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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Men

Date29 – 31 July 2012
LocationLee Valley White Water Centre, Waltham Cross
Participants17 from 17 countries

Going into London, the two favorites to take gold in the men’s C-1 slalom were Slovakia’s Michal Martikán and France’s Tony Estanguet; between them they had won every Olympic gold medal in the event since 1996. Martikán had taken it in 1996 and 2008 alongside silver medals in 2000 and 2004, making him the most decorated Olympic slalom competitor, and was the individual (1997, 2002, 2003, 2007) and team (1997, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2011) World Champion a total of nine times. Estanguet was Olympic Champion in 2000 and 2004 and World Champion for the individual event in 2006, 2009, and 2010, with team victories in 2005 and 2007. The hometown favorite for Britain was David Florence, who was ranked #1 in the discipline worldwide and had won silver in the event at the 2008 Games.

Martikán exited the preliminary rounds with the fastest time, but fell to fourth in the semi-finals in a round won by Germany’s Sideris Tasiadis. Florence hit a gate during this part of the event and incurred a two-second penalty to his time, enough to drop him from seventh place to tenth and outside of the advancing field. Martikán had a solid run in the final, but was overtaken by Estanguet, who won the event. An excellent run by Tasiadis earned him the silver medal, leaving the Slovakian competitor with bronze, the first time he had ever finished below runner-up in an Olympic tournament.

12Tony EstanguetFRAGold
25Sideris TasiadisGERSilver
33Michal MartikánSVKBronze
46Ander ElosegiESP
54Stanislav JežekCZE
615Kynan MaleyAUS
78Takuya HanedaJPN
89Benjamin SavšekSLO
912Grzegorz KiljanekPOL
101David FlorenceGBR
1111Aleksandr LipatovRUS
127Teng ZhiqiangCHN
1314Stefano CipressiITA
1413Casey EichfeldUSA
1510Christos TsakmakisGRE
1616Sebastián RossiARG
1717Rafail VergoyazovKAZ

Qualifying (29 July 2012 — 13:30)

Two runs. Total points determined placement. Top 12 advanced to semi-finals.

PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
115Michal MartikánSVK90.56139.46 (16)90.56 (1)Q
29Benjamin SavšekSLO90.8390.83 (1)203.42 (15)Q
310Takuya HanedaJPN92.72101.13 (12)92.72 (2)Q
413Sideris TasiadisGER92.8396.12 (7)92.83 (3)Q
517David FlorenceGBR93.04101.60 (13)93.04 (4)Q
612Ander ElosegiESP93.2493.24 (=2)96.60 (8)Q
716Tony EstanguetFRA93.2493.24 (=2)99.20 (10)Q
86Grzegorz KiljanekPOL93.50101.03 (11)93.50 (5)Q
914Stanislav JežekCZE94.0994.09 (4)206.82 (16)Q
107Aleksandr LipatovRUS95.5196.13 (8)95.51 (6)Q
1111Teng ZhiqiangCHN95.6895.68 (5)96.06 (7)Q
123Kynan MaleyAUS96.0796.07 (6)96.68 (9)Q
134Stefano CipressiITA96.4096.40 (9)99.74 (11)
145Casey EichfeldUSA97.0497.04 (10)102.02 (12)
158Christos TsakmakisGRE105.22165.79 (17)105.22 (13)
162Sebastián RossiARG107.52109.41 (14)107.52 (14)
171Rafail VergoyazovKAZ125.49125.49 (15)225.23 (17)

Semi-Finals (31 July 2012 — 13:30)

One run. Top eight advanced to final.

19Sideris TasiadisGER98.941:38.940Q
211Benjamin SavšekSLO99.921:39.920Q
36Tony EstanguetFRA101.671:41.670Q
=47Ander ElosegiESP104.041:42.042Q
=412Michal MartikánSVK104.041:42.042Q
610Takuya HanedaJPN104.161:04.160Q
74Stanislav JežekCZE104.371:00.374Q
81Kynan MaleyAUS105.491:43.492Q
95Grzegorz KiljanekPOL106.141:42.144
108David FlorenceGBR106.161:44.162
113Aleksandr LipatovRUS107.491:45.492
122Teng ZhiqiangCHN107.531:47.530

Final Round (31 July 2012 — 15:06)

Downstream gates17
Total gates23
Upstream gates6
16Tony EstanguetFRA97.061:37.060
28Sideris TasiadisGER98.091:38.090
35Michal MartikánSVK98.311:38.310
44Ander ElosegiESP102.611:42.610
52Stanislav JežekCZE105.731:43.732
61Kynan MaleyAUS107.081:47.080
73Takuya HanedaJPN110.621:48.622
87Benjamin SavšekSLO219.951:51.95108