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Javelin Throw, Women

Date28 November 1956
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants19 from 12 countries

The first and second places in Melbourne were big surprises. Soviet Latvian Inese Jaunzeme had no major record and her best finish at the Soviet Championships was third in 1956. But she dominated the 1956 Olympic competition, leading after her first throw, and never relinguishing the lead. She improved to 53.40 (175-2½) in round four and her best mark of 53.86 (176-8½) came in the final round, with four of her throws good enough for the gold medal. Silver medalist Marlene Ahrens of Chile also had no international record to that date. She remains the only Chilean female to win an Olympic medal – in any sport through 2008. She would later win gold medals at the 1959 and 1963 Pan-American Games in the javelin.

1616Inese JaunzemeURS46.19 (6)53.86 (1)GoldOR
2607Marlene AhrensCHI46.43 (5)50.38 (2)Silver
3617Nadezhda KonyayevaURS47.19 (3)50.28 (3)Bronze
4606Dana ZátopkováTCH47.05 (4)49.83 (4)
5613Ingrid AlmqvistSWE43.47 (14)49.74 (5)
6611Urszula FigwerPOL47.76 (2)48.16 (6)
7662Erzsébet VíghHUN44.60 (9)48.07 (7)
8614Karen AndersonUSA49.64 (1)48.00 (8)
9612Anna Wojtaszek-PazeraPOL44.08 (12)46.92 (9)
10609Erika RaueGER43.85 (13)45.87 (10)
11598Marjorie LarneyUSA45.80 (7)45.27 (11)
12610Yoriko ShidaJPN45.37 (8)44.96 (12)
13594Almut BrömmelGER44.55 (10)44.67 (13)
14615Amelia WershovenUSA44.39 (11)44.29 (14)
15 r1/2561Paola PaternosterITA42.68 (15)
16 r1/2605Margaret GeorgeCAN39.73 (16)
17 r1/2603Maureen WrightAUS38.81 (17)
18 r1/2604Heather InnesAUS38.72 (18)
19 r1/2602June HeathAUS38.10 (19)

Qualifying Round (28 November 1956 — 10:00)

All those reaching 43.00 metres advanced to the final.

16Karen AndersonUSA49.6449.64--Q
216Urszula FigwerPOL47.7647.76--Q
33Nadezhda KonyayevaURS47.1947.19--Q
417Dana ZátopkováTCH47.0547.05--Q
59Marlene AhrensCHI46.4346.43--Q
67Inese JaunzemeURS46.1946.19--Q
715Marjorie LarneyUSA45.8039.0436.8945.80Q
812Yoriko ShidaJPN45.3738.5045.37-Q
914Erzsébet VíghHUN44.6044.60--Q
105Almut BrömmelGER44.5544.55--Q
1113Amelia WershovenUSA44.3944.39--Q
128Anna Wojtaszek-PazeraPOL44.0844.08--Q
1311Erika RaueGER43.8543.85--Q
141Ingrid AlmqvistSWE43.4743.47--Q
152Paola PaternosterITA42.6839.6942.6841.25
1610Margaret GeorgeCAN39.7333.5636.6239.73
1719Maureen WrightAUS38.8136.7538.8136.91
184Heather InnesAUS38.7238.7235.57×
1918June HeathAUS38.1035.7638.10×

Final Round (28 November 1956 — 15:30)

15Inese JaunzemeURS53.8651.6346.6250.4653.4049.0853.86OR
27Marlene AhrensCHI50.3847.4749.3644.6846.3050.3839.31
32Nadezhda KonyayevaURS50.2849.4850.2846.2447.3944.5144.40
414Dana ZátopkováTCH49.8343.5249.8347.0747.5949.8141.59
51Ingrid AlmqvistSWE49.7449.7443.5845.0648.2443.0641.17
613Urszula FigwerPOL48.1644.2848.1642.5442.8143.0245.64
711Erzsébet VíghHUN48.0746.6948.0747.38
84Karen AndersonUSA48.0047.2848.0041.76
96Anna Wojtaszek-PazeraPOL46.9246.9246.2745.36
108Erika RaueGER45.8743.27×45.87
1112Marjorie LarneyUSA45.2741.4445.2742.09
129Yoriko ShidaJPN44.9644.9643.3437.20
133Almut BrömmelGER44.6740.7242.3744.67
1410Amelia WershovenUSA44.2944.2940.4532.59