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110 metres Hurdles, Men

Date11 – 12 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants22 from 10 countries

America’s hurdlers had been pre-eminent at all the early Olympics. But in 1912 it was difficult to pick a favorite among the nine American hurdlers entered. The three U.S. Olympic trials had been won by Fred Kelly (west), John Case (central), and Vaughn Blanchard (east). Case had also been AAU champion in 1910.

All nine Americans advanced to the six semi-finals, where only the winner of each heat advanced to the final. There, Britain’s Kenneth Powell met five Americans. In the final, Kelly, John Nicholson, and James Wendell held the lead at the halfway mark. But Nicholson fell at the 8th hurdle. Kelly held on to win by a narrow margin over Wendell.

1Fred KellyUSA16.4 (1 h9)15.6 (1 h5)15.1 (1)Gold
2James WendellUSA15.7 (2 h11)15.5 (1 h4)15.2 (2)Silver
3Martin HawkinsUSA16.1 (1 h3)15.7 (1 h2)15.3 (3)Bronze
4John CaseUSA16.3 (1 h10)15.6 (1 h6)15.3est (4)
5Kenneth PowellGBR15.6 (1 h11)15.6 (1 h1)15.5est (5)
ACJohn NicholsonUSA15.5 (1 h8)15.4 (1 h3)– (DNF)
2 h1 r2/3Jack EllerUSA16.0 (1 h2)15.7est (2 h1)
2 h2 r2/3Daciano ColbachiniITA16.1 (2 h8)16.0est (2 h2)
2 h3 r2/3Hermann von BönninghausenGER17.0 (2 h10)15.9est (2 h3)
2 h4 r2/3George ChisholmUSA15.3 (1 h1)15.7est (2 h4)
2 h5 r2/3Valdemar WickholmFIN16.6 (2 h4)16.6est (2 h5)
2 h6 r2/3Edwin PritchardUSA16.4 (1 h7)15.6est (2 h6)
3 h1 r2/3Ferdinand BieNOR16.2 (1 h4)15.8est (3 h1)
3 h2 r2/3Marius DelabyFRA16.0 (1 h6)16.2est (3 h2)
3 h3 r2/3Vaughn BlanchardUSA16.0 (2 h6)16.0est (3 h3)
3 h5 r2/3Henry BlakeneyGBR17.4 (2 h7)– (3 h5)
3 h6 r2/3Géo AndréFRA16.8 (2 h3)– (3 h6)
4 h1 r2/3Pablo EitelCHI17.2 (1 h5)– (4 h1)
AC h2 r2/3Károly SolymárHUN15.8 (2 h1)– (DNF h2)
AC h4 r2/3Laurie AndersonGBR18.6 (2 h2)– (DNF h4)
3 h6 r1/3Alfredo PaganiITA– (3 h6)
3 h11 r1/3Frank LukemanCAN– (3 h11)
DNSAlbert MartinFRA
DNSBéla MészárosHUN
DNSGaston SabarthezFRA
DNSTorwald NorlingSWE
DNSLouis Saint-AubertFRA
DNSCamille LeunckensBEL
DNSRaymond de GuanderaxFRA
DNSRichard RiceGBR
DNSRichard RauGER
DNSAndor HorvayHUN
DNSGösta HolmérSWE
DNSSkotte JacobssonSWE
DNSEinar NilssonSWE
DNSBertil UgglaSWE
DNSHugo WieslanderSWE
DNSPaul ZerlingSWE
DNSJim DonahueUSA
DNSJim ThorpeUSA

Round One (11 July 1912 — 9:30)

Top two in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1George ChisholmUSA15.3Q
2Károly SolymárHUN15.8Q

Heat Two

1Jack EllerUSA16.0Q
2Laurie AndersonGBR18.6Q

Heat Three

1Martin HawkinsUSA16.1Q
2Géo AndréFRA16.8Q

Heat Four

1Ferdinand BieNOR16.2Q
2Valdemar WickholmFIN16.6Q

Heat Five

1Pablo EitelCHI17.2Qwalkover

Heat Six

1Marius DelabyFRA16.0Q
2Vaughn BlanchardUSA16.0Q
3Alfredo PaganiITA

Heat Seven

1Edwin PritchardUSA16.4Q
2Henry BlakeneyGBR17.4Q

Heat Eight

1John NicholsonUSA15.5Q
2Daciano ColbachiniITA16.1Q

Heat Nine

1Fred KellyUSA16.4Qwalkover

Heat Ten

1John CaseUSA16.3Q
2Hermann von BönninghausenGER17.0Q

Heat Eleven

1Kenneth PowellGBR15.6Q
2James WendellUSA15.7Q
3Frank LukemanCAN

Semi-Finals (11 July 1912 — 16:15)

Winner of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Kenneth PowellGBR15.6Q
2Jack EllerUSA15.7est
3Ferdinand BieNOR15.8est
4Pablo EitelCHI

Heat Two

1Martin HawkinsUSA15.7Q
2Daciano ColbachiniITA16.0est
3Marius DelabyFRA16.2est
DNFKároly SolymárHUN

Heat Three

1John NicholsonUSA15.4Q
2Hermann von BönninghausenGER15.9est
3Vaughn BlanchardUSA16.0est

Heat Four

1James WendellUSA15.5Q
2George ChisholmUSA15.7est
DNFLaurie AndersonGBR

Heat Five

1Fred KellyUSA15.6Q
2Valdemar WickholmFIN16.6est
3Henry BlakeneyGBR

Heat Six

1John CaseUSA15.6Q
2Edwin PritchardUSA15.6est
3Géo AndréFRA

Final (12 July 1912 — 15:00)

1Fred KellyUSA15.1
2James WendellUSA15.2
3Martin HawkinsUSA15.3
4John CaseUSA15.3est
5Kenneth PowellGBR15.5est
DNFJohn NicholsonUSA