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Combined, Women

Date20 – 21 February 1994
LocationHafjell Alpinsenter, Øyer / Kvitfjell Alpinsenter, Ringebu
Participants41 from 20 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 35
Length: 2418 m
Start Altitude: 823 m
Vertical Drop: 641 m

As with the men, a change occurred in the format of the combined, with the placements determined by total time in the downhill and the two slalom runs. Previously, scoring had been by a point system based on the times of the skiers. The new system favored slalom skiers, as long as they could place reasonably well in the downhill. In the combined downhill, the first three finishers were Katja Seizinger, Picabo Street, and Isolde Kostner, who had finished 1-2-3 the day before in the open downhill. But all three were power skiers and only Street would finish the slalom, placing 14th in that section and 10th overall. The first slalom run was won by Sweden’s Pernilla Wiberg, with Swiss Vreni Schneider second. Schneider turned the tables on the second run, narrowly defeating Wiberg, but Wiberg hung on for the gold medal, the silver going to Schneider. The bronze medalist was Slovenian Alenka Dovžan, the first Olympic medal for Slovenia as an independent nation.

11Pernilla WibergSWE3:05.161:28.70 (5)1:36.46 (2)Gold
217Vreni SchneiderSUI3:05.291:28.91 (7)1:36.38 (1)Silver
325Alenka DovžanSLO3:06.641:28.67 (4)1:37.97 (3)Bronze
416Morena GallizioITA3:06.711:28.71 (6)1:38.00 (4)
52Martina ErtlGER3:08.781:29.38 (13)1:39.40 (6)
626Katja KorenSLO3:09.591:30.59 (25)1:39.00 (5)
727Florence MasnadaFRA3:10.021:29.11 (10)1:40.91 (10)
822Hilde GergGER3:10.101:29.02 (9)1:41.08 (11)
98Miriam VogtGER3:10.141:29.61 (15)1:40.53 (9)
104Picabo StreetUSA3:10.151:28.19 (2)1:41.96 (14)
1118Erika HanssonSWE3:10.171:29.93 (21)1:40.24 (8)
129Bibiana PerezITA3:10.641:29.15 (11)1:41.49 (12)
1330Lucia MedzihradskáSVK3:12.371:30.70 (26)1:41.67 (13)
1431Urška HrovatSLO3:14.751:34.60 (33)1:40.15 (7)
1510Jeanette LundeNOR3:15.971:29.31 (12)1:46.66 (16)
1615Barbara MerlinITA3:17.311:29.67 (17)1:47.64 (17)
1714Emi KawabataJPN3:18.221:29.00 (8)1:49.22 (18)
1819Olha LohinovaUKR3:19.431:33.29 (30)1:46.14 (15)
1928Olga VedyachevaKAZ3:20.871:29.74 (18)1:51.13 (19)
2035Mihaela FeraROU3:26.101:31.69 (27)1:54.41 (21)
2140Francisca SteverlynckARG3:32.641:37.10 (36)1:55.54 (22)
2237Gabriela QuijanoARG3:33.511:39.88 (39)1:53.63 (20)
2332Véronique DugaillyBEL3:38.091:37.22 (37)2:00.87 (23)
2421Monique PelletierUSA3:38.791:30.36 (24)2:08.43 (25)
2539Jennifer TaylorARG3:44.271:39.18 (38)2:05.09 (24)
DNF7Isolde KostnerITA1:28.52 (3)– (DNF)
DNF34Zali SteggallAUS1:33.46 (31)– (DNF)
DNF3Katja SeizingerGER1:27.28 (1)– (DNF)
DNF11Svetlana GladyshevaRUS1:29.45 (14)– (DNF)
DNF6Varvara ZelenskayaRUS1:29.66 (16)– (DNS)
DNF29Špela PretnarSLO1:29.91 (19)– (DNF)
DNF12Michelle RuthvenCAN1:29.92 (20)– (DNS)
DNF5Anja HaasAUT1:30.01 (23)– (DNF)
DNF23Nataliya BugaRUS1:32.01 (28)– (DNS)
DNF36Szvetlana KeszthelyiHUN1:32.99 (29)– (DNF)
DNF20Mira GolubRUS1:33.80 (32)– (DNS)
DNF41Ofélia RáczHUN1:34.85 (34)– (DNF)
DNF38Khrystyna PodrushnaUKR1:35.21 (35)– (DNF)
DNF33Maria ZarucROU– (DNF)
DQ13Ingrid StöcklAUT1:29.97 (22)– (DQ)
DQ24Julie ParisienUSA– (DQ)