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Team, Men

Date13 – 17 October 1968
LocationCampo Militar No. 1, Ciudad de México / Sala de Armas Fernando Montes de Oca, Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca, Ciudad de México / Polígono de Tiro Vicente Suárez, Campo Militar No. 1, Ciudad de México / Alberca Olímpica Francisco Márquez, Ciudad de México
Participants45 from 15 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from adjusted individual scores. Scores adjusted in the fencing competition. Three-man scores with all scores counting.

Hungary had won the last four World Championships and was expected to win, with only the Soviet Union considered a real challenger. The only problem would occur if they had bad luck in the horse draw. But actually they did quite well in the steeplechase, placing fifth of 15 teams in the riding. The Soviets won the riding, but Hungary won the fencing easily to move into a big lead. Hungary also won the shooting phase, which pretty much settled the gold medal. The USSR won the swimming and placed second in cross-country running but could not catch the Hungarians. The two teams were so dominant, however, that France, in third place, trailed the Soviet Union by almost 1,000 points.

However, it was actually closer than that. Sweden originally finished third, only 60 points behind the Soviet Union. But one of their athletes, Hans-Gunnar Liljenvall, failed a doping test for alcohol, and became the first Olympic athlete to be disqualified for the use of drugs. Liljenvall declared that he had only had two beers. Olympic historian Volker Kluge has noted that his blood alcohol level was 0.4.

András Balczó14,3254,9535,022
István Móna14,3254,7144,746
Ferenc Török14,3254,5514,557
2Soviet UnionURS14,248Silver
Pavel Lednyov14,2484,7954,800
Boris Onishchenko14,2484,7564,819
Stasys Šaparnis14,2484,6564,629
Raoul Guéguen13,2894,7564,776
Lucien Guiguet13,2894,4064,439
Jean-Pierre Giudicelli13,2894,0624,074
4United StatesUSA13,280
James Moore13,2804,6134,586
Bob Beck13,2804,3874,398
Tom Lough13,2804,2894,296
Seppo Aho13,2384,4974,534
Martti Ketelä13,2384,4464,416
Jorma Hotanen13,2384,2314,288
6East GermanyGDR13,167
Karl-Heinz Kutschke13,1674,7644,742
Jörg Tscherner13,1674,5154,514
Wolfgang Lüderitz13,1673,8433,911
Yuso Makihira13,0834,5294,531
Katsuaki Tashiro13,0834,3194,355
Toshio Fukui13,0834,1634,197
8Great BritainGBR12,893
Jim Fox12,8934,6634,645
Barry Lillywhite12,8934,2854,261
Robert Phelps12,8933,9313,987
Mario Medda12,6014,6314,602
Giancarlo Morresi12,6014,3594,332
Nicolò Deligia12,6013,6573,667
Eduardo Olivera12,4144,4744,470
David Bárcena12,4144,3514,340
Eduardo Tovar12,4143,6123,604
Antoni Panyovski11,9764,2474,263
Konstantin Sardzhev11,9764,1914,198
Ivan Apostolov11,9763,4623,515
Peter Macken11,9594,2844,265
Duncan Page11,9593,9043,899
Donald McMiken11,9593,7593,795
13West GermanyFRG11,834
Elmar Frings11,8344,5064,485
Heiner Thade11,8344,2644,304
Hans Jürgen Todt11,8343,0093,045
Wolf-Dietrich Sonnleitner4,3714,358
Siegfried Springer4,2934,347
Wolfgang LeuDNF
Björn Ferm[14,188][4,964][4,975]
Hans Jacobson[14,188][4,512][4,535]
Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall[14,188][4,664][4,678]1