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Springboard, Women

Date17 – 18 July 1924
LocationPiscine des Tourelles, Saint-Mandé
Participants17 from 7 countries
Format1 and 3 metre boards.

Competition was held on both 1-metre and 3-metre springboards with each diver executing six optional dives in each round. The 17 divers competed in two pools and advanced three divers from each pool to the final round. The gold medal went to American Betty Becker, who led an American sweep. The silver medal was won by the defending champion Aileen Riggin, who also won a bronze medal in 1924 in the 100 metre backstroke event. Becker met her future husband, diver Bud Pinkston, at the Paris Olympics. The fifth-place finisher was Sweden’s Signe Johansson, who died in 2010, aged nearly 105.

1Betty BeckerUSAGold
2Aileen RigginUSASilver
3Carol FletcherUSABronze
4Ewa OlliwierSWE
5Signe JohanssonSWE
6Klara BornettAUT
4 p1 r1/2Märta JohanssonSWE
4 p2 r1/2Viktoria SölknerAUT
5 p1 r1/2Louise LenormandFRA
5 p2 r1/2Millie HudsonGBR
6 p1 r1/2Truus KlapwijkNED
6 p2 r1/2Suzanne RaethFRA
7 p1 r1/2Catherine O'BryenGBR
7 p2 r1/2Hendrika BanteNED
8 p1 r1/2Eugenie BriolletFRA
8 p2 r1/2Gladys LuscombeGBR
9 p2 r1/2Aloisie KrongeigerováTCH

Round One (17 July 1924)

Top three in each pool advanced to the final round. Six optional dives.

Round One Pool One

1Betty BeckerUSA6.0482.4Q
2Aileen RigginUSA13.0439.3Q
3Klara BornettAUT13.0417.4Q
4Märta JohanssonSWE19.0377.8
5Louise LenormandFRA26.0313.0
6Truus KlapwijkNED28.0287.31
7Catherine O'BryenGBR35.0258.8
8Eugenie BriolletFRA40.0235.2

Round One Pool Two

1Carol FletcherUSA7.0446.6Q
2Signe JohanssonSWE10.0421.7Q
3Ewa OlliwierSWE14.0408.8Q
4Viktoria SölknerAUT21.0362.9
5Millie HudsonGBR23.0345.2
6Suzanne RaethFRA32.5274.0
7Hendrika BanteNED35.0270.6
8Gladys LuscombeGBR40.5244.0
9Aloisie KrongeigerováTCH42.0233.2

Final (18 July 1924)

Six optional dives.

1Betty BeckerUSA8.0474.52
2Aileen RigginUSA12.0460.4
3Carol FletcherUSA16.0436.4
4Ewa OlliwierSWE20.0425.8
5Signe JohanssonSWE21.0412.6
6Klara BornettAUT28.0370.2