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Pole Vault, Women

Date16 – 19 August 2016
LocationEstádio Olímpico João Havelange, Engenho de Dentro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants36 from 23 countries

This event was weakened by the absence of Russian superstar vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva, who was banned along with virtually the entire Russian athletics team because of a systematic state-run doping system. Isinbayeva was Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008, a three-time World Champion, and had set 17 world records and 13 indoor world records.

In her absence the best known vaulter was American Jenn Suhr, the defending gold medalist and the 2016 World Indoor Champion, but after qualifying, Suhr became quite ill in Rio and wasn’t sure if she could even compete in the final. After the 4.80 height, the leader was New Zealander Eliza McCartney, who was clear, as five vaulters remained. Suhr had gone out at 4.70. At 4.85, only Greece’s Ekaterini Stefanidi and American Sandi Morris were successful, both on their second attempt, giving McCartney the bronze medal. Neither Stefanidi nor Morris could clear 4.90, and the Greek won the gold medal because of fewer misses, Morris having one early miss at 4.70.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1805Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.60 (1)4.85 (1)Gold
21360Sandi MorrisUSA4.55 (=8)4.85 (2)Silver
31076Eliza McCartneyNZL4.60 (=5)4.80 (3)Bronze
4319Alana BoydAUS4.55 (=8)4.80 (4)
5697Holly BradshawGBR4.60 (=2)4.70 (5)
61203Nicole BüchlerSUI4.55 (=8)4.70 (6)
=71375Jenn SuhrUSA4.60 (=2)4.60 (=7)
=7584Yarisley SilvaCUB4.60 (=5)4.60 (=7)
9782Martina StrutzGER4.60 (7)4.60 (9)
10776Lisa RyzihGER4.60 (=2)4.50 (10)
111187Tina ŠutejSLO4.55 (=8)4.50 (11)
12465Kelsie AhbeCAN4.55 (=8)4.50 (12)
13 r1/2660Minna NikkanenFIN4.55 (13)
=14 r1/21287Maryna KylypkoUKR4.55 (=14)
=14 r1/21223Angelica BengtssonSWE4.55 (=14)
16 r1/2519Li LingCHN4.55 (16)
=17 r1/21229Michaela MeijerSWE4.45 (=17)
=17 r1/2487Alysha NewmanCAN4.45 (=17)
=19 r1/21378Lexi WeeksUSA4.45 (=19)
=19 r1/2595Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.45 (=19)
=21 r1/2775Annika RoloffGER4.45 (=21)
=21 r1/2868Sonia MalavisiITA4.45 (=21)
23 r1/21209Angelica MoserSUI4.45 (23)
=24 r1/2658Wilma MurtoFIN4.30 (=24)
=24 r1/2594Romana MaláčováCZE4.30 (=24)
=24 r1/21132Marta OnofrePOR4.30 (=24)
27 r1/2847Tori PenaIRL4.30 (27)
28 r1/2669Vanessa BoslakFRA4.30 (28)
=29 r1/2413Joana CostaBRA4.15 (=29)
=29 r1/21037Femke PluimNED4.15 (=29)
=29 r1/21136Maria Eleonor TavaresPOR4.15 (=29)
=29 r1/2486Anicka NewellCAN4.15 (=29)
=29 r1/21144Diamara PlanellPUR4.15 (=29)
34 r1/2405Iryna YakaltsevichBLR4.15 (34)
AC r1/2527Ren MengqianCHN– (AC)
AC r1/2431Fabiana MurerBRA– (AC)
DNS1396Robeilys PeinadoVEN– (DNS)
DNS799Nikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (16 August 2016 — 9:45)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 4.60 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
1Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.6000Q
=2Holly BradshawGBR4.6001Q
=2Lisa RyzihGER4.6001Q
=2Jenn SuhrUSA4.6001Q
=5Eliza McCartneyNZL4.6003Q
=5Yarisley SilvaCUB4.6003Q
7Martina StrutzGER4.6012Q
=8Sandi MorrisUSA4.5500q
=8Kelsie AhbeCAN4.5500q
=8Alana BoydAUS4.5500q
=8Tina ŠutejSLO4.5500q
=8Nicole BüchlerSUI4.5500q
13Minna NikkanenFIN4.5501
=14Maryna KylypkoUKR4.5511
=14Angelica BengtssonSWE4.5511
16Li LingCHN4.5512
=17Michaela MeijerSWE4.4500
=17Alysha NewmanCAN4.4500
=19Lexi WeeksUSA4.4511
=19Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.4511
=21Annika RoloffGER4.4522
=21Sonia MalavisiITA4.4522
23Angelica MoserSUI4.4525
=24Wilma MurtoFIN4.3000
=24Romana MaláčováCZE4.3000
=24Marta OnofrePOR4.3000
27Tori PenaIRL4.3011
28Vanessa BoslakFRA4.3022
=29Joana CostaBRA4.1500
=29Femke PluimNED4.1500
=29Maria Eleonor TavaresPOR4.1500
=29Anicka NewellCAN4.1500
=29Diamara PlanellPUR4.1500
34Iryna YakaltsevichBLR4.1522
ACRen MengqianCHNNH
ACFabiana MurerBRANH
DNSRobeilys PeinadoVEN
DNSNikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE

