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Shot Put, Women

Date20 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Kyogijo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants16 from 11 countries

The defending champion was Tamara Press and she had won the 1962 European Championships and surpassed the world record twice since the Roma Olympics. Soviet Galina Zybina, the 1952 gold medalist, was competing in her fourth consecutive Olympic final. The day before the shot put started, Press had won a gold medal in the discus throw. The medals and medal order were decided in round one, with Press leading the GDR’s Renate Garisch and Zybina, who would win the silver and bronze medals respectively. But all of them would surpass their early round marks later in the competition. Zybina moved into second after round three but Garisch settled matters in round four with 17.61 (57-9½). Press’s final round was 18.14 (59-6¼) metres, an Olympic record. Zybina’s bronze gave her a full set of medals in this event.

1208Tamara PressURS16.57 (1)18.14 (1)GoldOR
290Renate Garisch-CulmbergerGER16.32 (3)17.61 (2)Silver
3209Galina ZybinaURS15.17 (11)17.45 (3)Bronze
4152Valerie YoungNZL16.40 (2)17.26 (4)
592Margitta HelmboldGER15.61 (5)16.91 (5)
6201Irina PressURS15.67 (4)16.71 (6)
732Nancy McCredieCAN15.10 (12)15.89 (7)
8175Ana Maria SălăjanROU15.31 (9)15.83 (8)
991Johanna Hübner-LüttgeGER15.38 (8)15.77 (9)
1025Ivanka HristovaBUL15.24 (10)15.69 (10)
11109Judit BognárHUN15.52 (6)15.65 (11)
12232Earlene BrownUSA15.44 (7)14.80 (12)
13 r1/2110Jolán Kleiber-KontsekHUN14.52 (13)
14 r1/266Mary PetersGBR14.46 (14)
15 r1/2250Seiko ObonaiJPN13.70 (15)
16 r1/2118Juliette GeverkofIRI9.17 (16)
DNS136Dashzevgiin NamjilmaaMGL– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (20 October 1964 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 15.00 metres advanced to the final.

110Tamara PressURS16.5716.57--Q
217Valerie YoungNZL16.4016.40--Q
315Renate Garisch-CulmbergerGER16.3216.32--Q
47Irina PressURS15.6715.67--Q
513Margitta HelmboldGER15.6115.61--Q
66Judit BognárHUN15.5214.4415.52-Q
74Earlene BrownUSA15.4413.8414.6715.44Q
81Johanna Hübner-LüttgeGER15.3815.38--Q
914Ana Maria SălăjanROU15.3115.31--Q
108Ivanka HristovaBUL15.2415.24--Q
1116Galina ZybinaURS15.1715.17--Q
1211Nancy McCredieCAN15.1015.10--Q
139Jolán Kleiber-KontsekHUN14.5214.4814.3914.52
142Mary PetersGBR14.4613.44×14.46
155Seiko ObonaiJPN13.7013.7013.4712.70
163Juliette GeverkofIRI9.17×8.799.17
DNS12Dashzevgiin NamjilmaaMGL

Final Round (20 October 1964 — 14:00)

111Tamara PressURS18.1417.5117.7217.1816.49×18.14OR
22Renate Garisch-CulmbergerGER17.6117.4117.1016.3817.6117.0017.01
310Galina ZybinaURS17.4517.3817.2517.4517.4216.6517.36
412Valerie YoungNZL17.2617.0815.8416.8117.2617.2417.23
58Margitta HelmboldGER16.9116.6715.87×16.6016.9116.34
63Irina PressURS16.71×16.50×15.8115.7816.71
75Nancy McCredieCAN15.8915.8915.1315.27
81Ana Maria SălăjanROU15.8315.7915.8315.70
96Johanna Hübner-LüttgeGER15.7715.77××
107Ivanka HristovaBUL15.6915.69×15.35
119Judit BognárHUN15.6515.65××
124Earlene BrownUSA14.8014.2513.4314.80