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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date9 – 10 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants27 from 20 countries

Swimming World magazine called the race wide open and listed seven different swimmers as medal contenders. The 2015 World Champion was Japan’s Natsumi Hoshi, while Australian Madeline Groves had the top time of the year coming into Rio with 2:05.47. The magazine called Spain’s Mireia Belmonte a “wild card” but in the end she would take gold, narrowly outtouching Groves in 2:04.85 to 2:04.88. Hoshi came in for the bronze medal. One swimmer who would have challenged for gold was Hungarian Katinka Hosszú but she could not swim the race because of schedule conflicts as the 200 fly semis and 200 IM finals were on the same night.

1Mireia BelmonteESP2:06.64 (1 h4)2:06.06 (2 h2)2:04.85 (1)Gold
2Madeline GrovesAUS2:07.02 (4 h4)2:05.66 (1 h2)2:04.88 (2)Silver
3Natsumi HoshiJPN2:07.37 (2 h3)2:06.74 (3 h2)2:05.20 (3)Bronze
4Cammile AdamsUSA2:06.67 (1 h3)2:07.22 (4 h1)2:05.90 (4)
5Zhou YilinCHN2:08.21 (6 h4)2:06.52 (1 h1)2:07.37 (5)
6Zhang YufeiCHN2:07.55 (2 h2)2:06.95 (2 h1)2:07.40 (6)
7Hali FlickingerUSA2:06.67 (2 h4)2:07.02 (4 h2)2:07.71 (7)
8Brianna ThrossellAUS2:07.76 (3 h3)2:07.19 (3 h1)2:07.87 (8)
9Suzuka HasegawaJPN2:07.35 (1 h2)2:07.33 (5 h1)
10Liliána SzilágyiHUN2:06.99 (3 h4)2:07.34 (6 h1)
11Franziska HentkeGER2:07.59 (3 h2)2:07.67 (5 h2)
12Martina van BerkelSUI2:08.00 (5 h4)2:07.90 (6 h2)
13An Se-HyeonKOR2:08.42 (4 h2)2:08.69 (7 h2)
14Alessia PolieriITA2:08.95 (5 h2)2:09.35 (8 h2)
15Anja KlinarSLO2:08.43 (4 h3)2:09.44 (7 h1)
16Audrey LacroixCAN2:09.21 (6 h2)2:09.95 (8 h1)
17Stefania PirozziITA2:09.40 (7 h4)
18Lara GrangeonFRA2:09.69 (5 h3)
19Aimee WillmottGBR2:09.71 (7 h2)
20Judit IgnacioESP2:09.82 (6 h3)
21Park Jin-YeongKOR2:09.99 (8 h4)
22Nida ÜstündağTUR2:10.02 (1 h1)
23Andreína PintoVEN2:10.60 (8 h2)
24Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:10.69 (7 h3)
25Helena GassonNZL2:12.18 (2 h1)
26Virginia BardachARG2:13.58 (3 h1)
27María FarPAN2:23.89 (4 h1)
DNSKatinka HosszúHUN– (DNS h3)

Round One (9 August 2016 — 13:28)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:28)

15Nida ÜstündağTUR2:10.020.79
24Helena GassonNZL2:12.180.65
33Virginia BardachARG2:13.580.79
46María FarPAN2:23.890.72

Heat Two (13:33)

13Suzuka HasegawaJPN2:07.350.67Q
25Zhang YufeiCHN2:07.550.74Q
34Franziska HentkeGER2:07.590.66Q
47An Se-HyeonKOR2:08.420.70Q
56Alessia PolieriITA2:08.950.65Q
62Audrey LacroixCAN2:09.210.70Q
71Aimee WillmottGBR2:09.710.69
88Andreína PintoVEN2:10.600.74

Heat Three (13:38)

15Cammile AdamsUSA2:06.670.73Q
24Natsumi HoshiJPN2:07.370.65Q
33Brianna ThrossellAUS2:07.760.78Q
41Anja KlinarSLO2:08.430.74Q
57Lara GrangeonFRA2:09.690.66
62Judit IgnacioESP2:09.820.72
78Joanna MaranhãoBRA2:10.690.75
DNS6Katinka HosszúHUN

Heat Four (13:43)

15Mireia BelmonteESP2:06.640.67Q
22Hali FlickingerUSA2:06.670.70Q
36Liliána SzilágyiHUN2:06.990.67Q
44Madeline GrovesAUS2:07.020.71Q
51Martina van BerkelSUI2:08.000.66Q
63Zhou YilinCHN2:08.210.72Q
78Stefania PirozziITA2:09.400.73
87Park Jin-YeongKOR2:09.990.67

Semi-Finals (9 August 2016 — 22:37)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (22:37)

17Zhou YilinCHN2:06.520.70Q
26Zhang YufeiCHN2:06.950.73Q
32Brianna ThrossellAUS2:07.190.81Q
44Cammile AdamsUSA2:07.220.73Q
53Suzuka HasegawaJPN2:07.330.67
65Liliána SzilágyiHUN2:07.340.68
71Anja KlinarSLO2:09.440.76
88Audrey LacroixCAN2:09.950.70

Heat Two (22:46)

13Madeline GrovesAUS2:05.660.70Q
24Mireia BelmonteESP2:06.060.67Q
36Natsumi HoshiJPN2:06.740.64Q
45Hali FlickingerUSA2:07.020.72Q
52Franziska HentkeGER2:07.670.68
67Martina van BerkelSUI2:07.900.67
71An Se-HyeonKOR2:08.690.68
88Alessia PolieriITA2:09.350.65

Final (10 August 2016 — 22:54)

15Mireia BelmonteESP2:04.850.69
24Madeline GrovesAUS2:04.880.71
36Natsumi HoshiJPN2:05.200.65
48Cammile AdamsUSA2:05.900.72
53Zhou YilinCHN2:07.370.71
62Zhang YufeiCHN2:07.400.74
77Hali FlickingerUSA2:07.710.67
81Brianna ThrossellAUS2:07.870.77