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Singles, Women

Date21 – 23 February 2018
LocationGangneung Ice Arena, Gangneung Olympic Park, Coastal Cluster, Gangneung
Participants30 from 20 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

The ladies singles at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was held on 21 February (short program) and 23 February (free skate) at the Gangneung Ice Arena with 30 women from 20 nations.

Prior to the start of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the competition for gold was thought to be a coronation for Russian Yevgeniya Medvedeva as she would skate unchallenged to the top of the podium based on her previous season – until toward the end of 2017, when she broke her foot. That opened the door for fellow Russian teenager, 2017 World Junior champion Alina Zagitova. The Canadians also had a few contenders to offer a legitimate challenge to the Russians having had two women on the podium at the 2017 World Championships – silver medalist Kaetlyn Osmond, who was also the 2014 Olympic team silver medalist, and 2014 Olympian Gabrielle Daleman, reigning World bronze medalist. Both were members of the gold medal winning Canadian team in the first week of the Games.

The glamour event of the Winter Olympics was once dominated by American women, who had accounted for 19 of a possible 45 Olympic medals in the ladies singles from 1952 through 2006. The Americans won no medals at the Olympics of 2010 and 2014, and had only made the podium once in the last 11 World Championships, which was Ashley Wagner’s home-soil silver in 2016. The American’s were missing her in PyeongChang after she finished fourth at the US Olympic Trials.

The short program was dominated by the rising Russian teenage stars. Zagitova had edged her rival and training partner, two-time World champion Medvedva, to top the ranking with a world record 82.92 points to Medvedva’s 81.61 points. Both left all three of their jumping passes for the second half of their program, which earned them bonus points. Osmond finished in third with 78.87 points, her season’s best score.

In the free skate, Zagitova skated to “Don Quixote”, with all 11 of her jumps back-loaded in the second half of her program on “tired legs” thus producing a 10% bonus per jump. She lead the scoring with 156.65 points, just two points shy of setting a second world record at the Games. Her combined score of 239.57 points was enough to capture the gold medal, just 1.36 points ahead of reigning World champion Medvedeva, who skated to the music of Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” for the silver (238.26 points).

At 15 years and 281 days of age, not only did Zagitova became one of the youngest figure skating Olympic champions ever (Tara Lipinski was 15 years 8 months in 1998), she was also the first athlete who was born in the 21st century to win a gold medal.

Osmond, who finished 13th at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, who skated to music from “Black Swan,” scored 152.15 points in her long program for a combined score of 231.02 points to capture the bronze medal. Canada hadn’t won an Olympic medal in women’s singles since Joannie Rochette claimed bronze at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

At the medal ceremony, the two Russians watched the Olympic flag being raised in their honour (instead of the Russian flag), and heard the Olympic hymn played (instead of the Russian anthem).

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Alina ZagitovaOAR239.5782.92 (1)156.65 (2)Gold
2Yevgeniya MedvedevaOAR238.2681.61 (2)156.65 (1)Silver
3Kaetlyn OsmondCAN231.0278.87 (3)152.15 (3)Bronze
4Satoko MiyaharaJPN222.3875.94 (4)146.44 (4)
5Carolina KostnerITA212.4473.15 (6)139.29 (5)
6Kaori SakamotoJPN209.7173.18 (5)136.53 (6)
7Choi Da-BinKOR199.2667.77 (8)131.49 (8)
8Mariya SotskovaOAR198.1063.86 (12)134.24 (7)
9Bradie TennellUSA192.3564.01 (11)128.34 (9)
10Mirai NagasuUSA186.5466.93 (9)119.61 (12)
11Karen ChenUSA185.6565.90 (10)119.75 (11)
12Elizabet TursynbaevaKAZ177.1258.82 (15)118.30 (13)
13Kim Han-UlKOR175.7154.33 (21)121.38 (10)
14Nicole RajičováSVK175.1960.59 (13)114.60 (15)
15Gabrielle DalemanCAN172.4668.90 (7)103.56 (19)
16Loena HendrickxBEL171.8855.16 (20)116.72 (14)
17Kailani CraineAUS168.6156.77 (16)111.84 (16)
18Nicole SchottGER168.4659.20 (14)109.26 (17)
19Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA159.9253.67 (22)106.25 (18)
20Emmi PeltonenFIN157.1455.28 (18)101.86 (21)
21Alexia PaganiniSUI156.2655.26 (19)101.00 (22)
22Li XiangningCHN154.4352.46 (24)101.97 (20)
23Ivett TóthHUN150.4353.22 (23)97.21 (23)
24Isadora WilliamsBRA144.1855.74 (17)88.44 (24)
25 r1/2Larkyn AustmanCAN51.4251.42 (25)
26 r1/2Diāna ŅikitinaLAT51.1251.12 (26)
27 r1/2Giada RussoITA50.8850.88 (27)
28 r1/2Anita ÖstlundSWE49.1449.14 (28)
29 r1/2Anya KhnychenkovaUKR47.5947.59 (29)
30 r1/2Ayza MambekovaKAZ44.4044.40 (30)

