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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Men

Date12 – 13 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants74 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 3:29.34 WR / United States USA / 17 August 2008

The Americans were heavy favorites to win gold in this event. Of the 14 previous times it had been held at the Olympics, the USA had won 13 gold medals, losing only in 1980, when the US boycotted the Moskva Olympics. Australia, Great Britain, and France were expected to battle for the other medals. The final was notable as it would be the last Olympic appearance of the greatest swimmer of all-time, Michael Phelps, swimming butterfly for the USA.

Ryan Murphy started it out for the USA with a world record of 51.85 on the opening backstroke leg. However, Great Britain’s Adam Peaty blasted the breaststroke leg in 56.69 to give Britain the lead after the second leg. Unfortunately for the field, Phelps was the third US swimmer, and his butterfly leg of 50.33 bade farewell to the Olympics, and to the other teams in the race. It was left for Nathan Adrian to bring it home for the Americans as they won gold by 1.29 seconds. Britain held on for silver in a national record 3:29.24, while Australia took bronze. For Phelps this was his 23rd gold medal and 28th Olympic medal, all records that could stand forever.

1United StatesUSA3:31.83 (1 h2)3:27.95 (1)Gold
Michael PhelpsNathan AdrianCaeleb DresselCody MillerDavid PlummerKevin CordesRyan MurphyTom Shields
2Great BritainGBR3:30.47 (1 h1)3:29.24 (2)Silver
Chris Walker-HebbornAdam PeatyJames GuyDuncan Scott
3AustraliaAUS3:32.57 (2 h1)3:29.93 (3)Bronze
Mitch LarkinCameron McEvoyDavid MorganJake PackardKyle Chalmers
4Russian FederationRUS3:32.95 (3 h1)3:31.30 (4)
Aleksandr SukhorukovVladimir MorozovAleksandr SadovnikovAnton ChupkovYevgeny KoptelovYevgeny RylovGrigory Tarasevich
5JapanJPN3:32.33 (2 h2)3:31.97 (5)
Ryosuke IrieYasuhiro KosekiTakuro FujiiKatsumi Nakamura
6BrazilBRA3:32.96 (4 h2)3:32.84 (6)
Felipe FrançaGuilherme GuidoMarcelo ChierighiniHenrique MartinsJoão Gomes Júnior
7GermanyGER3:33.67 (4 h1)3:33.50 (7)
Steffen DeiblerJan-Philip GlaniaMarco KochChristian vom LehnDamian Wierling
AC r2/2People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:32.57 (3 h2)– (AC)DQ1
Xu JiayuLi XiangLi ZhuhaoNing Zetao
9HungaryHUN3:33.89 (5 h2)
Gábor BalogDániel GyurtaBence PulaiRichárd Bohus
10FranceFRA3:34.47 (6 h2)
Camille LacourtThéo BussièreJérémy StraviusClément Mignon
11ItalyITA3:34.85 (5 h1)
Simone SabbioniAndrea ToniatoPiero CodiaLuca Dotto
12PolandPOL3:35.18 (6 h1)
Radosław KawęckiMarcin StolarskiKonrad CzerniakKacper Majchrzak
13South AfricaRSA3:35.50 (7 h2)
Chris ReidCameron van der BurghDylan BoschMyles Brown
14LithuaniaLTU3:35.90 (7 h1)
Danas RapšysGiedrius TitenisDeividas MargevičiusSimonas Bilis
15GreeceGRE3:36.75 (8 h2)
Apostolos KhristouPanagiotis SamilidisAndreas VazaiosKristian Golomeev
16CanadaCAN3:36.92 (8 h1)
Javier AcevedoJason BlockMack DarraghYuri Kisil

Round One (12 August 2016 — 15:48)

Fastest eight teams advanced to final

Heat One (15:48)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
15Great BritainGBR3:30.47Q
Chris Walker-Hebborn25.9853.680.5153.68 (1)
Adam Peaty26.5557.490.201:51.17 (1)
James Guy24.1751.480.462:42.65 (1)
Duncan Scott23.0547.820.423:30.47 (1)
Mitch Larkin26.0553.530.6453.53 (2)
Jake Packard27.8759.800.271:53.33 (2)
David Morgan24.1551.250.192:44.58 (2)
Cameron McEvoy23.3647.990.373:32.57 (2)
32Russian FederationRUS3:32.95Q
Grigory Tarasevich25.6353.540.5753.54 (3)
Anton Chupkov27.5159.390.261:52.93 (3)
Yevgeny Koptelov23.9151.980.372:44.91 (3)
Aleksandr Sukhorukov22.9348.040.073:32.95 (3)
Jan-Philip Glania25.9953.860.7953.86 (4)
Christian vom Lehn28.080.000.051:54.03 (4)
Steffen Deibler23.9951.510.182:45.54 (4)
Damian Wierling22.5048.130.023:33.67 (4)
Simone Sabbioni26.0754.710.6854.71 (5)
Andrea Toniato27.620.000.021:55.33 (5)
Piero Codia23.7451.780.132:47.11 (5)
Luca Dotto22.3947.740.193:34.85 (5)
Radosław Kawęcki26.2354.680.6654.68 (6)
Marcin Stolarski28.360.000.021:55.00 (6)
Konrad Czerniak24.0351.820.302:46.82 (6)
Kacper Majchrzak23.2148.360.163:35.18 (6)
Danas Rapšys26.5854.850.6554.85 (7)
Giedrius Titenis27.3559.680.331:54.53 (7)
Deividas Margevičius24.3453.080.272:47.61 (7)
Simonas Bilis22.7448.290.433:35.90 (7)
Javier Acevedo26.8154.700.5954.70 (8)
Jason Block28.150.000.371:55.50 (8)
Mack Darragh24.8353.530.262:49.03 (8)
Yuri Kisil22.6947.890.163:36.92 (8)

