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Running Target, 50 metres, Men

Date31 July 1984 — 9:00
LocationPrado Recreational Area, Chino, California
Participants23 from 15 countries
Format50 metres. 60 shots. 600 possible.

Li Yuwei won China’s second shooting gold medal at the 1984 Olympics. Previously little known internationally, he would help China win a mixed-speed team world championship in 1986 and was first in the 1987 World Cup in both mixed- and standard-speed moving target. The silver medal went to Colombia’s Helmut Bellingrodt, who had also been silver medalist in 1972.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSlow Run PointsFast Run Points
1Li YuweiCHN587298289Gold
2Helmut BellingrodtCOL584293291Silver
3Huang ShipingCHN581289292Bronze
4Uwe SchröderFRG581297284
5David LeeCAN580293287
6Kenneth SkoglundNOR576292284
7Jorma LievonenFIN576293283
8Ezio CiniITA576294282
9Randy StewartUSA575291284
10Jean-Luc TricoireFRA575287288
11Horst BellingrodtCOL574291283
12Erland JohanssonSWE573289284
13Todd BensleyUSA572290282
14Giovanni MezzaniITA570281289
15David ChapmanGBR569288281
16Carlos SilvaGUA565286279
17Bryan WilsonAUS564293271
18Arturo IglesiasGUA563290273
19Tony ClarkeNZL558288270
20Mark BedlingtonCAN554281273
21David AbibssiraFRA552286266
22Michael MeggisonGBR526268258
MNKRangsit YanothaiTHA