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Slopestyle, Men

Date10 – 11 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants35 from 14 countries
DetailsJibbing Features: 3

PyeongChang 2018 was just the second time that slopestyle, one of the most high-flying, entertaining events of the Olympic Winter Games, had been on the Olympic programme, having made its debut in Sochi in 2014.

Canada and Norway were considered the “superpowers” of the men’s slopestyle with their sights on the Olympic podium. Just 11 months prior to the start of PyeongChang 2018, the World and Olympic medalist, and 15-time Winter X Games medalist Canada’s Mark McMorris, was in a medically induced coma after a horrifying backcountry snowboarding crash, with a jaw fracture, left arm fracture, ruptured spleen, stable pelvic fracture, rib fractures and a collapsed left lung. The 18-year old Norwegian Marcus Kleveland, X-Games champion, was prepared to throw his signature quad cork 1800 to get on the podium.

In the qualifying round, Canada and Norway both qualified their full roster of four riders for the final but X-Games medalist Norwegian Mons Røisland, who was a possible medalist, broke a chest bone and tore ligaments in a crash during practice, which made him unable to compete.

It was the underdog American, 17-year-old Red Gerard, who had won the 2017 World Cup, who came back came after a shaky run in the first heat of the finals. His final run saw him using features of the course that were ignored by other riders, and on his second jump he did a double cork off the quarterpipe takeoff, instead of using the kicker that most riders were using. Gerard landed a perfect backside triple cork 1440 on the final jump earning a score of 87.16 points to capture the gold medal. Gerard, who grew up with a terrain park in his Colorado backyard, won America’s first gold of the PyeongChang Games and was the youngest American Olympic snowboarding medalist ever. It was the second-straight Winter Olympics where the United States first medal came in the men’s snowboard slopestyle, and like fours years prior, it was an upset when Sage Kotsenburg was the first Olympic men’s slopestyle snowboarding champion.

Canada’s Max Parrot came back from behind to land in the silver medal winning position after falling during his first two runs of the finals. His teammate McMorris, against all odds, captured his second career Olympic bronze medal. The Canadian men won Canada’s first two medals of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

16Red GerardUSA87.16 (1)Gold
27Max ParrotCAN86.00 (2)Silver
32Mark McMorrisCAN85.20 (3)Bronze
43Ståle SandbechNOR81.01 (4)
512Carlos Garcia KnightNZL78.60 (5)
61Marcus KlevelandNOR77.76 (6)
714Tyler NicholsonCAN76.41 (7)
88Torgeir BergremNOR75.80 (8)
921Niklas MattssonSWE74.71 (9)
1010Seppe SmitsBEL69.03 (10)
114Sébastien ToutantCAN61.08 (11)
129Mons RøislandNOR– (DNS)
1334Clemens MillauerAUT
1427Yuri OkuboJPN
1522Roope TonteriFIN
1613Jamie NichollsGBR
175Chris CorningUSA
1830Peetu PiiroinenFIN
1933Vladislav KhadarinROC
2016Sebbe De BuckBEL
2128Jonas BoesigerSUI
2219Billy MorganGBR
2311Kyle MackUSA
2438Matías SchmittARG
2524Måns HedbergSWE
2615Hiroaki KunitakeJPN
2731Petr HorákCZE
2817Rene RinnekangasFIN
2932Michael SchärerSUI
3023Nicolas HuberSUI
3135Stef VandeweyerBEL
3226Kalle JärvilehtoFIN
3320Rowan CoultasGBR
3429Moritz ThönenSUI
3525Ryan StasselUSA
DNS36Lee Min-SikKOR
DNS37Niek van der VeldenNED

Qualifying Round (10 February 2018 — 10:00)

Top four finishers in each heat advance to final. All others advance to semi-final. Score consists of best score of 2 runs.

Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Julien HaricotFRA
Judge #3Stefan MunzGER
Judge #4John MacDonaldCAN
Judge #5Ola SundekvistSWE
Judge #6Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #7Kim U-SikKOR
Judge #8Connor ManningUSA
Judge #9Ryo HashimotoJPN

Final Round (11 February 2018 — 10:00)

Score consists of best score of 3 runs.

Judge #1Iztok ŠumatićSLO
Judge #2Julien HaricotFRA
Judge #3Stefan MunzGER
Judge #4John MacDonaldCAN
Judge #5Ola SundekvistSWE
Judge #6Christian BeutlerSUI
Judge #7Kim U-SikKOR
Judge #8Connor ManningUSA
Judge #9Ryo HashimotoJPN
16Red GerardUSA87.16
Run 1 (7)43.33
Run 2 (10)46.40
Run 3 (1)87.16
27Max ParrotCAN86.00
Run 1 (5)45.13
Run 2 (9)49.48
Run 3 (2)86.00
32Mark McMorrisCAN85.20
Run 1 (3)75.30
Run 2 (1)85.20
Run 3 (6)60.68
43Ståle SandbechNOR81.01
Run 1 (6)44.81
Run 2 (2)81.01
Run 3 (9)38.13
512Carlos Garcia KnightNZL78.60
Run 1 (1)78.60
Run 2 (8)52.98
Run 3 (11)24.35
61Marcus KlevelandNOR77.76
Run 1 (2)77.76
Run 2 (11)43.71
Run 3 (10)37.18
714Tyler NicholsonCAN76.41
Run 1 (9)36.18
Run 2 (3)76.41
Run 3 (3)76.15
88Torgeir BergremNOR75.80
Run 1 (4)58.80
Run 2 (4)75.80
Run 3 (7)60.03
921Niklas MattssonSWE74.71
Run 1 (8)38.43
Run 2 (5)74.71
Run 3 (8)42.48
1010Seppe SmitsBEL69.03
Run 1 (11)31.11
Run 2 (6)69.03
Run 3 (4)66.18
114Sébastien ToutantCAN61.08
Run 1 (10)33.66
Run 2 (7)57.23
Run 3 (5)61.08
DNS9Mons RøislandNOR
Run 1 (DNS)
Run 2 (DNS)
Run 3 (DNS)