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Double Trap, Men

Date10 August 2016
LocationCentro Olímpico de Tiro, Parque Olímpico de Deodoro, Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro
Participants22 from 15 countries

The 49-year old Kuwaiti Fehaid Al-Deehani was competing in his sixth consecutive Games, this time as an Independent Olympic Athlete due to the IOC suspension of Kuwait’s NOC. He narrowly qualified for the final as the sixth and last shooter, but in the final rounds dominated the event, winning his first Olympic Gold after coming third in 2000 and 2012. In the final he defeated the Italian Marco Innocenti with 26 to 24 hits. Great Britain’s Steven Scott defeated his teammate Tim Kneale in the bronze medal match with a perfect score of 30 hits. Kneale was born and raised on the Isle of Man, and set a world record at a World Cup meet in München, Germany in 2014 with 148 hits out of 150.

11513Fehaid Al-DeehaniIOA135 (6)28 (1)26 (1 h1)Gold
21550Marco InnocentiITA136 (5)27 (2)24 (2 h1)Silver
31426Steve ScottGBR138 (4)26 (3)30 (1 h2)Bronze
41424Tim KnealeGBR139 (3)26 (4)28 (2 h2)
51068James WillettAUS140 (2)26 (5)
61454Andreas LöwGER140 (1)25 (6)
72057Joshua RichmondUSA135 (7)
81232Hu BinyuanCHN135 (8)
92021Khaled Al-KaabiUAE134 (9)
101471Enrique BrolGUA133 (10)
111879Vitaly FokeyevRUS133 (11)
121235Pan QiangCHN133 (12)
131887Vasily MosinRUS132 (13)
142049Glenn EllerUSA131 (14)
151512Ahmad Al-AfasiIOA128 (15)
161545Antonino BarillàITA125 (16)
171702William ChetcutiMLT123 (17)
181971Håkan DahlbySWE121 (18)
192101Mike NicholsonZIM119 (19)
201472Hebert BrolGUA116 (20)
211651Mohamed RamahMAR115 (21)
221791Paulo ReichardtPAR106 (22)

Qualification (10 August 2016 — 09:00)

150 targets in five series of 30. Top six advanced to semi-finals.

1S4 P2Andreas LöwGER1402927282828QOR
2S2 P4James WillettAUS1403024302927QOR
3S2 P5Tim KnealeGBR1392827293025Q
4S3 P2Steve ScottGBR1382825272929Q
5S3 P1Marco InnocentiITA1362828302624Q
6S1 P4Fehaid Al-DeehaniIOA135272428272912Q
7S3 P3Joshua RichmondUSA135272723292911
8S1 P6Hu BinyuanCHN13526232829297
9S4 P5Khaled Al-KaabiUAE1342728252529
10S4 P1Enrique BrolGUA1332525272828
11S4 P4Vitaly FokeyevRUS1332725272727
12S2 P3Pan QiangCHN1332828292424
13S1 P2Vasily MosinRUS1322623262928
14S2 P1Glenn EllerUSA1312427262628
15S4 P3Ahmad Al-AfasiIOA1282426272625
16S1 P3Antonino BarillàITA1252525252723
17S3 P5William ChetcutiMLT1232225242626
18S1 P1Håkan DahlbySWE1212624242522
19S3 P4Mike NicholsonZIM1192423242424
20S2 P6Hebert BrolGUA1162124212624
21S2 P2Mohamed RamahMAR1152318282224
22S1 P5Paulo ReichardtPAR1062523171922

Semi-Finals (10 August 2016 — 15:00)

15 rounds of double shots. Top two advanced to gold medal match. Those ranked 3-4 advanced to bronze medal match.

1S1 P4Fehaid Al-DeehaniIOA28Q
2S3 P1Marco InnocentiITA27Q
3S3 P2Steve ScottGBR262q
4S2 P5Tim KnealeGBR262q
5S2 P4James WillettAUS261
6S4 P2Andreas LöwGER25

Final (10 August 2016)

Match 1/2 (15:45)

11Fehaid Al-DeehaniIOA26221212221221222
23Marco InnocentiITA24121221202122222

Match 3/4 (15:30)

16Steve ScottGBR30222222222222222
22Tim KnealeGBR28222212221222222