| Event type

Lightweight (≤ 70 kilograms), Men

Date19 September 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJang-chung Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul
Participants14 from 14 countries

Fourteen fighters competed in a single-elimination tournament. The event was won by Korean Park Bong-Kwon, which was not unusual, as Korean fighters won seven of the eight men’s classes. Park had never medalled at the World Championships, which were won by two different Korean fighters in 1985 and 1987. Ha won the event by defeating Spain’s José María Sánchez in the final.

1Park Bong-KwonKOR
2José María SánchezESP
=3Greg BakerUSA
=3Manuel JuradoMEX
=5Hirokazu ShiokawaJPN
=5Kwang-Seon JoAUS
=5Jae-Hun LeeCAN
=5Wojciech KowalskiPOL
=9Farag El-EmaryEGY
=9Monsour del RosarioPHI
=9Dusmane DaudaNIG
=9Franck CribailletFRA
=9Georg StreifFRG
=9Reuben ThijsNED

Round One

Date19 September 1988 — 10:00
Match #119 SepHirokazu ShiokawaJPNbye
Match #219 SepPark Bong-KwonKORSuperiorityFarag El-EmaryEGY
Match #319 SepKwang-Seon JoAUSSuperiorityMonsour del RosarioPHI
Match #419 SepGreg BakerUSAPointsDusmane DaudaNIG
Match #519 SepJae-Hun LeeCANPointsFranck CribailletFRA
Match #619 SepManuel JuradoMEXPointsGeorg StreifFRG
Match #719 SepJosé María SánchezESPPointsReuben ThijsNED
Match #819 SepWojciech KowalskiPOLbye


Date19 September 1988 — 13:30
Match #119 SepPark Bong-KwonKORPointsHirokazu ShiokawaJPN
Match #219 SepGreg BakerUSAPointsKwang-Seon JoAUS
Match #319 SepManuel JuradoMEXPointsJae-Hun LeeCAN
Match #419 SepJosé María SánchezESPPointsWojciech KowalskiPOL


Date19 September 1988 — 15:30
Match #119 SepPark Bong-KwonKORPointsGreg BakerUSA
Match #219 SepJosé María SánchezESPPointsManuel JuradoMEX

Final Round

Date19 September 1988 — 17:50
Match 1/219 SepPark Bong-KwonKORPointsJosé María SánchezESP