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400 metres Freestyle, Men

Date24 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants28 from 16 countries

This was one event where the American men would not have been favored. Soviet star Vladimir Salnikov had won the 400 and 1,500 metre freestyles at the 1978 World Championships in Berlin, and had bettered the world record in this event twice in 1979, and improved it again early in 1980. However, he had lost it only a few days before the 1980 Games to Canada’s Peter Szmidt, who was not in Moscow. Salnikov easily won the gold medal, but he was somewhat disappointed with his time of 3:51.31, which was not even a personal best for him. In his wake was teammate Andrey Krylov, who had also been silver medalist in the 200 freestyle, followed by Ivar Stukolkin, as the Soviets swept the medals. This made them the fifth nation, after Australia, Germany, Japan and the United States, to have a medal sweep in an Olympic men’s event. Because of the changes in Olympic rules, which beginning in 1984 limited nations to only two swimmers per individual event, this is also the last men’s swimming to have seen one nation sweep the medals. One week after this final, American Mike Bruner won the US Nationals in 3:52.19.

1Vladimir SalnikovURS3:54.54 (1 h5)3:51.31 (1)Gold
2Andrey KrylovURS3:54.79 (1 h3)3:53.24 (2)Silver
3Ivar StukolkinURS3:56.60 (1 h2)3:53.95 (3)Bronze
4Djan MadrugaBRA3:55.69 (1 h4)3:54.15 (4)
5Daniel MachekTCH3:57.02 (2 h5)3:55.66 (5)
6Sándor NagyHUN3:56.91 (1 h1)3:56.83 (6)
7Max MetzkerAUS3:56.42 (2 h3)3:56.87 (7)
8Ron McKeonAUS3:56.77 (2 h2)3:57.00 (8)
9Graeme BrewerAUS3:57.19 (2 h1)
10Rainer StrohbachGDR3:57.22 (3 h5)
11Simon GrayGBR3:57.60 (4 h5)
12Detlev GrabsGDR3:58.21 (2 h4)
13Zoltán WladárHUN3:58.37 (3 h3)
14Rafael EscalasESP3:58.45 (5 h5)
15Frank PfützeGDR3:59.53 (3 h2)
16Borut PetričYUG3:59.63 (3 h1)
17Andy AstburyGBR4:00.30 (4 h3)
18Thomas LejdströmSWE4:01.89 (3 h4)
19Darjan PetričYUG4:03.54 (4 h2)
20Marcelo JucáBRA4:03.92 (4 h4)
21Petr AdamecTCH4:03.97 (5 h3)
22Jean-Marie FrançoisVEN4:04.48 (5 h2)
23Petar KochanovBUL4:05.28 (6 h3)
24Diego QuirogaECU4:05.70 (4 h1)
25Radek HavelTCH4:05.71 (6 h5)
26Kevin WilliamsonIRL4:09.01 (5 h1)
27José María LarrañagaPER4:11.06 (7 h3)
28Mohamed Abdul WahabKUW4:37.68 (6 h2)
DNSMohamed BendahmaneALG– (DNS h1)
DNSFederico SilvestriITA– (DNS h1)
DNSFernando LopesANG– (DNS h2)
DNSIstván KoczkaHUN– (DNS h4)
DNSPaolo RevelliITA– (DNS h4)
DNSPaulo FrischknechtPOR– (DNS h4)
DNSAbdelhakim BitatALG– (DNS h5)
DNSReda YadiALG– (DNS h5)

Round One (24 July 1980 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Sándor NagyHUN3:56.91Q
23Graeme BrewerAUS3:57.19
35Borut PetričYUG3:59.63
41Diego QuirogaECU4:05.70
52Kevin WilliamsonIRL4:09.01
DNS7Mohamed BendahmaneALG
DNS6Federico SilvestriITA

Heat Two

14Ivar StukolkinURS3:56.60Q
25Ron McKeonAUS3:56.77Q
33Frank PfützeGDR3:59.53
42Darjan PetričYUG4:03.54
56Jean-Marie FrançoisVEN4:04.48
67Mohamed Abdul WahabKUW4:37.68
DNS1Fernando LopesANG

Heat Three

14Andrey KrylovURS3:54.79Q
23Max MetzkerAUS3:56.42Q
36Zoltán WladárHUN3:58.37
45Andy AstburyGBR4:00.30
52Petr AdamecTCH4:03.97
61Petar KochanovBUL4:05.28
77José María LarrañagaPER4:11.06

Heat Four

14Djan MadrugaBRA3:55.69Q
25Detlev GrabsGDR3:58.21
33Thomas LejdströmSWE4:01.89
47Marcelo JucáBRA4:03.92
DNS6István KoczkaHUN
DNS2Paolo RevelliITA
DNS1Paulo FrischknechtPOR

Heat Five

14Vladimir SalnikovURS3:54.54Q
23Daniel MachekTCH3:57.02Q
35Rainer StrohbachGDR3:57.22
46Simon GrayGBR3:57.60
52Rafael EscalasESP3:58.45
67Radek HavelTCH4:05.71
DNS1Abdelhakim BitatALG
DNS8Reda YadiALG

Final (24 July 1980 — 19:00)

14Vladimir SalnikovURS3:51.31OR
25Andrey KrylovURS3:53.24
32Ivar StukolkinURS3:53.95
43Djan MadrugaBRA3:54.15
58Daniel MachekTCH3:55.66
61Sándor NagyHUN3:56.83
76Max MetzkerAUS3:56.87
87Ron McKeonAUS3:57.00