Heat Two (15:58)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:31.83Q
David Plummer25.3652.700.6652.70 (1)
Kevin Cordes27.4459.510.281:52.21 (1)
Tom Shields24.2251.880.452:44.09 (1)
Caeleb Dressel22.6247.740.493:31.83 (1)
Ryosuke Irie25.9453.570.5653.57 (2)
Yasuhiro Koseki27.3759.020.251:52.59 (2)
Takuro Fujii24.0851.730.282:44.32 (2)
Katsumi Nakamura22.9048.010.393:32.33 (2)
38People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:32.57Q
Xu Jiayu25.8953.450.5753.45 (3)
Li Xiang27.6359.170.161:52.62 (3)
Li Zhuhao24.0451.810.212:44.43 (3)
Ning Zetao23.2748.140.483:32.57 (3)
Guilherme Guido26.0353.960.6253.96 (4)
Felipe França27.6259.640.011:53.60 (4)
Henrique Martins23.9251.640.252:45.24 (4)
Marcelo Chierighini22.3647.720.143:32.96 (4)
Gábor Balog26.1854.080.6154.08 (5)
Dániel Gyurta27.6259.910.181:53.99 (5)
Bence Pulai24.3051.820.212:45.81 (5)
Richárd Bohus22.6748.080.323:33.89 (5)
Camille Lacourt25.9053.680.6853.68 (6)
Théo Bussière28.240.000.021:54.90 (6)
Jérémy Stravius24.1051.700.132:46.60 (6)
Clément Mignon22.8647.870.193:34.47 (6)
72South AfricaRSA3:35.50
Chris Reid25.8454.260.6754.26 (7)
Cameron van der Burgh27.1159.870.291:54.13 (7)
Dylan Bosch24.2152.940.322:47.07 (7)
Myles Brown23.0848.430.293:35.50 (7)
Apostolos Khristou25.6254.680.6554.68 (8)
Panagiotis Samilidis27.970.000.351:55.55 (8)
Andreas Vazaios24.2353.270.312:48.82 (8)
Kristian Golomeev22.2547.930.203:36.75 (8)

Final (13 August 2016 — 23:04)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
15United StatesUSA3:27.95OR
Ryan Murphy25.1351.850.5551.85 (1)
Cody Miller27.0559.030.301:50.88 (1)
Michael Phelps23.6950.330.362:41.21 (1)
Nathan Adrian22.3046.740.213:27.95 (1)
24Great BritainGBR3:29.24
Chris Walker-Hebborn25.8653.680.5353.68 (2)
Adam Peaty26.0956.590.231:50.27 (2)
James Guy23.9851.350.402:41.62 (2)
Duncan Scott22.9047.620.403:29.24 (2)
Mitch Larkin25.8253.190.6353.19 (3)
Jake Packard27.5358.840.311:52.03 (3)
David Morgan24.0051.180.232:43.21 (3)
Kyle Chalmers22.3746.720.313:29.93 (3)
47Russian FederationRUS3:31.30
Yevgeny Rylov25.8752.900.5352.90 (4)
Anton Chupkov27.8559.100.111:52.00 (4)
Aleksandr Sadovnikov23.5052.080.322:44.08 (4)
Vladimir Morozov21.6847.220.153:31.30 (4)
Ryosuke Irie25.9053.460.5453.46 (5)
Yasuhiro Koseki26.8958.650.111:52.11 (5)
Takuro Fujii23.8751.560.252:43.67 (5)
Katsumi Nakamura22.7048.300.233:31.97 (5)
Guilherme Guido25.7154.230.6754.23 (6)
João Gomes Júnior26.6558.590.181:52.82 (6)
Henrique Martins23.6351.520.082:44.34 (6)
Marcelo Chierighini22.3548.500.303:32.84 (6)
Jan-Philip Glania26.2754.140.6954.14 (7)
Marco Koch27.7359.630.191:53.77 (7)
Steffen Deibler23.9251.690.172:45.46 (7)
Damian Wierling22.9348.040.433:33.50 (7)
AC2People's Republic of ChinaCHNDQ2
Xu Jiayu25.5353.210.5553.21 (8)
Li Xiang27.3258.590.191:51.80 (8)
Li Zhuhao-0.05– (–)
Ning Zetao– (–)