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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date19 – 25 June 1900
LocationLa Grande Salle des Fêtes de l'Exposition, Champs de Mars, Paris
Participants23 from 7 countries

Documentation about the target area that was used for sabre in the 1900 Olympics is not known but since the 1896 Olympics used the target area specified by The Society for the Encouragement of Fencing in Paris, it is assumed that the Olympics actually held in Paris four years later used the same target area (i.e., the entire body including the lower torso and legs).

This had the smallest entry list of any of the fencing events in 1900, with only 23 starters from 7 nations, although it was most international fencing event in Paris, as only 10 of the starters were French. There was an opening round about which we know nothing, followed by a semi-final with two pools of eight fencers, with the top four in each advancing to a round-robin final pool of eight. The top two places still went to French fencers, with Georges, Count de la Falaise winning 6 of 7 bouts, and Léon Thiébaut losing only two matches. Count de la Falaise also competed at the 1906 and 1908 Olympics, winning gold in 1906 in individual and team épée. Thiébaut never again competed at the Olympics but did compete with all three weapons at Paris in 1900.

1Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRAGold
2Léon ThiébautFRASilver
3Fritz FleschAUTBronze
4Ámon von GregurichHUN
5Gyula IványiHUN
6Clément de BoissièreFRA
7Heinrich von TennerAUT
8Camillo MüllerAUT
AC p1 r2/3Maurice BoisdonFRA
AC p1 r2/3Pierre d'HuguesFRA
AC p1 r2/3Péter HartsteinAUT
AC p1 r2/3Giunio FedreghiniITA
AC p2 r2/3Miklós TodoreskuHUN
AC p2 r2/3 StaglianoITA
AC p2 r2/3Mauricio, Duque de GorESP
AC p2 r2/3Hugó HochHUN
AC r1/3François de BoffaSUI
AC r1/3Gaston DutertreFRA
AC r1/3Émile Lafourcade-CortinaFRA
AC r1/3Léon LécuyerFRA
AC r1/3Alfons SchöneGER
AC r1/3Casimir SemelaigneFRA
AC r1/3Fernand SemelaigneFRA

Round One (19 – 20 June 1900)

Top 16 fencers, as determined by the jury, advanced to semi-finals.

ACMaurice BoisdonFRAQ
ACClément de BoissièreFRAQ
ACGabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACGiunio FedreghiniITAQ
ACFritz FleschAUTQ
ACMauricio, Duque de GorESPQ
ACPéter HartsteinAUTQ
ACPierre d'HuguesFRAQ
ACGyula IványiHUNQ
ACCamillo MüllerAUTQ
ACÁmon von GregurichHUNQ
AC StaglianoITAQ
ACHeinrich von TennerAUTQ
ACLéon ThiébautFRAQ
ACMiklós TodoreskuHUNQ
ACFrançois de BoffaSUI
ACGaston DutertreFRA
ACÉmile Lafourcade-CortinaFRA
ACLéon LécuyerFRA
ACAlfons SchöneGER
ACCasimir SemelaigneFRA
ACFernand SemelaigneFRA

Semi-Finals (22 June 1900 — 14:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

1Gyula IványiHUNQ
2Camillo MüllerAUTQ
3Fritz FleschAUTQ
4Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACMaurice BoisdonFRA
ACPierre d'HuguesFRA
ACPéter HartsteinAUT
ACGiunio FedreghiniITA

Pool 2

1Ámon von GregurichHUNQ
2Heinrich von TennerAUTQ
3Clément de BoissièreFRAQ
4Léon ThiébautFRAQ
ACMiklós TodoreskuHUN
AC StaglianoITA
ACMauricio, Duque de GorESP
ACHugó HochHUN

Final Pool (25 June 1900)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA61
2Léon ThiébautFRA52
3Fritz FleschAUT43
4Ámon von GregurichHUN43
5Gyula IványiHUN34
6Clément de BoissièreFRA34
7Heinrich von TennerAUT25
8Camillo MüllerAUT16

Bout #1 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Léon ThiébautFRA
Bout #2 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Fritz FleschAUT
Bout #3 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Gyula IványiHUN
Bout #4 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Bout #5 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Heinrich von TennerAUT
Bout #6 Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #7 Léon ThiébautFRA Ámon von GregurichHUN
Bout #8 Léon ThiébautFRA Gyula IványiHUN
Bout #9 Léon ThiébautFRA Clément de BoissièreFRA
Bout #10 Léon ThiébautFRA Heinrich von TennerAUT
Bout #11 Léon ThiébautFRA Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #12 Fritz FleschAUT Léon ThiébautFRA
Bout #13 Fritz FleschAUT Ámon von GregurichHUN
Bout #14 Fritz FleschAUT Gyula IványiHUN
Bout #15 Fritz FleschAUT Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #16 Ámon von GregurichHUN Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA
Bout #17 Ámon von GregurichHUN Gyula IványiHUN
Bout #18 Ámon von GregurichHUN Heinrich von TennerAUT
Bout #19 Ámon von GregurichHUN Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #20 Gyula IványiHUN Clément de BoissièreFRA
Bout #21 Gyula IványiHUN Heinrich von TennerAUT
Bout #22 Gyula IványiHUN Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #23 Clément de BoissièreFRA Fritz FleschAUT
Bout #24 Clément de BoissièreFRA Ámon von GregurichHUN
Bout #25 Clément de BoissièreFRA Camillo MüllerAUT
Bout #26 Heinrich von TennerAUT Clément de BoissièreFRA
Bout #27 Heinrich von TennerAUT Fritz FleschAUT
Bout #28 Camillo MüllerAUT Heinrich von TennerAUT