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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Women

Date24 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants79 from 18 countries

The world record was 4:03.69 set by East Germany in winning the 1984 Friendship Games, and they had held the record since 1973. They were the defending World and European Champions. While the United States had won the 1987 Pan Pacs, they were in a different league. The 100 strokes had all been decided in Seoul by the time this event started and the best East German times added up to 4:03.90, while the best American times came to only 4:07.77. The biggest problem for East Germany was where to put Kristin Otto, who had won the 100 free, 100 back, and 100 fly. They rested her in the prelims and then had her lead off on backstroke in the final. Her 1:01.03 split had her over 1½ seconds ahead of the USA’s Beth Barr and the race for gold was over. East Germany increased their margin on each leg, winning in 4:03.74, the second fastest time ever. The USA was well back for silver, finishing in 4:07.90, but that was also almost three seconds ahead of the Canadians, who finished third. The East German victory gave Kristin Otto her fifth gold medal in Seoul. She would later win a sixth in the 50 free.

1East GermanyGDR4:08.53 (1 h2)4:03.74 (1)Gold
Kristin OttoSilke HörnerBirte WeigangKatrin MeißnerCornelia SirchManuela Stellmach
2United StatesUSA4:10.38 (1 h3)4:07.90 (2)Silver
Beth BarrTracey McFarlaneJanel JorgensenMary WayteBetsy MitchellMary T. MeagherDara Torres
3CanadaCAN4:14.23 (2 h2)4:10.49 (3)Bronze
Lori MelienAllison HigsonJane KerrAndrea NugentKeltie DugganPatricia Noall
4AustraliaAUS4:14.32 (1 h1)4:11.57 (4)
Nicole LivingstoneLara HooiveldFiona AlessandriKaren Van Wirdum
5NetherlandsNED4:11.82 (2 h3)4:12.19 (5)
Jolanda de RoverLinda MoesConny van BentumKarin Brienesse
6BulgariaBUL4:15.22 (3 h2)4:12.36 (6)
Bistra GospodinovaTanya DangalakovaNevyana MitevaNatasha Hristova
7West GermanyFRG4:13.19 (3 h3)4:12.89 (7)
Svenja SchlichtBritta DahmGabi RehaMarion Aizpors
8ItalyITA4:14.68 (2 h1)4:13.85 (8)
Lorenza VigaraniManuela Dalla ValleIlaria TocchiniSilvia Persi
9Great BritainGBR4:16.18 (4 h3)
Kathy ReadSuki BrownsdonCaroline FootJoanna Coull
10FranceFRA4:16.21 (5 h3)
Laurence GuillouPascaline LouvrierCatherine PlewinskiJacqueline Delord
11SwedenSWE4:17.72 (4 h2)
Johanna LarssonAnna-Karin PerssonAgneta ErikssonEva Nyberg
12JapanJPN4:18.88 (3 h1)
Satoko MorishitaYoshie NishiokaKiyomi TakahashiAyako Nakano
13SpainESP4:21.84 (4 h1)
Natalia AutricSilvia PareraMaría Luisa FernándezAmaya Garbayo
14Republic of KoreaKOR4:28.90 (6 h3)
Hong Ji-HuiPark Seong-WonLee Hong-MiHan Yeong-Hui
15Costa RicaCRC4:31.75 (5 h2)
Sylvia PollSigrid NiehausMarcela CuestaCarolina Mauri
16Chinese TaipeiTPE4:39.49 (5 h1)
Wang ChiSeto Car-WaiChang Hui-ChienKim Chen
DQPeople's Republic of ChinaCHN– (DQ h1)
Yang WenyiHuang XiaominQian HongZhuang Yong
DQDenmarkDEN– (DQ h2)
Mette JacobsenPia SørensenAnnette Moldrup JørgensenGitta Jensen

