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Baseball, Men

Date 1 December 1956 — 12:30
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants35 from 2 countries

Baseball was demonstrated at the 1956 Olympics with a single game matching an American versus an Australian team. The American team was made up of military players stationed in the Far East. The game was held on Saturday, 1 December, starting at 1210. The teams played only six innings with the American team winning, 11-5, having taken a 6-1 lead after three innings. The American starting pitcher, Vane Sutton greatly helped his cause when he also hit a grand slam home run in the third inning.

The US team played the Olympic demonstration as part of a tour of Australia running from 25 November to 18 December. They had played two games against a New South Wales side prior to the Olympics, and played another 10 after the Games. Some games were played against an Australian team, while others were against New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia teams. In all, the American team only lost one game, that to Australia on 5 December, 2-1.

This game has frustrated us somewhat as Olympic historians. Although we know some scoring details, no box score for the game has ever been found despite major efforts to locate one, so we are uncertain as to the details of who played in the game.

1United StatesUSA
Vane SuttonJoe BelakJack ClementKen CochranKen LoweBruce HoltFloyd LasserAl PfefferGeorge ZuccaJack RileyBen DolsonTom BlackJesse FinchRichard GriesserWalter KoziatekAnthony Denicole (DNS)Joe Poglajen (DNS)Gareth Methvin (DNS)Rudy Martinez (DNS)
Eddie MoulePeter BoxRobert TeasdaleMax LordBarry WappettColin PayneKen SmithNeil TurlMax PuckettNorm TyshingKen MorrisonNorman WhitePeter McDadeJohn LangleyNeville PrattRoss Straw (DNS)

Final Round (1 December 1956 — 12:30)

Match 1/2 1 USA 211 – 5AUS