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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date2 – 3 September 1960
LocationStadio Olimpico del Nuoto, Roma
Participants55 from 12 countries

Australia had won this event in 1956 and in August 1960, an Australian team bettered the world record with 4:16.2. It was expected that they would contest the gold medal with the United States. Australia was led off by Dawn Fraser, the greatest women’s sprinter ever, and she put them into the lead. The third leg came down to Lorraine Crapp for Australia against 14-year-old Carolyn Wood of the USA, who had failed to finish the 100 butterfly final when she gulped too much water on the final lap. Crapp had her own problems in Rome, as she had secretly married Bill Thurlow, an Australian team doctor, the night before the team left for Rome. This was not allowed and when it was discovered it was scandalous to the Australians, and Crapp was closely watched during the Rome Games. For whatever reason, Crapp swam poorly in the relay, Wood outdistancing her by 2.7 seconds and handing a big lead to American anchor Chris von Saltza, who had no difficulty maintaining it to win in world record time of 4:08.9, almost seven seconds better than the previous mark.

1United StatesUSA4:18.9 (1 h1)4:08.9 (1)Gold
Joan SpillaneShirley StobsCarolyn WoodChris von SaltzaDonna de VaronaSusan DoerrSylvia RuuskaMolly Botkin
2AustraliaAUS4:17.6 (1 h2)4:11.3 (2)Silver
Dawn FraserIlsa KonradsLorraine CrappAlva ColquhounSandra MorganRuth Everuss
3Unified Team of GermanyGER4:24.2 (3 h2)4:19.7 (3)Bronze
Christel SteffinHeidi PechsteinGisela WeißUrsel Brunner
4HungaryHUN4:22.2 (2 h2)4:21.2 (4)
Anna TemesváriMária FrankKatalin BorosCsilla Madarász
5Great BritainGBR4:24.4 (2 h1)4:24.6 (5)
Natalie StewardBeryl NoakesJudy SamuelChristine Harris
6SwedenSWE4:27.3 (3 h1)4:25.1 (6)
Inger ThorngrenKarin LarssonKristina LarssonBibbi Segerström
7ItalyITA4:31.8 (4 h1)4:26.8 (7)
Paola SainiAnna Maria CecchiRosanna ContardoMaria Cristina PacificiDaniela Beneck
8Soviet UnionURS4:31.9 (4 h2)4:29.0 (8)
Irina LyakhovskayaUlvi VoogGalina SosnovaMarina Shamal
9FranceFRA4:35.2 (5 h2)
Héda FrostAnnie CaronColette LibourelMarie-Laure Gaillot
10JapanJPN4:35.9 (5 h1)
Yoshiko SatoEiko WadaKimiko EzakaHitomi Jinno
11MexicoMEX4:43.1 (6 h1)
Eulalia MartínezSilvia BelmarBlanca BarrónMaría Luisa Souza
DQNetherlandsNED– (DQ h2)
Hennie van der VeldeJopie TroostSieta PosthumusCocki van Engelsdorp Gastelaars