Round One (24 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Nicole Livingstone1:04.071:04.07 (2)
Lara Hooiveld1:10.972:15.04 (2)
Fiona Alessandri1:02.123:17.16 (2)
Karen Van Wirdum57.164:14.32 (1)
Lorenza Vigarani1:03.641:03.64 (1)
Manuela Dalla Valle1:11.172:14.81 (1)
Ilaria Tocchini1:02.243:17.05 (1)
Silvia Persi57.634:14.68 (2)
Satoko Morishita1:05.231:05.23 (3)
Yoshie Nishioka1:13.632:18.86 (3)
Kiyomi Takahashi1:01.953:20.81 (3)
Ayako Nakano58.074:18.88 (3)
Natalia Autric1:06.741:06.74 (4)
Silvia Parera1:14.872:21.61 (4)
María Luisa Fernández1:02.453:24.06 (4)
Amaya Garbayo57.784:21.84 (4)
57Chinese TaipeiTPE4:39.49
Wang Chi1:10.751:10.75 (5)
Seto Car-Wai1:15.452:26.20 (5)
Chang Hui-Chien1:07.953:34.15 (5)
Kim Chen1:05.344:39.49 (5)
DQ5People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Yang Wenyi– (AC)
Huang Xiaomin– (AC)
Qian Hong– (AC)
Zhuang Yong– (AC)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14East GermanyGDR4:08.53Q
Cornelia Sirch1:02.341:02.34 (1)
Silke Hörner1:09.372:11.71 (1)
Birte Weigang1:00.753:12.46 (1)
Manuela Stellmach56.074:08.53 (1)
Lori Melien1:03.801:03.80 (2)
Keltie Duggan1:11.582:15.38 (3)
Jane Kerr1:02.423:17.80 (3)
Patricia Noall56.434:14.23 (2)
Bistra Gospodinova1:05.231:05.23 (5)
Tanya Dangalakova1:09.312:14.54 (2)
Nevyana Miteva1:02.823:17.36 (2)
Natasha Hristova57.864:15.22 (3)
Johanna Larsson1:05.101:05.10 (4)
Anna-Karin Persson1:12.402:17.50 (4)
Agneta Eriksson1:02.953:20.45 (4)
Eva Nyberg57.274:17.72 (4)
57Costa RicaCRC4:31.75
Sylvia Poll1:04.021:04.02 (3)
Sigrid Niehaus1:17.562:21.58 (5)
Marcela Cuesta1:09.893:31.47 (5)
Carolina Mauri1:00.284:31.75 (5)
Mette Jacobsen– (AC)
Pia Sørensen– (AC)
Annette Moldrup Jørgensen– (AC)
Gitta Jensen– (AC)

Heat Three

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA4:10.38Q
Betsy Mitchell1:02.661:02.66 (1)
Tracey McFarlane1:10.332:12.99 (1)
Mary T. Meagher1:01.643:14.63 (1)
Dara Torres55.754:10.38 (1)
Jolanda de Rover1:04.031:04.03 (3)
Linda Moes1:10.742:14.77 (2)
Conny van Bentum1:00.623:15.39 (2)
Karin Brienesse56.434:11.82 (2)
35West GermanyFRG4:13.19Q
Svenja Schlicht1:03.561:03.56 (2)
Britta Dahm1:12.562:16.12 (3)
Gabi Reha1:01.543:17.66 (3)
Marion Aizpors55.534:13.19 (3)
42Great BritainGBR4:16.18
Kathy Read1:04.861:04.86 (4)
Suki Brownsdon1:11.742:16.60 (4)
Caroline Foot1:01.973:18.57 (4)
Joanna Coull57.614:16.18 (4)
Laurence Guillou1:05.281:05.28 (5)
Pascaline Louvrier1:13.722:19.00 (5)
Catherine Plewinski59.863:18.86 (5)
Jacqueline Delord57.354:16.21 (5)
61Republic of KoreaKOR4:28.90
Hong Ji-Hui1:08.521:08.52 (6)
Park Seong-Won1:14.572:23.09 (6)
Lee Hong-Mi1:05.733:28.82 (6)
Han Yeong-Hui1:00.084:28.90 (6)

Final (24 September 1988 — 20:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14East GermanyGDR4:03.74OR
Kristin Otto1:01.031:01.03 (1)
Silke Hörner1:08.202:09.23 (1)
Birte Weigang59.513:08.74 (1)
Katrin Meißner55.004:03.74 (1)
25United StatesUSA4:07.90
Beth Barr1:02.561:02.56 (2)
Tracey McFarlane1:10.222:12.78 (3)
Janel Jorgensen59.843:12.62 (2)
Mary Wayte55.284:07.90 (2)
Lori Melien1:04.251:04.25 (7)
Allison Higson1:08.152:12.40 (2)
Jane Kerr1:01.783:14.18 (3)
Andrea Nugent56.314:10.49 (3)
Nicole Livingstone1:03.431:03.43 (3)
Lara Hooiveld1:10.492:13.92 (5)
Fiona Alessandri1:00.873:14.79 (4)
Karen Van Wirdum56.784:11.57 (4)
Jolanda de Rover1:03.761:03.76 (5)
Linda Moes1:11.402:15.16 (7)
Conny van Bentum1:00.303:15.46 (5)
Karin Brienesse56.734:12.19 (5)
Bistra Gospodinova1:04.871:04.87 (8)
Tanya Dangalakova1:07.952:12.82 (4)
Nevyana Miteva1:02.763:15.58 (6)
Natasha Hristova56.784:12.36 (6)
76West GermanyFRG4:12.89
Svenja Schlicht1:03.461:03.46 (4)
Britta Dahm1:12.362:15.82 (8)
Gabi Reha1:01.793:17.61 (8)
Marion Aizpors55.284:12.89 (7)
Lorenza Vigarani1:03.961:03.96 (6)
Manuela Dalla Valle1:10.632:14.59 (6)
Ilaria Tocchini1:01.933:16.52 (7)
Silvia Persi57.334:13.85 (8)