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1,500 metres, Women

Date22 February 2006 — 17:00
LocationOval Lingotto, Torino
Participants35 from 13 countries
Olympic Record 1:54.02 WR / Anni Friesinger GER / 20 February 2002
StarterMarcel Lesche VanbergNOR
RefereeDan ImmerfallUSA

Based on performances from the last two years, two women were assumed to fight it out for the Olympic 1500 m: Cindy Klassen and Anni Friesinger. Friesinger, the defending Olympic Champion, had won the world title in 2001, 2003 and 2004 and was runner-up in 2005. She had also taken the 1500 m World Cup in 2003. Klassen had taken the World Cup in 2004 and 2005, also winning the 2005 World Championships. In 2005, the women had been exchanging the World Record set by Friesinger during her Olympic victory in 2002. First bettered by Klassen in January, she again lowered it in October, only to be beaten by Friesinger a week later. At the World Cup in Salt Lake City, Klassen then took it back, setting a staggering 1:51.79.

Interestingly, the two top contenders were drawn in the same pair. At the time they took to the ice, the leading time had been set by Kristina Groves of Canada, 1:56.74, better than Friesinger’s pre-Games rink record. Klassen took off with an insane pace, leaving Friesinger well behind. She managed to come back a little in the first full lap, but this effort cost her too much, and she had to let Klassen go. The Canadian finished almost 1½ seconds ahead of the leading time with 1:55.27, while beating Friesinger by a full two seconds. In the final pair, 3000 m winner Ireen Wüst managed to edge ahead of Friesinger for a bronze medal, leaving Klassen and Groves a 1-2 Canadian victory.

117OCindy KlassenCAN1:55.27Gold
215OKristina GrovesCAN1:56.74Silver
318IIreen WüstNED1:56.90Bronze
417IAnni FriesingerGER1:57.31
512IChiara SimionatoITA1:58.76
611OYekaterina LobyshevaRUS1:58.87
716OChristine NesbittCAN1:59.15
816IJennifer RodriguezUSA1:59.30
915IRenate GroenewoldNED1:59.33
1013IDaniela Anschütz-ThomsGER1:59.74
119OKatarzyna WójcickaPOL1:59.96
1213OWang FeiCHN2:00.13
1314OPaulien van DeutekomNED2:00.15
145OMarianne TimmerNED2:00.45
1518OMaki TabataJPN2:00.77
165ILee Ju-YeonKOR2:00.85
1710OAnnette BjelkevikNOR2:01.03
1810ICatherine RaneyUSA2:01.17
198OMaren HaugliNOR2:01.22
2014IVarvara BaryshevaRUS2:01.60
213IYekaterina AbramovaRUS2:01.63
=229IEriko IshinoJPN2:01.85
=2212OJi JiaCHN2:01.85
243OMaria LambUSA2:02.12
257IValentina YakshinaRUS2:02.15
268IHedvig BjelkevikNOR2:02.16
276IAnna RokitaAUT2:02.19
284IShannon RempelCAN2:02.24
292ONami NemotoJPN2:02.34
307OLucille OpitzGER2:02.75
316OAdelia MarraITA2:03.07
324ONo Seon-YeongKOR2:03.35
3311IHiromi OtsuJPN2:04.77
342IZhang XiaoleiCHN2:05.75
351IDaniela OlteanROU2:09.24