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Ice Dancing, Mixed

Date16 – 17 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants48 from 15 countries
FormatTotal of points from compulsory dance, optional set dance, and free dance.

The gold and silver medals were somewhat pre-ordained as Canadian defending gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and the 2010 silver medalists, Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White had dominated the event since Vancouver. They had been 1-2 at the last four World Championships, with Davis and White winning in 2011 and 2013, and Virtue and Moir winning in 2010 and 2012. But Davis and White had not lost since the 2012 World Championships and came to Sochi as slight favorites. Making things more interesting was that they both were coached by former Russian Marina Zouyeva, and trained at the same rink in Detroit.

The ice dancing event was changed for the 2014 Olympics. Previously dancers had completed an original set dance and either 1, 2, or 3 compulsory dances (one since 2002), and then a free dance. But making the event consistent with the other figure skating events, the competition had been changed since Vancouver and now consisted of a short dance and a free dance. This format had been in place in all ISU events since Vancouver so the ice dancers were prepared for it.

As expected Davis/White and Virtue/Moir went 1-2 in the short dance, with the Americans taking a slight lead. The little known Russian couple Yelena Ilyinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, silver medalists at the 2012 and 2013 European Championships, was in third place. In the free dance, Davis/White skated to Scheherazade and edged out Virtue/Moir both in that phase and for the gold medal. As always with ice dancing, there was little to choose between them and the results seemed pre-determined. There was some mild controversy that this was the case and that there had even been a deal between American and Russian judges with a quid pro quo between the pairs and dance competition, but this went nowhere quickly. Ilyinykh/Katsalapov won a very surprising bronze medal.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort DanceFree Dance
1Meryl Davis / Charlie White, Jr.USA195.5278.89 (1)116.63 (1)Gold
2Tessa Virtue / Scott MoirCAN190.9976.33 (2)114.66 (2)Silver
3Yelena Ilinykh / Nikita KatsalapovRUS183.4873.04 (3)110.44 (3)Bronze
4Nathalie Péchalat / Fabian BourzatFRA177.2272.78 (4)104.44 (4)
5Yekaterina Bobrova / Dmitry SolovyovRUS172.9269.97 (5)102.95 (6)
6Anna Cappellini / Luca LanotteITA169.5067.58 (6)101.92 (7)
7Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew PojeCAN169.1165.93 (7)103.18 (5)
8Madison Chock / Evan BatesUSA164.6465.46 (8)99.18 (8)
9Maia Shibutani / Alex ShibutaniUSA155.1764.47 (9)90.70 (10)
10Penny Coomes / Nick BucklandGBR151.1159.33 (11)91.78 (9)
11Nelli Zhiganshina / Alexander GazsiGER150.7760.91 (10)89.86 (12)
12Yuliya Zlobina / Aleksey SitnikovAZE148.6358.15 (14)90.48 (11)
13Sara Hurtado / Adrián DíazESP146.9758.58 (12)88.39 (13)
14Charlène Guignard / Marco FabbriITA144.7858.14 (15)86.64 (14)
15Pernelle Carron / Lloyd JonesFRA142.8758.25 (13)84.62 (15)
16Viktoriya Sinitsina / Ruslan ZhiganshinRUS140.6658.01 (16)82.65 (17)
17Isabella Tobias / Deividas StagniūnasLTU139.0056.40 (17)82.60 (18)
18Alexandra Paul / Mitchell IslamCAN138.7055.91 (18)82.79 (16)
19Tanja Kolbe / Stefano CarusoGER130.5654.43 (19)76.13 (19)
20Danielle O'Brien / Gregory MerrimanAUS128.5352.68 (20)75.85 (20)
21 r1/2Cathy Reed / Chris ReedJPN52.2952.29 (21)
22 r1/2Alisa Agafonova / Alper UçarTUR49.8449.84 (22)
23 r1/2Huang Xintong / Zheng XunCHN48.9648.96 (23)
24 r1/2Siobhan Heekin-Canedy / Dmytro DunUKR41.9041.90 (24)

Short Dance (16 February 2014 — 19:06)

