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Javelin Throw, Both Hands, Men

Date 9 July 1912 — 14:00
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants14 from 4 countries

This was the only time this event was held at the Olympics. There is no known world record for the event at the time of the 1912 Olympics. In the scheduled final, the three qualifiers were to have had three further throws with each hand, with the best of each hand being totalled. When all three finalists were from Finland, they elected not to contest a final. The officials agreed with this decision and allowed the results of the qualifying round to count as the final results. Julius Saaristo’s winning right-handed throw of 61.00 broke the Olympic record set by Eric Lemming (60.64) in winning the single-arm javelin throw three days earlier. Lemming, who had won the one-handed competition, and the Olympic gold medal in 1906 and 1908, finished only fourth. He was second to Saaristo with the right hand, but threw very poorly with his left hand, placing only 9th of the 14 competitors with that hand.

1Julius SaaristoFIN109.42 (NP)Gold
2Väinö SiikaniemiFIN101.13 (NP)Silver
3Urho PeltonenFIN100.24 (NP)Bronze
4Eric LemmingSWE98.59 (NP)
5Arne HalseNOR96.92 (NP)
6Richard ÅbrinkSWE93.12 (NP)
7Daniel JohansenNOR92.82 (NP)
8Otto NilssonSWE88.90 (NP)
9Juho HalmeFIN88.54 (NP)
10Arvid OhrlingSWE87.17 (NP)
11Sten HaganderSWE86.80 (NP)
12Miklós KovácsHUN86.39 (NP)
13William KrigsmanSWE85.80 (NP)
14Hilding SonneSWE84.96 (NP)
DNSHarry LottUSA
DNSDavid NygrenSWE
DNSMichail NomikosGRE
DNSHenry KlagesUSA
DNSMáté SzákallHUN
DNSUrho AaltonenFIN
DNSJim MitchelUSA
DNSKostas TsiklitirasGRE
DNSIstván MudinHUN
DNSRezső UjlakiHUN
DNSVasily MolokanovRUS
DNSJanne DahlSWE
DNSAlgot LarssonSWE
DNSSvante OlssonSWE
DNSHugo WieslanderSWE
DNSPlatt AdamsUSA
DNSAustin MenaulUSA
DNSGeorge PhilbrookUSA
DNSLarry WhitneyUSA

Qualifying Round (9 July 1912 — 14:00)

Qualifiers were seperated into three groups. Each athlete took three throws with each hand, with the three athletes having the top totals with both hands advancing to the final.

NPJulius SaaristoFIN109.42
NPVäinö SiikaniemiFIN101.13
NPUrho PeltonenFIN100.24
NPEric LemmingSWE98.59
NPArne HalseNOR96.92
NPRichard ÅbrinkSWE93.12
NPDaniel JohansenNOR92.82
NPOtto NilssonSWE88.90
NPJuho HalmeFIN88.54
NPArvid OhrlingSWE87.17
NPSten HaganderSWE86.80
NPMiklós KovácsHUN86.39
NPWilliam KrigsmanSWE85.80
NPHilding SonneSWE84.96

Qualifying Round, Group A (9 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Julius SaaristoFIN109.4257.64/×59.88/×61.00/48.42
2Eric LemmingSWE98.5952.23/35.7858.33/40.26×/×
3Otto NilssonSWE88.9048.24/38.6950.21/××/×
4Juho HalmeFIN88.54×/33.6452.76/×54.90/×
5Arvid OhrlingSWE87.1746.51/40.66×/××/×
6Hilding SonneSWE84.96×/33.5249.48/36.00×/36.48

Qualifying Round, Group B (9 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Urho PeltonenFIN100.24×/46.3053.22/46.6353.58/46.66
2Richard ÅbrinkSWE93.1248.78/41.7150.04/43.08×/×
3Sten HaganderSWE86.8042.58/37.6846.39/40.41×/×
4Miklós KovácsHUN86.3955.74/29.23×/30.65×/×

Qualifying Round, Group C (9 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Väinö SiikaniemiFIN101.1354.09/43.76×/45.09×/47.04
2Arne HalseNOR96.9252.05/41.4855.05/××/41.87
3Daniel JohansenNOR92.8248.38/40.99×/43.1948.78/44.04
4William KrigsmanSWE85.8043.78/46.0946.85/38.95×/×