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Painting, Graphic Arts, Open

Date29 July – 14 August 1948
LocationVictoria & Albert Museum, London
Participants25 from 11 countries
JudgeBill AdamGBR
JudgeEric de NormannGBR
JudgeAlfred LongdenGBR
JudgeJames LaverGBR
JudgeMalcolm OsborneGBR
JudgeViktor StrettiTCH
JudgeSakari SaarikiviFIN

After no medals were awarded in 1936, the graphic arts event was held for the fourth and last time. Winner was Albert Decaris, a well-known graphic artist in France, where he designed stamps and illustrated art books among others. His wood engraving on copper “Swimming Pool” was given first prize. The artist ranking second, John Copley is the oldest ever Olympic medallist at 73, outranking Oscar Swahn by a year. He competed along with his wife Ethel Gabain, with whom he had a son Peter, who became a stage and television actor. Third prize winner Walter Battiss is considered to be one of the most important abstract artists from South Africa. He is best known for his imaginary and utopian “island” Fook Island, for which he even carried a driver’s license and passport.

1Albert DecarisFRASwimming PoolGold
2John CopleyGBRPoloSilver
3Walter BattissRSASeaside SportBronze
HMLaura KnightGBRBoxing II
HMAdam MarczyńskiPOLSet of 8 Ink sketches of athletes
HMGino De FinettiITAFencing "Spada"
HMChen Hsiao-NanCHNRiding
HMJohn SkeapingGBRSaddling Up
ACGwen RaveratGBRBowls (Woodcut)
ACLilla HellesenNORDancing on Ice (Lithograph)
ACAndrzej JurkiewiczPOLJump (Etching)
ACDelmar BannerGBRThe Wrestlers (Woodcut)
ACAndré Dunoyer de SegonzacFRAStart of the 100 metres (Etching)
ACFlora Vere O'BrienIRLThe Hurlers (Lino cut)
ACHans ErniSUI"Pindare Olympiques" With 10 etchings
ACHeinrich KrauseAUTBoxer (Bronze)
ACJames BostockGBRSport on the Common (Wood engraving)
ACJohn Buckland-WrightGBRCombat (Etching)
ACLivinius van de BundtNEDWrestling Match (Lithograph)
ACLuc Albert MoreauFRABoxer Covering his Face (Lithograph)
ACWilliam WashingtonGBRThe Cricket Bat Maker (Engraving)
ACWinifred AustenGBRMallards in the Creek (Etching)
ACLuigi BartoliniITAThe Cyclist (Etching)
ACFrederick AustinGBRRugby (Etching)
ACAnthony GrossGBRBurgundy Canal; Fishing (Etching)
ACLuigi BartoliniITAThe Fisherman (Etching)