Short Program (21 February 2018 — 10:00)

Judge #1Kvetoslava MatejováSVK
Judge #2Katalin BalczóHUN
Judge #3Deveny DeckUSA
Judge #4Ayumi KozukaJPN
Judge #5Koh Song-HeeKOR
Judge #6Jiang HailanCHN
Judge #7Yelena FominaRUS
Judge #8Yuriy GuskovKAZ
Judge #9Agita ĀbeleLAT
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Alina ZagitovaOAR82.9245.3037.620.00Q
2Yevgeniya MedvedevaOAR81.6143.1938.420.00Q
3Kaetlyn OsmondCAN78.8741.8337.040.00Q
4Satoko MiyaharaJPN75.9440.2535.690.00Q
5Kaori SakamotoJPN73.1840.3632.820.00Q
6Carolina KostnerITA73.1535.0638.090.00Q
7Gabrielle DalemanCAN68.9035.9033.000.00Q
8Choi Da-BinKOR67.7737.5430.230.00Q
9Mirai NagasuUSA66.9337.2430.69-1.00Q
10Karen ChenUSA65.9033.5332.370.00Q
11Bradie TennellUSA64.0135.5029.51-1.00Q
12Mariya SotskovaOAR63.8631.4733.39-1.00Q
13Nicole RajičováSVK60.5932.3628.230.00Q
14Nicole SchottGER59.2031.6227.580.00Q
15Elizabet TursynbaevaKAZ58.8229.1429.680.00Q
16Kailani CraineAUS56.7730.3626.410.00Q
17Isadora WilliamsBRA55.7429.8325.910.00Q
18Emmi PeltonenFIN55.2828.4827.80-1.00Q
19Alexia PaganiniSUI55.2629.9925.270.00Q
20Loena HendrickxBEL55.1627.7927.370.00Q
21Kim Han-UlKOR54.3329.4124.920.00Q
22Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA53.6728.2425.430.00Q
23Ivett TóthHUN53.2227.6025.620.00Q
24Li XiangningCHN52.4627.2726.19-1.00Q
25Larkyn AustmanCAN51.4225.9326.49-1.00
26Diāna ŅikitinaLAT51.1226.3524.770.00
27Giada RussoITA50.8825.9025.98-1.00
28Anita ÖstlundSWE49.1425.3523.790.00
29Anya KhnychenkovaUKR47.5926.6622.93-2.00
30Ayza MambekovaKAZ44.4021.2923.110.00

Free Skating (23 February 2018 — 10:00)

Judge #1Nicole Leblanc-RichardCAN
Judge #2Agita ĀbeleLAT
Judge #3Koh Song-HeeKOR
Judge #4Yelena FominaRUS
Judge #5Jiang HailanCHN
Judge #6Elisabeth LouesdonFRA
Judge #7Françoise De RappardBEL
Judge #8Deveny DeckUSA
Judge #9Kerstin KimminusGER
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Yevgeniya MedvedevaOAR156.6579.1877.470.00
2Alina ZagitovaOAR156.6581.6275.030.00
3Kaetlyn OsmondCAN152.1576.5075.650.00
4Satoko MiyaharaJPN146.4475.2071.240.00
5Carolina KostnerITA139.2963.6475.650.00
6Kaori SakamotoJPN136.5368.4268.110.00
7Mariya SotskovaOAR134.2466.9467.300.00
8Choi Da-BinKOR131.4968.7462.750.00
9Bradie TennellUSA128.3465.4162.930.00
10Kim Han-UlKOR121.3867.0354.350.00
11Karen ChenUSA119.7556.6564.10-1.00
12Mirai NagasuUSA119.6157.5662.050.00
13Elizabet TursynbaevaKAZ118.3060.5058.80-1.00
14Loena HendrickxBEL116.7260.7355.990.00
15Nicole RajičováSVK114.6057.8056.800.00
16Kailani CraineAUS111.8457.8953.950.00
17Nicole SchottGER109.2652.6856.580.00
18Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA106.2555.1352.12-1.00
19Gabrielle DalemanCAN103.5645.8161.75-4.00
20Li XiangningCHN101.9750.5651.410.00
21Emmi PeltonenFIN101.8646.4156.45-1.00
22Alexia PaganiniSUI101.0050.9450.060.00
23Ivett TóthHUN97.2149.8250.39-3.00
24Isadora WilliamsBRA88.4438.3951.05-1.00