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Platform, Men

Date16 – 18 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants30 from 16 countries
Format10 metre platform.

Bob Webster was the defending champion but after 7 of 10 dives, he stood only in sixth place. But Webster scored big on his final three dives to defend his gold medal. The leader after seven dives had been an Italian teenager, Klaus Dibiasi, who did not falter, holding on to win the silver medal, but was simply outperformed by Webster on the last three dives. Dibiasi’s father, Carlo Dibiasi, had competed at the 1936 Olympics and trained him. Dibiasi would soon become known as the greatest platform diver ever, at least until Greg Louganis, as he would win the gold medal in this event at the next three Olympics, also adding World titles in 1973 and 1975.

Bronze medalist Tom Gompf was a Navy pilot in 1964 and later became a commercial pilot for Delta, Pan Am, and National Airlines. He became a sports administrator as well, helped found USA Diving in 1980, and promoted the concept of synchronized diving, being considered the father of that discipline.

1Bob WebsterUSA148.58Gold
2Klaus DibiasiITA147.54Silver
3Tom GompfUSA146.57Bronze
4Roberto MadrigalMEX144.27
5Viktor PalaginURS143.77
6Brian PhelpsGBR143.18
7Rolf SperlingGER142.24
8Toshio OtsuboJPN142.05
9Gerd VölkerGER91.62
10Luis NiñoMEX91.46
11Shunsuke KanetoJPN91.31
12Igor LobanovURS91.22
13Viktor PogozhevURS90.73
14Yosuke ArimitsuJPN90.56
15Klaus KonzorrGER90.08
16Tony KitcherGBR89.95
17Kurt MrkwickaAUT89.10
18Álvaro GaxiolaMEX87.07
19Lou VitucciUSA86.40
20Søren SvejstrupDEN85.36
21József DóraHUN84.62
22Jo Chang-JeKOR84.02
23Franco CagnottoITA83.23
24Tom DinsleyCAN83.22
25William WoodGBR81.82
26Song Jae-UngKOR81.72
27Jerry AndersonPUR79.54
28Terry RossiterZIM79.23
29Diego HenaoCOL76.91
30Sohan SinghIND74.18

Qualifying (16 – 17 October 1964 — 10:00 (16/10), 09:30-16:00 (17/10))

Six compulsory and one optional dive in qualifying. Top 8 advanced to the final round.

1Klaus DibiasiITA97.6279.68Q
2Viktor PalaginURS94.7777.35Q
3Toshio OtsuboJPN94.3275.86Q
4Brian PhelpsGBR93.8575.39Q
5Roberto MadrigalMEX93.8275.36Q
6Bob WebsterUSA93.1880.93Q
7Tom GompfUSA92.7974.59Q
8Rolf SperlingGER92.2475.34Q
9Gerd VölkerGER91.6275.76
10Luis NiñoMEX91.4673.78
11Shunsuke KanetoJPN91.3174.30
12Igor LobanovURS91.2275.36
13Viktor PogozhevURS90.7373.57
14Yosuke ArimitsuJPN90.5674.18
15Klaus KonzorrGER90.0874.22
16Tony KitcherGBR89.9573.83
17Kurt MrkwickaAUT89.1072.98
18Álvaro GaxiolaMEX87.0770.17
19Lou VitucciUSA86.4070.08
20Søren SvejstrupDEN85.3670.00
21József DóraHUN84.6268.78
22Jo Chang-JeKOR84.0266.60
23Franco CagnottoITA83.2366.33
24Tom DinsleyCAN83.2268.34
25William WoodGBR81.8271.42
26Song Jae-UngKOR81.7266.90
27Jerry AndersonPUR79.5465.24
28Terry RossiterZIM79.2363.63
29Diego HenaoCOL76.9161.83
30Sohan SinghIND74.1859.78

Final (18 October 1964 — 10:00)

Three optional dives. Score added to qualifying round score.

1Bob WebsterUSA148.5855.40
2Klaus DibiasiITA147.5449.92
3Tom GompfUSA146.5753.78
4Roberto MadrigalMEX144.2750.45
5Viktor PalaginURS143.7749.00
6Brian PhelpsGBR143.1849.33
7Rolf SperlingGER142.2450.00
8Toshio OtsuboJPN142.0547.81