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Flyweight (48-51 kilograms), Women

Date12 – 20 August 2016
LocationRiocentro Pavilhão 6, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants12 from 12 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Reigning champion Nicola Adams had been hindered by a series of minor injuries since winning gold in front of her home crowd in London but had returned in 2016 to claim a first ever world title.

Stanimira Petrova, the 2014 world champion, exited at her first contest which left Adams to face old adversary Ren Cancan in the first semi-final whilst Olympic debutants Sarah Ourahmoune of France and Colombia’s Ingrit Valencia contested the second. Adams started slowly but became increasingly dominant as the fight went on and the judges voted unanimously in her favour in the rematch of the 2012 final. Ourahmoune-Valencia followed a similar pattern with the Frenchwoman finally asserting her dominance.

Adams started the final brightly and won the first two rounds on all three scorecards. Ourahmoune rebounded to win the third but Adams clinched the decision by winning the final round. This was the Olympic final contested by boxers with the greatest combined age (67) – nearly three years older than the previous best. Adams became the first woman to defend an Olympic boxing title and the first Briton to achieve this feat since 1924.

1Nicola AdamsGBRGold
2Sarah OurahmouneFRASilver
=3Ren CancanCHNBronze
=3Ingrit ValenciaCOLBronze
=5Tetiana KobUKR
=5Mandy BujoldCAN
=5Peamwilai LaopeamTHA
=5Zhayna ShekerbekovaKAZ
=9Stanimira PetrovaBUL
=9Yodgoroy MirzayevaUZB
=9Judith MbougnadeCAF
=9Zohra Ez ZahraouiMAR

Round One (12 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Nicola AdamsGBR Bye
Match #2 Tetiana KobUKR Stanimira PetrovaBUL Decision (2 - 1)
Match #3 Mandy BujoldCAN Yodgoroy MirzayevaUZB Decision (3 - 0)
Match #4 Ren CancanCHN Bye
Match #5 Peamwilai LaopeamTHA Bye
Match #6 Ingrit ValenciaCOL Judith MbougnadeCAF Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 1:08)
Match #7 Sarah OurahmouneFRA Zohra Ez ZahraouiMAR Decision (3 - 0)
Match #8 Zhayna ShekerbekovaKAZ Bye

Quarter-Finals (16 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Nicola AdamsGBR Tetiana KobUKR Decision (3 - 0)
Match #2 Ren CancanCHN Mandy BujoldCAN Decision (3 - 0)
Match #3 Ingrit ValenciaCOL Peamwilai LaopeamTHA Decision (3 - 0)
Match #4 Sarah OurahmouneFRA Zhayna ShekerbekovaKAZ Decision (3 - 0)

Semi-Finals (18 August 2016)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Nicola AdamsGBR Ren CancanCHN Decision (3 - 0)
Match #2 Sarah OurahmouneFRA Ingrit ValenciaCOL Decision (2 - 0)

Final Round (20 August 2016)

Match 1/2 Nicola AdamsGBR Sarah OurahmouneFRA Decision (3 - 0)