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Cross-Country, Team, Men

Date23 August 1920 — 15:15
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants41 from 7 countries
Formatcirca 8,000 metres. Point-for-place scoring from the individual event with the top three finishers for team counting in the team scoring.

Points were scored based on placements in the individual race. The teams could have six runners in the individual cross-country but only the top three finishers for each team counted towards the final team score. There were also six runners in the individual race who did not have a full team competing in the team race. The event was expected to be a battle between Paavo Nurmi (FIN) and Joseph Guillemot (FRA), who had met in the 5 and 10K, with Nurmi winning the 10K and Guillemot the 5K. But early in the race, Guillemot sprained an ankle and had to withdraw, allowing Nurmi to win the rubber match.

275Paavo Nurmi127:15.0
271Heikki Liimatainen327:37.0
265Teodor Koskenniemi627:57.2
290Ilmari Vesamaa14non-scoringnon-scoring
282Eino Rastas18non-scoringnon-scoring
272Hannes Miettinen23non-scoringnon-scoring
2Great BritainGBR21Silver
426James Wilson427:45.2
396Anton Hegarty527:57.0
413Alfred Nichols1228:20.0
424Christopher Vose19non-scoringnon-scoring
391Walter Freeman22non-scoringnon-scoring
386Larry Cummins26non-scoringnon-scoring
567Eric Backman227:17.6
611Gustaf Mattsson1028:16.0
575Hilding Ekman1128:17.0
609Verner Magnusson13non-scoringnon-scoring
583Lars Hedwall24non-scoringnon-scoring
563Knut Alm30non-scoringnon-scoring
4United StatesUSA36
166Pat Flynn928:12.0
164Fred Faller15
136Max Böhland16
254Lewis Watson34non-scoringnon-scoring
148Bob Crawford40non-scoringnon-scoring
217Amisoli PatasoniDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
336Gaston Heuet828:10.0
347Gustave Lauvaux17
368Joseph Servella21
304Edmond Brossard31non-scoringnon-scoring
302Edmond Bimont32non-scoringnon-scoring
329Joseph GuillemotDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
55Julien Van Campenhout728:00.0
53Henri Smets33
46Aimé Proot36
66François Vyncke37non-scoringnon-scoring
54Pierre Trullemans41non-scoringnon-scoring
47Émile Rivez42non-scoringnon-scoring
88Albert Andersen20
108Henrik Sørensen27
97Jón Jónsson28
92Julius Ebert35non-scoringnon-scoring
99Artur NielsenDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring