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Trap, Team, Men

Date22 – 23 July 1920 — 9:30
LocationHoogboom Country Club, Kapellen
Participants49 from 8 countries
FormatThe first 90 shots were in sets of 10, 10, 15, 15, 20, and 20. After the first four sets (50 shots), only the top five Teams qualified to continue with the last 50 shots. Six-man teams. 15 metre distance. Two shots given at a target. 100 targets - 90 targets from a known trap with an unknown angle using a continuous-fire system; 10 targets from an unknown trap and unknown angle.

With the top five finishers in the individual event, the United States would be expected to dominate the team trapshooting. In fact, of the top five, one of them, Fred Plum, did not even count for the U.S. team. Of the seven stages in this event, the United States tied for the best score in one stage (the third with Belgium and Sweden), and won the other six stages. Well behind the Americans, Belgium won the silver medal and Sweden the bronze.

PosCompetitorsNOCPointsRound #1Round #2Round #3Round #4Round #5Round #6Round #7
1United StatesUSA54757 (NP)58 (NP)79 (NP)81 (NP)113 (NP)110 (NP)49 (NP)Gold
Mark Arie 94
Frank Troeh 94
Horace Bonser 93
Forest McNeir 93
Frank Wright 89
Jay Clark 84
2BelgiumBEL50350 (NP)52 (NP)79 (NP)80 (NP)100 (NP)100 (NP)42 (NP)Silver
Albert Bosquet 91
Joseph Cogels
Émile Dupont
Henri Quersin
Louis Van Tilt
Edouard Feisinger
3SwedenSWE50056 (NP)51 (NP)79 (NP)74 (NP)95 (NP)101 (NP)44 (NP)Bronze
Erik Lundquist 90
Per Kinde 86
Fredric Landelius 86
Alf Swahn 84
Karl Richter 81
Erik Sökjer-Petersén 73
4Great BritainGBR48851 (NP)54 (NP)73 (NP)76 (NP)89 (NP)106 (NP)39 (NP)
Harry Humby
William Grosvenor
William Ellicott
George Whitaker
Ernest Pocock
Charles Palmer
5CanadaCAN47451 (NP)54 (NP)76 (NP)71 (NP)99 (NP)93 (NP)30 (NP)
George Beattie 87
Sam Vance 82
William Hamilton 81
James Montgomery 78
True Oliver 76
Ben McLaren 70
6NetherlandsNED22246 (NP)51 (NP)65 (NP)60 (NP)
Reindert de Favauge
Cornelis van der Vliet
Pieter Waller
Emile Jurgens
Frans Jurgens
Eduardus, Baron van Voorst tot Voorst
Christiaan Moltzer
=7NorwayNOR21044 (NP)46 (NP)65 (NP)55 (NP)
Oluf Wesmann-Kjær
Nordal Lunde
Harald Natvig
Thorsten Johansen
Hans Nordvik
Ole Lilloe-Olsen
=7FranceFRA21040 (NP)47 (NP)68 (NP)55 (NP)
André Fleury
Marcel Lafitte
Henri, Baron de Castex
Augustin Berjat
René Texier
Jean, Baron de Lareinty de Tholozan