Judge #1Ingrid-Charlotte WolterGER
Judge #2Irina NechkinaAZE
Judge #3Shawn RettstattUSA
Judge #4Zhang TianyiCHN
Judge #5Wendy LangtonAUS
Judge #6David MolinaFRA
Judge #7Laimutė KrauzienėLTU
Judge #8Yuliya AndreyevaRUS
Judge #9Jodi AbbottCAN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
124Meryl Davis / Charlie White, Jr.USA78.8939.720.00Q
218Tessa Virtue / Scott MoirCAN76.3337.640.00Q
320Yelena Ilinykh / Nikita KatsalapovRUS73.0436.360.00Q
422Nathalie Péchalat / Fabian BourzatFRA72.7836.430.00Q
519Yekaterina Bobrova / Dmitry SolovyovRUS69.9733.580.00Q
616Anna Cappellini / Luca LanotteITA67.5832.850.00Q
723Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew PojeCAN65.9331.931.00Q
815Madison Chock / Evan BatesUSA65.4632.780.00Q
914Maia Shibutani / Alex ShibutaniUSA64.4733.360.00Q
1017Nelli Zhiganshina / Alexander GazsiGER60.9130.640.00Q
1121Penny Coomes / Nick BucklandGBR59.3330.081.00Q
1210Sara Hurtado / Adrián DíazESP58.5831.780.00Q
132Pernelle Carron / Lloyd JonesFRA58.2530.500.00Q
1413Yuliya Zlobina / Aleksey SitnikovAZE58.1528.790.00Q
155Charlène Guignard / Marco FabbriITA58.1430.000.00Q
163Viktoriya Sinitsina / Ruslan ZhiganshinRUS58.0130.430.00Q
1711Isabella Tobias / Deividas StagniūnasLTU56.4027.790.00Q
1812Alexandra Paul / Mitchell IslamCAN55.9127.500.00Q
194Tanja Kolbe / Stefano CarusoGER54.4328.220.00Q
208Danielle O'Brien / Gregory MerrimanAUS52.6828.290.00Q
211Cathy Reed / Chris ReedJPN52.2926.870.00
229Alisa Agafonova / Alper UçarTUR49.8425.140.00
237Huang Xintong / Zheng XunCHN48.9623.140.00
246Siobhan Heekin-Canedy / Dmytro DunUKR41.9018.360.00

Free Dance (17 February 2014 — 19:06)

Judge #1Anastasiya MakarovaUKR
Judge #2Chris BuchananGBR
Judge #3Shawn RettstattUSA
Judge #4Laimutė KrauzienėLTU
Judge #5Rossella CeccattiniITA
Judge #6Yuliya AndreyevaRUS
Judge #7Jodi AbbottCAN
Judge #8Irina NechkinaAZE
Judge #9Tomie FukudomeJPN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
120Meryl Davis / Charlie White, Jr.USA116.6357.500.00
217Tessa Virtue / Scott MoirCAN114.6656.220.00
318Yelena Ilinykh / Nikita KatsalapovRUS110.4454.140.00
416Nathalie Péchalat / Fabian BourzatFRA104.4451.161.00
515Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew PojeCAN103.1850.430.00
619Yekaterina Bobrova / Dmitry SolovyovRUS102.9548.500.00
713Anna Cappellini / Luca LanotteITA101.9249.500.00
814Madison Chock / Evan BatesUSA99.1849.010.00
96Penny Coomes / Nick BucklandGBR91.7844.500.00
1012Maia Shibutani / Alex ShibutaniUSA90.7043.421.00
118Yuliya Zlobina / Aleksey SitnikovAZE90.4845.230.00
1211Nelli Zhiganshina / Alexander GazsiGER89.8645.411.00
139Sara Hurtado / Adrián DíazESP88.3946.130.00
1410Charlène Guignard / Marco FabbriITA86.6445.280.00
157Pernelle Carron / Lloyd JonesFRA84.6241.950.00
162Alexandra Paul / Mitchell IslamCAN82.7941.980.00
174Viktoriya Sinitsina / Ruslan ZhiganshinRUS82.6540.900.00
183Isabella Tobias / Deividas StagniūnasLTU82.6039.860.00
191Tanja Kolbe / Stefano CarusoGER76.1338.711.00
205Danielle O'Brien / Gregory MerrimanAUS75.8539.030.00