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Team, Men

Date12 – 21 August 2004
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina / Proponitirio Toksovolias, Akharnes
Participants39 from 13 countries
FormatTeams consisted of three archers. Ranking rounds scores based on scores carried over from individual ranking round. Matches consisted of 27 arrows, 9 by each archer. Tie-breaking for the final placements was done by the following method. Losers in each round were ranked according to the score they shot in that round. Ties in that round were broken by the number of 10s shot in that round and then the number of 9s shot in that round. If still tied the score in the preceding round was used as the tie-breaker, followed by number of 10s, and then number of 9s in the preceding round. Team event shot entirely at 70 metres.

By 2004, Korea was easily the world’s dominant archery nation, slightly more so for the women, but the men were also formidable. Beginning in 1995 and going through 2011, Korean men won seven of eight team world titles, missing only in 1999. With that background, the defending champions were heavily favored. Korea led the ranking round and received a bye. They went on to win their gold medal with one very close match, that in the quarter-finals when they narrowly defeated the Netherlands 250-249. The bronze medal came down to the United States against Ukraine, with Ukraine winning an upset victory, 237-236.

1Republic of KoreaKORGold
Im Dong-HyeonJang Yong-HoPark Gyeong-Mo
2Chinese TaipeiTPESilver
Chen Szu-YuanLiu Ming-HuangWang Cheng-Pang
Dmytro HrachovViktor RubanOleksandr Serdiuk
4United StatesUSA
Butch JohnsonJohn MageraVic Wunderle
Pieter CustersWietse van AltenRon van der Hoff
Dave BarnesTim CuddihySimon Fairweather
Ilario Di BuòMichele FrangilliMarco Galiazzo
Takaharu FurukawaYuji HamanoHiroshi Yamamoto
Jonas AnderssonMattias ErikssonMagnus Petersson
Jocelyn de GrandisFranck FisseuxThomas Naglieri
Satyadev PrasadTarundeep RaiMajhi Sawaiyan
Jorge ChapoyEduardo MagañaJuanjo Serrano
Georgios KalogiannidisAlexandros KarageorgiouApostolos Nanos

Ranking Round

Date12 August 2004 — 14:00
FormatRanking round for placement into single-elimination tournament.
1Republic of KoreaKOR2,030
Im Dong-Hyeon 687
Jang Yong-Ho 671
Park Gyeong-Mo 672
2Chinese TaipeiTPE1,9858935
Chen Szu-Yuan 663
Liu Ming-Huang 663
Wang Cheng-Pang 659
Ilario Di Buò 659
Michele Frangilli 654
Marco Galiazzo 672
Dmytro Hrachov 671
Viktor Ruban 660
Oleksandr Serdiuk 654
Takaharu Furukawa 646
Yuji Hamano 660
Hiroshi Yamamoto 664
Jonas Andersson 653
Mattias Eriksson 637
Magnus Petersson 673
Dave Barnes 641
Tim Cuddihy 663
Simon Fairweather 658
Jorge Chapoy 645
Eduardo Magaña 646
Juanjo Serrano 651
Pieter Custers 646
Wietse van Alten 661
Ron van der Hoff 633
Satyadev Prasad 634
Tarundeep Rai 647
Majhi Sawaiyan 657
11United StatesUSA1,936
Butch Johnson 660
John Magera 637
Vic Wunderle 639
Jocelyn de Grandis 663
Franck Fisseux 622
Thomas Naglieri 626
Georgios Kalogiannidis 601
Alexandros Karageorgiou 647
Apostolos Nanos 585

Round One

Date21 August 2004 — 8:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #121 AugRepublic of KoreaKORbye
Match #221 Aug 8:30MexicoMEX234 – 244NetherlandsNED
Match #321 AugFranceFRA241 – 254JapanJPN
Match #421 Aug 8:57GreeceGRE225 – 243UkraineUKR
Match #521 Aug 9:24ItalyITAbye
Match #621 Aug 9:24United StatesUSA246 – 242SwedenSWE
Match #721 Aug 9:51IndiaIND236 – 248AustraliaAUS
Match #821 AugChinese TaipeiTPEbye


Date21 August 2004 — 10:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #121 Aug 10:30Republic of KoreaKOR250 – 249NetherlandsNED
Match #221 Aug 10:30UkraineUKR242 – 236JapanJPN
Match #321 Aug 10:57United StatesUSA243 – 240ItalyITA
Match #421 Aug 10:57Chinese TaipeiTPE250 – 247AustraliaAUS


Date21 August 2004 — 15:45
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final round.
Match #121 Aug 15:45Republic of KoreaKOR242 – 239UkraineUKR
Match #221 Aug 16:13Chinese TaipeiTPE244 – 243United StatesUSA

Final Round

Date21 August 2004 — 16:44
Match 1/221 Aug 16:44Republic of KoreaKOR251 – 245Chinese TaipeiTPE
Match 3/421 Aug 17:14UkraineUKR237 – 235United StatesUSA