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Combined, Women

Date20 – 21 February 1988
LocationNakiska (North Axe / Eagle Tail - Whiskey Gap)
Participants39 from 14 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, point tables determined placement.
DetailsGates: 33
Length: 2054 m
Start Altitude: 2108 m
Vertical Drop: 576 m

The pre-Games favorite was Swiss skier Brigitte Oertli, who was in the middle of winning three straight World Cups in the combined. Better in the technical events, she placed 11th in the downhill, which was led by Carole Merle (FRA). After the event was delayed one day because of fog and snow, Oertli posted the fastest time in the first run of the slalom but still trailed Austrian Anita Wachter, who had been third in the downhill and second in the slalom first run. Oertli again had the fastest run in the second section of the slalom, but Wachter placed second in the run to maintain a narrow lead over Oertli and win the gold medal. Trailing those two in third place was Oertli’s teammate Maria Walliser, who had been second in the combined downhill, but placed only 11th overall in the slalom.

114Anita WachterAUT29.251:17.14 (3)1:22.97 (2)Gold
212Brigitte OertliSUI29.481:18.37 (11)1:20.71 (1)Silver
315Maria WalliserSUI51.281:16.98 (2)1:25.92 (11)Bronze
411Karen PercyCAN54.471:18.22 (9)1:24.00 (3)
531Lenka KebrlováTCH60.871:18.43 (13)1:24.38 (5)
619Lucia MedzihradskáTCH63.561:18.62 (15)1:24.35 (4)
728Michelle McKendryCAN64.851:17.58 (4)1:26.44 (13)
84Kerrin LeeCAN65.261:18.15 (8)1:25.43 (9)
95Ulrike StanggassingerFRG71.511:17.92 (5)1:26.61 (14)
1022Michaela MarzolaITA85.341:17.95 (6)1:28.22 (16)
119Petra KronbergerAUT88.011:18.36 (10)1:27.78 (15)
127Sylvia EderAUT92.861:19.68 (19)1:25.91 (10)
1323Nancy GeeCAN103.861:20.21 (23)1:26.25 (12)
142Karin DedlerFRG105.181:18.80 (=16)1:29.03 (18)
1533Beth MadsenUSA108.641:21.31 (28)1:24.78 (7)
1630Jolanda KindleLIE112.721:21.23 (27)1:25.42 (8)
1721Kristin KroneUSA114.811:18.80 (=16)1:30.19 (19)
1832Jacqueline VogtLIE130.221:20.81 (26)1:28.31 (17)
1925Wendy LumbyGBR138.061:19.86 (22)1:31.02 (21)
2027Sachiko YamamotoJPN139.011:20.33 (24)1:30.26 (20)
2137Mihaela FeraROU141.751:19.82 (20)1:31.54 (22)
2235Pascaline FreiherFRA151.931:24.18 (29)1:24.66 (6)
236Hilary LindhUSA164.571:19.27 (18)1:35.31 (24)
2439Carolina EirasARG248.101:24.93 (30)1:34.85 (23)
2538Carolina BirknerARG255.951:25.10 (31)1:35.48 (25)
2640Mariela VallecilloARG352.721:27.25 (33)1:43.14 (26)
DNF16Carole MerleFRA1:16.46 (1)– (DQ)
DNF13Vreni SchneiderSUI1:18.10 (7)– (DNF)
DNF20Emi KawabataJPN1:18.53 (14)– (DNF)
DNF8Edie ThysUSA1:18.38 (12)– (DNF)
DNF34Christa Kinshofer-GüthleinFRG1:19.83 (21)– (DNF)
DNF26Clare BoothGBR1:20.58 (25)– (DNF)
DNF36Astrid SteverlynckARG1:26.89 (32)– (DNF)
DNF24Ulrike MaierAUT– (DNF)
DNF18Ľudmila MilanováTCH– (DNF)
DNF17Claudine EmonetFRA– (DNF)
DNF3Golnur PostnikovaURS– (DNF)
DNF1Béatrice GafnerSUI– (DNF)
DNF10Michaela GergFRG[1:18.32] (DQ)
DNS29Ingrid GrantGBR– (DNS)