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5,000 metres, Men

Date29 January 1956 — 11:00
LocationPista di Misurina, Misurina
Participants46 from 17 countries
Olympic Record 8:10.6 / Hjalmar Andersen NOR / 17 February 1952
StarterErnst von ArxSUI
StarterGianni CantoniITA
RefereeNino FresiaITA

The defending champion was Norway’s Hjalmar Andersen, who had won three gold medals at Oslo in 1952, and was back to compete in the 5,000 and 10,000. He had won every international championship in which he competed from 1950-52, then briefly retired only to return in 1954. He had won the 5 and 10K at the 1954 European Championships, but he was no longer the dominant skater he had been. The other most recent major titles at the distance had been won by Norwegian Knut Johannesen at the 1955 Worlds, Sweden’s Sigge Ericsson at the 1955 Europeans, and Soviet skater Oleg Goncharenko at the 1954 Worlds, who had only recently won an international meet in Davos. But also highly considered was another Soviet, Boris Shilkov, who had won the 1954 European and Worlds all-around, and had set the world record of 7:45.6 in 1955 at Medeo, bettering the previous record by 18 seconds.

Shilkov was the first favorite to start, in the fourth pair, and the mark he had to shoot at was 8:00.2 set up by the Netherlands’ Wim de Graaff. Shilkov started quickly, with by far the fastest split at 1,000 m among the contenders, and he finished just as strongly, crossing the line in 7:48.7, the second fastest time ever. The gold medal was his and nobody would approach his time, as he won by a full eight seconds. Goncharenko was next up among the contenders, but finished the sixth pair in 7:57.5, which was eventually good enough for the bronze medal. The silver went to Ericsson, skating in the eighth pair, who posted 7:56.7. But everybody held their breath as the 11th pair started, with Hjalmar Andersen. But he finished in 8:06.5 and would place only 11th.

14IBoris ShilkovURS7:48.7GoldOR
28ISigvard EricssonSWE7:56.7Silver
36IOleg GoncharenkoURS7:57.5Bronze
=411OKees BroekmanNED8:00.2
=43OWim de GraaffNED8:00.2OR
65ORoald AasNOR8:01.6
73IOlle DahlbergSWE8:01.8
89OKnut JohannesenNOR8:02.3
91IHelmut KuhnertGER8:04.8OR
1019ITorstein SeierstenNOR8:06.4
1111IHjalmar AndersenNOR8:06.5
1222OGunnar SjölinSWE8:06.7
132OVladimír KolářTCH8:08.9
145IColin HickeyAUS8:10.0
1515IJohnny CronsheyGBR8:10.1
1616IDmitry SakunenkoURS8:10.5
174OPat McNamaraUSA8:10.6
1814IGerard MaarseNED8:11.1
1920IBoris YakimovURS8:12.6
2018OJuhani JärvinenFIN8:13.7
216OKauko SalomaaFIN8:14.31
2215OSven AnderssonSWE8:16.9
2318IJang YeongKOR8:17.6
2423IJeen van den BergNED8:19.1
2517ILeo TynkkynenFIN8:19.9
2610IJohn HearnGBR8:21.4
2712IYoshiyasu GomiJPN8:22.2
=2810OTaketsugu AsazakaJPN8:23.6
=2813OArthur MannsbarthAUT8:23.6
3012OHans KellerGER8:24.5
312IGene SandvigUSA8:25.5
3217OMatti HambergFIN8:28.12
337IRalf OlinCAN8:30.5
341OFranz OffenbergerAUT8:30.8
357ORaymond GillozFRA8:32.5
3620OKim Jong-SunKOR8:34.3
378OPyeon Chang-NamKOR8:36.7
3819OKurt EmingerAUT8:39.4
3916OJürg RohrbachSUI8:39.5
4014OArt Longsjo, Jr.USA8:40.0
419ICarlo CalzàITA8:41.1
4221OAlex ConnellGBR8:42.5
4321IChuck BurkeUSA8:47.4
4422IPaolino DimaiITA8:48.0
4513IRemo TomasiITA8:48.3
4623OYoshitaki HoriJPN8:53.5
DNS17OPierre HuylebroeckBEL