Qualifying Round, Group A (16 August 2016 — 9:45)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.15 m4.30 m4.45 m4.55 m4.60 m
1Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.6000----oQ
=2Holly BradshawGBR4.6001--oxooQ
=2Lisa RyzihGER4.6001---xooQ
4Eliza McCartneyNZL4.6003--xxoxooQ
=5Sandi MorrisUSA4.5500--oo-q
=5Kelsie AhbeCAN4.5500-ooo-q
=5Alana BoydAUS4.5500--oo-q
8Maryna KylypkoUKR4.5511oooxoxxx
9Michaela MeijerSWE4.4500-ooxxx
=10Lexi WeeksUSA4.4511-oxoxxx
=10Jiřina PtáčníkováCZE4.4511-oxoxxx
12Angelica MoserSUI4.4525xoxxoxxoxxx
13Wilma MurtoFIN4.3000-oxxx
14Vanessa BoslakFRA4.3022oxxoxxx
=15Joana CostaBRA4.1500oxxx
=15Femke PluimNED4.1500oxxx
=15Maria Eleonor TavaresPOR4.1500oxxx
ACRen MengqianCHNNH
DNSRobeilys PeinadoVEN

Qualifying Round, Group B (16 August 2016)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.15 m4.30 m4.45 m4.55 m4.60 m
1Jenn SuhrUSA4.6001---xooQ
2Yarisley SilvaCUB4.6003--xoxxooQ
3Martina StrutzGER4.6012-oxooxoQ
=4Tina ŠutejSLO4.5500oooo-q
=4Nicole BüchlerSUI4.5500--oo-q
6Minna NikkanenFIN4.5501-oxooxxx
7Angelica BengtssonSWE4.5511oooxoxxx
8Li LingCHN4.5512-oxoxoxxx
9Alysha NewmanCAN4.4500-ooxxx
=10Annika RoloffGER4.4522-oxxoxxx
=10Sonia MalavisiITA4.4522ooxxoxxx
=12Romana MaláčováCZE4.3000ooxxx
=12Marta OnofrePOR4.3000ooxxx
14Tori PenaIRL4.3011oxoxxx
=15Anicka NewellCAN4.1500oxxx
=15Diamara PlanellPUR4.1500oxxx
17Iryna YakaltsevichBLR4.1522xxoxxx
ACFabiana MurerBRANH
DNSNikoleta KyriakopoulouGRE

Final Round (19 August 2016 — 20:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.35 m4.50 m4.60 m4.70 m4.80 m4.85 m4.90 m
1Ekaterini StefanidiGRE4.8512--ooxoxoxxx
2Sandi MorrisUSA4.8513-ooxoxoxoxxx
3Eliza McCartneyNZL4.8000-ooooxxx
4Alana BoydAUS4.8013-ooxxoxoxxx
5Holly BradshawGBR4.7001-oxooxxx
6Nicole BüchlerSUI4.7002-oxxoox-xx
=7Jenn SuhrUSA4.6011--xoxxx
=7Yarisley SilvaCUB4.6011-oxoxxx
9Martina StrutzGER4.6022ooxxoxxx
10Lisa RyzihGER4.5000-o-xxx
11Tina ŠutejSLO4.5011oxoxxx
12Kelsie AhbeCAN4.5024xxoxxoxxx