Round One (2 September 1960 — 8:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA4:18.9Q
Donna de Varona1:06.51:06.5 (3)
Susan Doerr1:04.32:10.8 (1)
Sylvia Ruuska1:05.23:16.0 (1)
Molly Botkin1:02.94:18.9 (1)
23Great BritainGBR4:24.4Q
Beryl Noakes1:06.91:06.9 (4)
Judy Samuel1:07.52:14.4 (3)
Christine Harris1:05.73:20.1 (3)
Natalie Steward1:04.34:24.4 (2)
Inger Thorngren1:05.51:05.5 (1)
Karin Larsson1:07.22:12.7 (2)
Kristina Larsson1:07.23:19.9 (2)
Bibbi Segerström1:07.44:27.3 (3)
Daniela Beneck1:09.31:09.3 (6)
Rosanna Contardo1:08.62:17.9 (5)
Maria Cristina Pacifici1:08.13:26.0 (5)
Paola Saini1:05.84:31.8 (4)
Yoshiko Sato1:05.91:05.9 (2)
Eiko Wada1:09.42:15.3 (4)
Kimiko Ezaka1:09.13:24.4 (4)
Hitomi Jinno1:11.54:35.9 (5)
Eulalia Martínez1:09.21:09.2 (5)
Silvia Belmar1:11.72:20.9 (6)
Blanca Barrón1:13.23:34.1 (6)
María Luisa Souza1:09.04:43.1 (6)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Sandra Morgan1:05.51:05.5 (1)
Alva Colquhoun1:02.52:08.0 (1)
Ruth Everuss1:05.43:13.4 (1)
Lorraine Crapp1:04.24:17.6 (1)
Anna Temesvári1:07.21:07.2 (3)
Mária Frank1:05.62:12.8 (3)
Katalin Boros1:06.03:18.8 (=2)
Csilla Madarász1:03.44:22.2 (2)
33Unified Team of GermanyGER4:24.2Q
Christel Steffin1:06.51:06.5 (2)
Heidi Pechstein1:05.62:12.1 (2)
Gisela Weiß1:06.73:18.8 (=2)
Ursel Brunner1:05.44:24.2 (3)
46Soviet UnionURS4:31.9Q
Irina Lyakhovskaya1:09.01:09.0 (5)
Ulvi Voog1:08.22:17.2 (4)
Galina Sosnova1:08.83:26.0 (4)
Marina Shamal1:05.94:31.9 (4)
Héda Frost1:07.31:07.3 (4)
Annie Caron1:10.12:17.4 (5)
Colette Libourel1:09.83:27.2 (5)
Marie-Laure Gaillot1:08.04:35.2 (5)
Hennie van der Velde– (AC)
Jopie Troost– (AC)
Sieta Posthumus– (AC)
Cocki van Engelsdorp Gastelaars– (AC)

Final (3 September 1960 — 21:25)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
15United StatesUSA4:08.9WR
Joan Spillane1:02.51:02.5 (2)
Shirley Stobs1:03.52:06.0 (2)
Carolyn Wood1:02.03:08.0 (1)
Chris von Saltza1:00.94:08.9 (1)
Dawn Fraser1:00.61:00.6 (1)
Ilsa Konrads1:03.22:03.8 (1)
Lorraine Crapp1:04.73:08.5 (2)
Alva Colquhoun1:02.84:11.3 (2)
36Unified Team of GermanyGER4:19.7
Christel Steffin1:05.61:05.6 (6)
Heidi Pechstein1:04.72:10.3 (3)
Gisela Weiß1:05.43:15.7 (3)
Ursel Brunner1:04.04:19.7 (3)
Anna Temesvári1:07.11:07.1 (7)
Mária Frank1:05.02:12.1 (6)
Katalin Boros1:05.93:18.0 (=4)
Csilla Madarász1:03.24:21.2 (4)
52Great BritainGBR4:24.6
Natalie Steward1:05.31:05.3 (3)
Beryl Noakes1:06.22:11.5 (4)
Judy Samuel1:06.53:18.0 (=4)
Christine Harris1:06.64:24.6 (5)
Inger Thorngren1:05.51:05.5 (=4)
Karin Larsson1:06.12:11.6 (5)
Kristina Larsson1:07.63:19.2 (6)
Bibbi Segerström1:05.94:25.1 (6)
Paola Saini1:05.51:05.5 (=4)
Anna Maria Cecchi1:06.82:12.3 (7)
Rosanna Contardo1:07.83:20.1 (7)
Maria Cristina Pacifici1:06.74:26.8 (7)
88Soviet UnionURS4:29.0
Irina Lyakhovskaya1:08.41:08.4 (8)
Ulvi Voog1:07.02:15.4 (8)
Galina Sosnova1:08.23:23.6 (8)
Marina Shamal1:05.44:29.0 (8)