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Rope Climbing, Men

Date26 April 1906 — -
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants17 from 4 countries
FormatPlacement decided on best time to climb a 10-meter rope.

The rope climbing event was a very popular one for the Greek crowds because it was won in the Panathenaic Stadium by a Greek, Georgios Aliprantis. The event consisted of climbing a 10-meter rope with the athletes being timed. The winner was based on who recorded the fastest time in climbing the rope. Béla Erődi and Konstantinos Kozanitas, who tied for second with 13 and 4/5ths second. Erődi was awarded second over Kozanitas because while climbing, Kozanitas had touched the pole from which the rope hung.

1Georgios AliprantisGRE11.4Gold
2Béla ErődiHUN13.8Silver
3Konstantinos KozanitasGRE13.8Bronze
4Georgios GeorgantopoulosGRE14.0
5Nikolaos AliprantisGRE14.2
6Konstantinos PantzopoulosGRE14.8
7G. KoemzopoulosGRE15.2
8Petros PavlidisGRE15.6
9M. NomikosGRE15.8
10Vilmos SzűcsHUN16.0
=11Ioannis AvelasGRE16.2
=11Matthias DespotopoulosGRE16.2
13Konstantinos SimeonidisGRE16.6
14G. KyrierisGRE17.4
15Stanley CooperGBR17.6
16Al. KalafatisGRE18.2
17Boris HonzátkoBOH19.0