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Canadian Doubles, Slalom, Men

Date8 – 11 August 2016
LocationEstádio de Canoagem Slalom, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants24 from 12 countries

The Slovakian Hochschorner twins, Pavol and Peter, had been the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympic Champions in the Men’s C-2 Slalom, but had been bested by Britain’s Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott in 2012. Nonetheless, Slovakia’s prospects remained considerable in Rio thanks to another set of relatives, cousins Ladislav and Peter Škantár, who were the 2007, 2010, and 2014 European Champions, the 2008 European and 2009 World runners-up, and bronze medalists at the 2011, 2013, and 2014 Worlds and 2004, 2005, and 2011 Europeans. Britain, meanwhile, was represented by David Florence and Richard Hounslow, the 2012 Olympic runners-up, as well as the 2013 World Champions and the 2010 World and 2010 and 2015 European bronze medalists. Other contenders were Germany’s Franz Anton and Jan Benzien, the reigning World Champions and 2015 European runners-up, and Slovenia’s Luka Božič and Sašo Taljat, the 2014 World Champions, 2016 European runners-up and 2009 World and 2014 European bronze medalists.

The Škantár cousins had little trouble winning the preliminaries, although the French duo of Gauthier Klauss and Matthieu Péché, the 2015 World bronze medalists, were able to finish ahead of Florence and Hunslow. The semifinals were won by Anton and Benzien, while Florence and Hunslow remained third behind Czechs Jonáš Kašpar and Marek Šindler. Kašpar and Šindler were impressive in the finals as well, but flipped over during their run, which ended their chances for a medal. The Škantár cousins, therefore, took gold without much trouble, and were followed by Great Britain and France respectively on the podium.

15-A/5-BLadislav Škantár / Peter ŠkantárSVKGold
26-A/6-BDavid Florence / Richard HounslowGBRSilver
31-A/1-BGauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRABronze
44-A/4-BFranz Anton / Jan BenzienGER
57-A/7-BPiotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL
68-A/8-BMikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS
73-A/3-BLuka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO
82-A/2-BJonáš Kašpar / Marek ŠindlerCZE
99-A/9-BLukas Werro / Simon WerroSUI
1011-A/11-BDevin McEwan / Casey EichfeldUSA
1110-A/10-BCharles Corrêa / Anderson OliveiraBRA
1212-A/12-BTsubasa Sasaki / Shota SasakiJPN

Qualifying (8 August 2016 — 12:30)

Two runs. Total points determined placement. Top 10 advanced to semi-finals.

Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Ladislav Škantár / Peter ŠkantárSVK100.89100.89 (1)106.00 (3)Q
2Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA103.35103.35 (3)102.43 (1)Q
3David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR103.27103.27 (2)– (DNS)Q
4Jonáš Kašpar / Marek ŠindlerCZE104.32104.32 (5)103.43 (2)Q
5Franz Anton / Jan BenzienGER103.43103.43 (4)114.35 (8)Q
6Luka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO105.21105.21 (6)113.41 (7)Q
7Charles Corrêa / Anderson OliveiraBRA107.71107.71 (7)106.14 (4)Q
8Mikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS167.26167.26 (12)107.39 (5)Q
9Lukas Werro / Simon WerroSUI158.47158.47 (11)110.56 (6)Q
10Devin McEwan / Casey EichfeldUSA112.33112.33 (8)117.19 (9)Q
11Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL115.36115.36 (9)159.68 (11)Q
12Tsubasa Sasaki / Shota SasakiJPN122.04122.04 (10)119.04 (10)

Semi-Finals (11 August 2016 — 12:30)

One run. Top six advanced to final.

Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
1Franz Anton / Jan BenzienGER107.93107.930Q
2Jonáš Kašpar / Marek ŠindlerCZE108.09104.094Q
3David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR109.60107.602Q
4Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL110.17110.170Q
5Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA110.19106.194Q
6Ladislav Škantár / Peter ŠkantárSVK110.42106.424Q
7Luka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO111.14107.144Q
8Mikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS112.39106.396Q
9Lukas Werro / Simon WerroSUI115.40111.404Q
10Devin McEwan / Casey EichfeldUSA116.26114.262Q
11Charles Corrêa / Anderson OliveiraBRA116.49110.496

Final Round (11 August 2016 — 14:15)

Downstream Gates18
Total Gates24
Upstream Gates6
1Ladislav Škantár / Peter ŠkantárSVK101.58101.580
2David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR102.01102.010
3Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA103.24103.240
4Franz Anton / Jan BenzienGER103.58103.580
5Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL104.97104.970
6Mikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS106.70106.700
7Luka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO107.73105.732
8Jonáš Kašpar / Marek ŠindlerCZE108.35104.354
9Lukas Werro / Simon WerroSUI111.52111.520
10Devin McEwan / Casey EichfeldUSA117.85111.856