who had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), but in whom it could not be detected at the time of those Olympics. This was one of the many events affected.

In February 2017, Antonina Krivoshapka was revealed to have tested positive for turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone). Her disqualification led to the Russian relay team losing the silver medal. Jamaica was advanced to the silver medal, and Ukraine received the bronze medal. In early October 2017, another Russian team member, Yuliya Gushchina, also had a re-test positive (substance not announced), and in February 2019, Tatyana Firova was also disqualified for an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV).

1United StatesUSA3:22.09 (1 h2)3:16.87 (1)Gold
DeeDee TrotterAllyson FelixFrancena McCororySanya Richards-RossKeshia BakerDiamond Dixon
2JamaicaJAM3:25.13 (1 h1)3:20.95 (2)Silver
Christine DayRosemarie WhyteShericka WilliamsNovlene Williams-MillsShereefa LloydDominique Blake (DNS)
3UkraineUKR3:25.90 (2 h1)3:23.57 (3)Bronze
Alina LohvynenkoOlha ZemliakHanna YaroshchukNataliya Pyhyda
4Great BritainGBR3:25.05 (2 h2)3:24.76 (4)
Shana CoxLee McConnellPerri Shakes-DraytonChristine OhuruoguEilidh Child
5FranceFRA3:25.94 (3 h1)3:25.92 (5)
Phara AnacharsisMuriel HurtisMarie GayotFloria Gueï
6Czech RepublicCZE3:26.20 (3 h2)3:27.77 (6)
Denisa RosolováZuzana BergrováJitka BartoničkováZuzana Hejnová
AC r2/2NigeriaNGR3:26.29 (4 h1)[3:26.52] (DQ)DQ
Omolara OmotoshoAJ OdumosuRegina GeorgeBukola AbogunlokoIdara Otu
5 h2 r1/2PolandPOL3:30.15 (4 h2)
Iga BaumgartJustyna ŚwiętyAnna JesieńPatrycja Wyciszkiewicz
6 h1 r1/2CubaCUB3:27.41 (5 h1)
Aymée MartínezDiosmely PeñaYaneisi BorlotDaisurami Bonne
6 h2 r1/2IrelandIRL3:30.55 (5 h2)
Marian Andrews-HeffernanJoanne CuddihyJessie BarrMichelle Carey
7 h1 r1/2ItalyITA3:29.01 (6 h1)
Chiara BazzoniMaria Enrica SpaccaElena Maria BonfantiLibania Grenot
7 h2 r1/2BrazilBRA3:32.95 (6 h2)
Joelma SousaJailma LimaAline dos SantosGeisa Coutinho
8 h1 r1/2GermanyGER3:31.06 (7 h1)
Esther CremerJanin LindenbergMaral FeizbakhshFabienne Kohlmann
DQBelarusBLR[3:26.52] (DQ h1)1
Alena Kiyevich 2Iryna KhliustavaIlona UsovichSviatlana Vusovich 3
DQTurkeyTUR[3:34.71] (DQ h2)4
Pınar Saka 5Meliz Redif 6Birsen EnginSema Aydemir-Apak
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:23.11] (DQ h2)[3:20.23] (DQ)7
Yuliya Gushchina 8Antonina Krivoshapka 9Tatyana Firova 10Nataliya AntyukhNataliya NazarovaAnastasiya Kapachinskaya 11

Round One (10 August 2012 — 19:10)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:10)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
2195Christine Day50.850.8 (–)
2201Shereefa Lloyd52.31:43.28 (–)
2211Shericka Williams51.072:34.35 (–)
2209Rosemarie Whyte50.783:25.13 (–)
3199Olha Zemliak51.551.5 (–)
3172Alina Lohvynenko51.71:43.30 (–)
3197Hanna Yaroshchuk51.612:34.92 (–)
3182Nataliya Pyhyda50.993:25.90 (–)
1771Phara Anacharsis52.452.4 (–)
1781Muriel Hurtis51.31:43.81 (–)
1778Marie Gayot51.462:35.27 (–)
1779Floria Gueï50.673:25.94 (–)
2585Omolara Omotosho51.751.7 (–)
Idara Otu52.21:43.98 (–)
2575Bukola Abogunloko51.702:35.94 (–)
2581Regina George50.613:26.52 (–)
1497Aymée Martínez51.851.8 (–)
1500Diosmely Peña52.51:44.37 (–)
1490Yaneisi Borlot52.032:36.40 (–)
1489Daisurami Bonne51.013:27.41 (–)
2147Chiara Bazzoni52.752.7 (–)
2162Maria Enrica Spacca51.91:44.71 (–)
2148Elena Maria Bonfanti52.172:36.88 (–)
2154Libania Grenot52.133:29.01 (–)
1931Esther Cremer51.951.9 (–)
1947Janin Lindenberg52.01:44.04 (–)
1932Maral Feizbakhsh53.602:37.64 (–)
1943Fabienne Kohlmann53.423:31.06 (–)
1183Alena Kiyevich[51.7][51.7] (–)12
1182Iryna Khliustava[52.3][1:44.03] (–)
1204Ilona Usovich[51.90][2:35.93] (–)
1205Sviatlana Vusovich[50.59][3:26.52] (–)

