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Trap, Team, Men

Date6 – 7 July 1924
LocationLe Stand d'Issy-les-Moulineaux, Issy-les-Moulineaux
Participants69 from 12 countries
FormatFour-man teams. 100 shots per man as in individual match. 400 possible per team.

The team trap shooting consisted of six shooters per team, with only the top four scores to count. Each shooter fired at 100 clays, with double shots permitted. The team event was contested separately from the individual event. The best individual score was by Konni Huber (FIN), who had won a silver medal in the individual event. But the United States won the gold medal, scoring 363 total, led by individual bronze medalist, Frank Hughes, who hit 92 clays. They led after every stage, although narrowly. Canada and Finland tied for second place with 360, but Canada won the silver medal in a barrage.

1United StatesUSA363Gold
Frank Hughes36392
Sam Sharman36392
Bill Silkworth36390
Fred Etchen36389
John Noel36387non-scoring
Clarence Platt36374non-scoring
George Beattie36092
James Montgomery36092
Sam Vance36089
John Black36087
William Barnes36085non-scoring
Samuel Newton36073non-scoring
Konni Huber36094
Robert Huber36092
Werner Ekman36091
Robert Tikkanen36083
Georg Nordblad36080non-scoring
Magnus Wegelius36079non-scoring
Louis D'Heur35491
Albert Bosquet35491
Émile Dupont35486
Jacques Mouton35486
Louis Van Tilt35486non-scoring
Henri Quersin35478non-scoring
Erik Lundquist35492
Fredric Landelius35490
Alf Swahn35488
Magnus Hallman35484
Karl Richter35484non-scoring
Axel Ekblom35481non-scoring
Heinrich Bartosch34793
August Baumgartner34789
Hans Schödl34784
Erich Zoigner34781
Franz Hollitzer34778non-scoring
Friedrich Dietz von Weidenberg34777non-scoring
Ole Lilloe-Olsen33689
Oluf Wesmann-Kjær33685
Eivind Holmsen33682
Martin Stenersen33680
Harald Natvig33661non-scoring
8Great BritainGBR328
John O'Leary32885
Enoch Jenkins32882
Hans Larsen32881
Cyril Mackworth-Praed32880
George Neal32877non-scoring
William Grosvenor32874non-scoring
Giacomo Rossi32489
Giacomo Serra32485
Federico Cesarano32475
Salvatore Lucchesi32475
Nicola Rebisso32474non-scoring
Giuseppe Bellotto32473non-scoring
Sándor Lumniczer32186
László Szomjas32184
Gyula Halasy32178
Gusztáv Szomjas32173
Louis Deloy32083
Jean, Count de Beaumont32081
Manuel, Count de Lambertye32079
Louis, Count de Bourbon-Busset32077
Georges de Bordus32072non-scoring
René Texier32040non-scoring
Kurt Riedl30983
Bruno Frank30976
Antonín Jílek30975
Antonín Siegl30975
Richard Klier30971non-scoring
Pavel Mach30966non-scoring