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Discus Throw, Women

Date9 – 10 September 1972
LocationOlympiastadion, Olympiapark, München
Participants17 from 10 countries

Armenian Soviet Faina Melnik was a solid favorite. She had broken the world record five times since 1971, was European Champion in 1971, and would win that title again in 1974. But twice in 1972 she had been beaten by Romanian Argentina Menis. Menis took the lead in round one with an Olympic record 64.28 (210-10¾). By the fourth round, she led with Melnik in fifth, and Menis then improved to 65.06 (213-5½). But Melnik was the next thrower and overtook Menis with 66.62 (218-7) which held on for the gold medal. Thirteen days later, Menis broke Melnik’s world record with 67.32 (220-10½).

1352Faina MelnikURS61.26 (2)66.62 (1)GoldOR
2296Argentina MenisROU61.58 (1)65.06 (2)SilverOR
339Vasilka StoevaBUL55.26 (11)64.34 (3)Bronze
4340Tamara DanilovaURS60.34 (3)62.86 (4)
5180Liesel WestermannFRG58.26 (5)62.18 (5)
6131Gabriele HinzmannGDR59.80 (4)61.72 (6)
7294Carmen IonescuROU57.82 (6)60.42 (7)
8354Lyudmila MuravyovaURS55.24 (12)59.00 (8)
9295Lia ManoliuROU55.88 (9)58.50 (9)
1033Svetla BozhkovaBUL56.42 (8)56.72 (10)
11155Brigitte BerendonkFRG56.90 (7)56.58 (11)
12110Rosemary PayneGBR55.56 (10)56.50 (12)
13 r1/2263Josephine de la ViñaPHI53.92 (13)
14 r1/244Radostina VasekovaBUL53.86 (14)
15 r1/2278Krystyna NadolnaPOL52.52 (15)
16 r1/2369Olga Fikotová-ConnollyUSA51.58 (16)
17 r1/229Maggy WautersBEL49.62 (17)
DNS58Rosa MolinaCHI– (DNS)
DNS195Jolán Kleiber-KontsekHUN– (DNS)
DNS62Baek Ok-JaKOR– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (9 September 1972 — 10:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 55.00 metres advanced to the final.

17Argentina MenisROU61.5861.58--QOR
217Faina MelnikURS61.2653.0061.26-Q
313Tamara DanilovaURS60.3460.34--Q
410Gabriele HinzmannGDR59.8059.80--Q
52Liesel WestermannFRG58.2658.26--Q
611Carmen IonescuROU57.82×57.82-Q
75Brigitte BerendonkFRG56.9054.7456.90-Q
812Svetla BozhkovaBUL56.4254.5256.42-Q
914Lia ManoliuROU55.8855.88--Q
108Rosemary PayneGBR55.56×53.5655.56Q
1116Vasilka StoevaBUL55.26×55.26-Q
1215Lyudmila MuravyovaURS55.2455.24--Q
1320Josephine de la ViñaPHI53.9251.08×53.92
143Radostina VasekovaBUL53.86××53.86
154Krystyna NadolnaPOL52.52×47.4252.52
169Olga Fikotová-ConnollyUSA51.5851.58××
176Maggy WautersBEL49.6249.62××
DNS19Rosa MolinaCHI
DNS18Jolán Kleiber-KontsekHUN

Final Round (10 September 1972 — 15:00)

112Faina MelnikURS66.6260.5661.3257.9666.6262.76×OR
211Argentina MenisROU65.0664.2859.8260.8865.0663.7864.90OR
38Vasilka StoevaBUL64.3461.08×64.2062.2464.3462.10
47Tamara DanilovaURS62.8662.6458.1462.8661.14××
52Liesel WestermannFRG62.18×57.0462.1861.66××
610Gabriele HinzmannGDR61.7257.5259.1460.1261.0861.7260.22
76Carmen IonescuROU60.4258.8058.7657.0659.08×60.42
85Lyudmila MuravyovaURS59.0057.7857.9259.00×58.8657.20
99Lia ManoliuROU58.5058.1858.50×
103Svetla BozhkovaBUL56.7256.5056.72×
114Brigitte BerendonkFRG56.5855.60×56.58
121Rosemary PayneGBR56.5056.50×52.26