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4 x 100 metres Relay, Women

Date11 August 1984
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Participants45 from 11 countries

With the Soviet boycott, the best team in the world, the GDR (East Germany), was not present. They had won the 1983 World Championships and the 1982 European Championships, and had set the last eight world records, the most recent one in July 1983. In their absence, the United States was favored in front of the home crowd. Jamaica had won the bronze medal at the 83 Worlds, but dropped the baton on the first exchange of the final. They finished the race but were never a factor. Great Britain had been silver medalists at the 1983 World Championship, but the United States simply ran away from everyone, with 100 champion Evelyn Ashford running the anchor leg. The time of 41.65 was the fastest ever by a non-GDR team.

1United StatesUSA42.59 (1 h2)41.65 (1)Gold
Alice BrownJeanette BoldenChandra CheeseboroughEvelyn AshfordBrenda Cliette (DNS)Wendy Vereen (DNS)Jacky Washington (DNS)Diane Williams (DNS)
2CanadaCAN43.53 (2 h2)42.77 (2)Silver
Angela BaileyMarita PayneAngella TaylorFrance Gareau
3Great BritainGBR43.47 (2 h1)43.11 (3)Bronze
Simmone JacobsKathy CookBev CallenderHeather OakesJoan Baptiste (DNS)Shirley Thomas (DNS)
4FranceFRA43.64 (3 h1)43.15 (4)
Rose-Aimée BacoulLiliane GaschetMarie-France LovalRaymonde NaigreChristelle Bulteau (DNS)Marie-Françoise Lubeth (DNS)
5West GermanyFRG44.30 (3 h2)43.57 (5)
Edith OkerMichaela SchabingerHeide-Elke GaugelUte ThimmUlrike Sommer (DNS)Christina Sussiek (DNS)
6The BahamasBAH44.15 (4 h1)44.18 (6)
Eldece ClarkePauline DavisDebbie GreeneOralee Fowler
7Trinidad and TobagoTTO44.78 (4 h2)44.23 (7)
Janice BernardGillian FordeEsther Hope-WashingtonAngela WilliamsGail Emmanuel (DNS)Joanne Solomon (DNS)
8JamaicaJAM43.05 (1 h1)53.54 (8)
Juliet CuthbertGrace JacksonVeronica FindlayMerlene Ottey-PageJanet BurkeEthlyn Tate (DNS)
5 h1 r1/2ThailandTHA45.62 (5 h1)
Ratjai SripetWalapa TangjitsusornJaree PatthaarathWassana PanyapuekSarinee Phenglaor (DNS)Rewadee Srithoa (DNS)
5 h2 r1/2GhanaGHA45.20 (5 h2)
Grace ArmahMary MensahCynthia QuarteyDoris WireduMercy Addy (DNS)Martha Appiah (DNS)
6 h2 r1/2The GambiaGAM47.18 (6 h2)
Jabou JawoAmie N'DowVictoria DeckaGeorgiana Freeman

Round One (11 August 1984 — 10:00)

Top three in each heat and next two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)
Merlene Ottey-PageJanet BurkeGrace JacksonVeronica Findlay
2Great BritainGBR43.47Q
Simmone JacobsKathy CookBev CallenderHeather Oakes
Rose-Aimée BacoulLiliane GaschetMarie-France LovalRaymonde Naigre
4The BahamasBAH44.15q
Eldece ClarkePauline DavisDebbie GreeneOralee Fowler
Ratjai SripetWalapa TangjitsusornJaree PatthaarathWassana Panyapuek

Heat Two

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)
1United StatesUSA42.59Q
Alice BrownJeanette BoldenChandra CheeseboroughEvelyn Ashford
Angela BaileyMarita PayneAngella TaylorFrance Gareau
3West GermanyFRG44.30Q
Edith OkerMichaela SchabingerHeide-Elke GaugelUte Thimm
4Trinidad and TobagoTTO44.78q
Janice BernardGillian FordeEsther Hope-WashingtonAngela Williams
Grace ArmahMary MensahCynthia QuarteyDoris Wiredu
6The GambiaGAM47.18
Jabou JawoAmie N'DowVictoria DeckaGeorgiana Freeman

Final (11 August 1984 — 16:20)

PosNrTeamNOCTime (A)Split (Pos)Reaction Time
1United StatesUSA41.650.183
365Alice Brown11.3811.38 (–)
362Jeanette Bolden10.1821.56 (–)
370Chandra Cheeseborough10.3231.88 (–)
358Evelyn Ashford9.7741.65 (–)
38Angela Bailey– (–)
54Marita Payne– (–)
65Angella Taylor– (–)
44France Gareau10.57– (–)
3Great BritainGBR43.110.187
162Simmone Jacobs– (–)
153Kathy Cook– (–)
152Bev Callender– (–)
167Heather Oakes10.36– (–)
101Rose-Aimée Bacoul– (–)
107Liliane Gaschet– (–)
108Marie-France Loval– (–)
110Raymonde Naigre10.48– (–)
5West GermanyFRG43.570.171
130Edith Oker– (–)
133Michaela Schabinger– (–)
121Heide-Elke Gaugel– (–)
139Ute Thimm10.49– (–)
6The BahamasBAH44.180.205
21Eldece Clarke– (–)
22Pauline Davis– (–)
25Debbie Greene– (–)
24Oralee Fowler10.77– (–)
7Trinidad and TobagoTTO44.230.184
348Janice Bernard– (–)
350Gillian Forde– (–)
351Esther Hope-Washington– (–)
353Angela Williams10.50– (–)
237Juliet Cuthbert– (–)
243Grace Jackson– (–)
240Veronica Findlay– (–)
246Merlene Ottey-Page15.27– (–)