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Super-Heavyweight (>75 kilograms), Women

Date21 August 2004 — 16:30
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Arsis Varon Nikaias, Nikaia
Participants12 from 11 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in snatch and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

Defending champion Ding Meiyuan was also the 2003 World Champion but was left off the Chinese team in favor of world record holder Tang Gonghong. After the snatch Tang was in third place, trailing Korean Jang Mi-Ran and Poland’s Agata Wróbel by 7.5 kg. Tang then lifted a world record 185.0 kg in the clean & jerk, which gave her a world record total of 305.0 kg, and the gold medal. Jang easily won the silver medal over Wróbel, besting her by 12.5 kg in the clean & jerk. Seventh-place went to Ukrainian Olha Korobka, who weighed 156.19 kg, the heaviest woman to ever compete at the Olympics at the time. This record was broken in 2008 by Korobka herself, when she weighed in at 166.97 kg, and won a silver medal at Beijing. Jang would win the next three World titles in super-heavy and dominated the class to win the gold medal in 2008 at Beijing.

1Tang GonghongCHN305.0WRGold
2Jang Mi-RanKOR302.5ORSilver
3Agata WróbelPOL290.0Bronze
4Viktória VargaHUN282.5
5Viktoriya ShaimardanovaUKR280.0
6Cheryl HaworthUSA280.0
7Olha KorobkaUKR280.0
8Vasiliki KasapiGRE277.5
9Carmenza DelgadoCOL270.0
10Manuela RejasPER220.0
11Reanna Maricha SolomonNRU220.0
12Ivy ShawFIJ185.0