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Team, Men

Date26 – 31 August 1960
LocationCentro Federale, Passo Corese / Palazzo dei Congressi, Roma / Poligono Umberto I, Roma / Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma / Circolo del Golf di Roma Acquasanta, Roma
Participants51 from 17 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from adjusted individual scores. Scores adjusted in the fencing competition. Three-man scores with all scores counting.

The two best teams in the world were Hungary and the Soviet Union. The Soviets had won the World Championships in 1957-59. But the individual standings told the tale. The three Hungarian athletes, Ferenc Németh, Imre Nagy, and András Balczó, finished 1-2-4, and won the gold medal easily. Although they placed only fifth in the riding, they moved into the lead with a top performance in fencing and were never headed. The Soviet Union won the silver medal. They were only in fifth after the shooting, and fourth after the swimming, but won the cross-country run to move into second place overall. The United States was second after the second, third and fourth phases, but dropped back in the run to a bronze medal.

Ferenc Németh14,8635,024
Imre Nagy14,8634,988
András Balczó14,8634,973
2Soviet UnionURS14,309Silver
Igor Novikov14,3094,962
Nikolay Tatarinov14,3094,758
Hanno Selg14,3094,688
3United StatesUSA14,192Bronze
Bob Beck14,1924,981
Jack Daniels14,1924,717
George Lambert14,1924,540
Kurt Lindeman13,8654,713
Berndt Katter13,8654,628
Eero Lohi13,8654,584
Stanisław Przybylski13,7464,731
Kazimierz Paszkiewicz13,7464,596
Kazimierz Mazur13,7464,511
Per-Erik Ritzén13,2164,590
Sture Ericson13,2164,466
Björn Thofelt13,2164,210
7Great BritainGBR13,103
Patrick Harvey13,1034,679
Don Cobley13,1034,372
Peter Little13,1034,294
Antonio Almada12,8454,566
Sergio Escobedo12,8454,462
José Pérez12,8453,874
Adriano Facchini12,4014,412
Gaetano Scala12,4014,261
Giulio Giunta12,4013,883
Luis Riera12,3944,623
Carlos Stricker12,3944,021
Raúl Bauza12,3943,888
Hardy Minder12,2014,527
Werner Vetterli12,2014,108
Rolf Weber12,2013,747
Peter Lichtner-Hoyer12,1064,343
Udo Birnbaum12,1064,005
Frank Battig12,1063,905
Justo Botelho11,9374,270
Wenceslau Malta11,9374,181
José Wilson11,9373,520
Neville Sayers11,9124,205
Bill Doherty11,9124,097
Peter Macken11,9123,836
André Bernard11,0033,880
Christian Beauvalet11,0033,863
Étienne Jalenques11,0033,377
16Unified Team of GermanyGER10,940
Wolfgang Gödicke10,9404,262
Dieter Krickow10,9403,780
Ralf Berckhan10,9403,061
Lakdar Bouzid5,1262,356
Habib Ben Azzabi5,1261,678
Ahmed Ennachi5,1261,185