Heat Two (19:21)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
1United StatesUSA3:22.090.179Q
3267Keshia Baker51.651.6 (–)
3307Francena McCorory50.31:42.05 (–)
3286Diamond Dixon50.262:32.31 (–)
3321DeeDee Trotter49.783:22.09 (–)
2Great BritainGBR3:25.050.182Q
1851Shana Cox51.651.6 (–)
1864Lee McConnell51.21:42.90 (–)
1850Eilidh Child51.542:34.44 (–)
1866Christine Ohuruogu50.613:25.05 (–)
3Czech RepublicCZE3:26.200.224q
1540Denisa Rosolová51.551.5 (–)
1529Zuzana Bergrová51.91:43.51 (–)
1528Jitka Bartoničková51.662:35.17 (–)
1532Zuzana Hejnová51.033:26.20 (–)
2679Iga Baumgart53.053.0 (–)
2699Justyna Święty52.31:45.35 (–)
2688Anna Jesień52.272:37.62 (–)
2704Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz52.533:30.15 (–)
2105Marian Andrews-Heffernan53.553.5 (–)
2104Joanne Cuddihy50.61:44.25 (–)
2098Jessie Barr53.372:37.62 (–)
2102Michelle Carey52.933:30.55 (–)
1249Joelma Sousa52.752.7 (–)
1237Jailma Lima52.21:44.94 (–)
1240Aline dos Santos54.372:39.31 (–)
1235Geisa Coutinho53.643:32.95 (–)
3100Pınar Saka[52.5][52.5] (–)14
3086Birsen Engin54.182:40.25 (–)
3080Sema Aydemir-Apak54.463:34.71 (–)
3098Meliz Redif[53.4][1:46.07] (–)15
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:23.11][0.164]Q16
2862Yuliya Gushchina[50.8][50.8] (–)17
2856Tatyana Firova[50.60][1:41.55] (–)18
2883Nataliya Nazarova50.692:32.24 (–)
2865Anastasiya Kapachinskaya[50.87][3:23.11] (–)19

Final (11 August 2012 — 20:25)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
1United StatesUSA3:16.870.217
3321DeeDee Trotter50.550.5 (–)
3287Allyson Felix47.81:38.38 (–)
3307Francena McCorory49.392:27.77 (–)
3313Sanya Richards-Ross49.103:16.87 (–)
2195Christine Day51.351.3 (–)
2209Rosemarie Whyte49.81:41.20 (–)
2211Shericka Williams50.292:31.49 (–)
2213Novlene Williams-Mills49.463:20.95 (–)
3172Alina Lohvynenko51.551.5 (–)
3199Olha Zemliak49.81:41.38 (–)
3197Hanna Yaroshchuk51.562:32.94 (–)
3182Nataliya Pyhyda50.633:23.57 (–)
4Great BritainGBR3:24.760.190
1851Shana Cox52.652.6 (–)
1864Lee McConnell51.21:43.83 (–)
1877Perri Shakes-Drayton50.282:34.11 (–)
1866Christine Ohuruogu50.653:24.76 (–)
1771Phara Anacharsis52.452.4 (–)
1781Muriel Hurtis51.31:43.84 (–)
1778Marie Gayot51.152:34.99 (–)
1779Floria Gueï50.933:25.92 (–)
6Czech RepublicCZE3:27.770.225
1540Denisa Rosolová51.851.8 (–)
1529Zuzana Bergrová52.31:44.23 (–)
1528Jitka Bartoničková52.622:36.85 (–)
1532Zuzana Hejnová50.923:27.77 (–)
2585Omolara Omotosho52.652.6 (–)
2583AJ Odumosu51.21:43.88 (–)
2581Regina George50.882:34.76 (–)
2575Bukola Abogunloko51.763:26.52 (–)
DQRussian FederationRUS[3:20.23][0.158]20
2862Yuliya Gushchina[51.0][51.0] (–)21
2873Antonina Krivoshapka[49.6][1:40.68] (–)22
2856Tatyana Firova[49.88][2:30.56] (–)23
2843Nataliya Antyukh49.673:20.23 (–)