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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Women

Date16 – 18 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo, Shibuya, Tokyo
Participants43 from 9 countries

The United States was so strong that they held swim-offs to determine who would swim in the final. The Soviet team posted the fastest time heat one with the Americans leading heat two with their B team. The final started with Cathy Ferguson, 100 metre backstroke gold medalist, taking a small lead over Japan’s Satoko Tanaka. On the breaststroke leg, Soviet Svetlana Babanina put them into the lead by inches, but Sharon Stouder swam the third butterfly leg for the US and opened a 2½-bodylength lead. Kathy Ellis had no trouble maintaining it on the anchor as the USA won the gold medal in the world record time of 4:33.9. The Soviets could not maintain their position on the final two legs, as Ada Kok put the Netherlands into second on the third leg, and Erica Terpstra brought it home for them to win silver, the Soviet Union holding onto the bronze medal.

1United StatesUSA4:41.6 (1 h2)4:33.9 (1)Gold
Cathy FergusonCynthia GoyetteSharon StouderKathy EllisNina HarmarJudy ReederSue PittPokey Watson
2NetherlandsNED4:44.1 (3 h1)4:37.0 (2)Silver
Corrie WinkelKlenie BimoltAda KokErica TerpstraAdrie Lasterie
3Soviet UnionURS4:39.1 (1 h1)4:39.2 (3)Bronze
Tatyana SavelyevaSvetlana BabaninaTatyana DevyatovaNataliya UstinovaNataliya Bystrova
4JapanJPN4:40.6 (2 h1)4:42.0 (4)
Satoko TanakaNoriko YamamotoEiko TakahashiMichiko Kihara
5Great BritainGBR4:44.3 (3 h2)4:45.8 (5)
Jill NorfolkStella MitchellMary Anne CotterillLiz LongLinda Ludgrove
6CanadaCAN4:46.6 (4 h2)4:49.9 (6)
Eileen WeirMarion LayMary Beth StewartHelen Kennedy
AC r2/2Unified Team of GermanyGER4:43.2 (2 h2)– (DQ)DQ
Ingrid SchmidtBärbel GrimmerHeike HustedeMartina Grunert
AC r2/2HungaryHUN4:48.9 (5 h2)– (DQ)DQ
Mária BallaZsuzsa KovácsMárta EgerváryCsilla Madarász-Dobay
9AustraliaAUS4:52.3 (4 h1)
Nanette DuncanMarguerite RuygrokLinda McGillDawn Fraser

Round One (16 October 1964 — 13:15)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14Soviet UnionURS4:39.1QOR
Tatyana Savelyeva1:10.51:10.5 (1)
Svetlana Babanina1:15.22:25.7 (1)
Tatyana Devyatova1:10.03:35.7 (1)
Nataliya Bystrova1:03.44:39.1 (1)
Satoko Tanaka1:08.61:08.6 (2)
Noriko Yamamoto1:20.62:29.2 (2)
Eiko Takahashi1:08.03:37.2 (2)
Michiko Kihara1:03.44:40.6 (2)
Corrie Winkel1:11.51:11.5 (3)
Klenie Bimolt1:18.12:29.6 (3)
Adrie Lasterie1:12.43:42.0 (3)
Erica Terpstra1:02.14:44.1 (3)
Nanette Duncan1:13.01:13.0 (4)
Marguerite Ruygrok1:21.92:34.9 (4)
Linda McGill1:16.13:51.0 (4)
Dawn Fraser1:01.34:52.3 (4)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
12United StatesUSA4:41.6Q
Nina Harmar1:10.41:10.4 (1)
Judy Reeder1:22.32:32.7 (1)
Sue Pitt1:07.03:39.7 (1)
Pokey Watson1:01.94:41.6 (1)
25Unified Team of GermanyGER4:43.2Q
Ingrid Schmidt1:11.21:11.2 (2)
Bärbel Grimmer1:19.22:30.4 (2)
Heike Hustede1:09.63:40.0 (2)
Martina Grunert1:03.24:43.2 (2)
36Great BritainGBR4:44.3Q
Linda Ludgrove1:10.61:10.6 (3)
Stella Mitchell1:20.02:30.6 (3)
Mary Anne Cotterill1:10.23:40.8 (3)
Liz Long1:03.54:44.3 (3)
Eileen Weir1:10.31:10.3 (4)
Marion Lay1:22.92:33.2 (4)
Mary Beth Stewart1:09.73:42.9 (4)
Helen Kennedy1:03.74:46.6 (4)
Mária Balla1:11.51:11.5 (5)
Zsuzsa Kovács1:23.02:34.5 (5)
Márta Egerváry1:12.03:46.5 (5)
Csilla Madarász-Dobay1:02.44:48.9 (5)

Final (18 October 1964 — 17:40)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
13United StatesUSA4:33.9WR
Cathy Ferguson1:08.61:08.6 (1)
Cynthia Goyette1:18.32:26.9 (1)
Sharon Stouder1:06.13:33.0 (1)
Kathy Ellis1:00.94:33.9 (1)
Corrie Winkel1:12.21:12.2 (2)
Klenie Bimolt1:18.52:30.7 (2)
Ada Kok1:05.03:35.7 (=2)
Erica Terpstra1:01.34:37.0 (2)
34Soviet UnionURS4:39.2
Tatyana Savelyeva1:11.11:11.1 (3)
Svetlana Babanina1:15.32:26.4 (3)
Tatyana Devyatova1:09.33:35.7 (=2)
Nataliya Ustinova1:03.54:39.2 (3)
Satoko Tanaka1:09.51:09.5 (4)
Noriko Yamamoto1:20.52:30.0 (4)
Eiko Takahashi1:09.33:39.3 (4)
Michiko Kihara1:02.74:42.0 (4)
57Great BritainGBR4:45.8
Jill Norfolk1:12.11:12.1 (5)
Stella Mitchell1:19.82:31.9 (5)
Mary Anne Cotterill1:09.43:41.3 (5)
Liz Long1:04.54:45.8 (5)
Eileen Weir1:11.51:11.5 (6)
Marion Lay1:23.92:35.4 (6)
Mary Beth Stewart1:09.33:44.7 (6)
Helen Kennedy1:05.24:49.9 (6)
DQ6Unified Team of GermanyGER
Ingrid Schmidt1:11.21:11.2 (AC)
Bärbel Grimmer1:19.02:30.2 (AC)
Heike Hustede1:10.83:41.0 (AC)
Martina Grunert1:01.54:42.5 (AC)
Mária Balla1:12.31:12.3 (AC)
Zsuzsa Kovács1:23.62:35.9 (AC)
Márta Egerváry1:11.43:47.3 (AC)
Csilla Madarász-Dobay1:01.44:48.7 (AC)