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Points Race, Men

Date31 July – 3 August 1984
LocationOlympic Velodrome, California State University at Dominguez Hills, Carson, California
Participants43 from 25 countries
FormatFinal at 50 km; heats at 30 km.

This was the Olympic début for the points race on the Olympic schedule, unless one considers a somewhat similar event held only in 1900. The points race consists of a longer-distance track race, contested over 30 km. in the heats and 50 km. in the final in 1984. Points were awarded for sprints every two kilometers, while the final sprint awarded double points. The race placements were given to the riders who finish on the same lap, with the most points determining placements. A lapped rider could not gain points in any sprint. World championships had been contested in the points race since 1977. The 1983 World Champion was Denmark’s Michael Markussen, and he had also been on the podium at the 1981-82 World Championships, both won by East German riders. Forty-three riders started the first round, with the final consisting of 24 starters. Only two riders finished the final without being lapped – Roger Ilegems of Belgium and Uwe Messerschmidt (FRG). It was an easy gold medal for Ilegems with 37 points to 15 for Messerschmidt. Marcussen was lapped twice and placed ninth.

1Roger IlegemsBELGold
2Uwe MesserschmidtFRGSilver
3Manuel YoushimatzMEXBronze
4Jörg MüllerSUI
5Juan Esteban CuruchetARG
6Glenn ClarkeAUS
7Brian FowlerNZL
8Derk van EgmondNED
9Michael MarkussenDEN
10Alex StiedaCAN
11Rudi CeyssensBEL
12Didier GarciaFRA
13Balbino JaramilloCOL
14Stefano AllocchioITA
15William PalaciosCOL
16Silvio MartinelloITA
17Brian HolmDEN
18Gary TrevisiolCAN
19Manfred DonikeFRG
20Juan Carlos HaedoARG
21Shaun WallaceGBR
22Paul CurranGBR
AC r2/2Éric LouvelFRADNF
AC r2/2Stephan JohoSUIDNF
13 h1 r1/2Kurt ZellhoferAUT
13 h2 r1/2Graeme MillerNZL
14 h1 r1/2Hans FischerBRA
14 h2 r1/2Mark WhiteheadUSA
15 h2 r1/2Akio KuwazawaJPN
=15 h1 r1/2Hitoshi SatoJPN
=15 h1 r1/2Danny Van HauteUSA
=16 h2 r1/2Miguel DroguettCHI
=16 h2 r1/2Carlos GarcíaURU
17 h1 r1/2Peter AldridgeJAM
18 h2 r1/2Gary WestAUS
=18 h1 r1/2Deogracias AsuncionPHI
=18 h1 r1/2Roberto MuñozCHI
=19 h2 r1/2Paul PoppAUT
=19 h2 r1/2Edgardo PagariganPHI
21 h2 r1/2Aubrey RichmondGUY
AC h2 r1/2Elisha HughesANTDNF
AC h2 r1/2Ernest MoodieCAYDNF
AC h2 r1/2Ian StanleyJAMDNF

Round One (31 July – 1 August 1984)

Top 12 in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One (31 July 1984 — 15:30)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Brian HolmDEN---37Q1
2Brian FowlerNZLsame lap24Q
3Juan Esteban CuruchetARGat 1 lap35Q
4Silvio MartinelloITAat 1 lap13Q
5William PalaciosCOLat 1 lap11Q
6Gary TrevisiolCANat 1 lap10Q
7Roger IlegemsBELat 1 lap9Q
8Glenn ClarkeAUSat 2 laps20Q
9Paul CurranGBRat 2 laps13Q
10Uwe MesserschmidtFRGat 2 laps10Q
11Éric LouvelFRAat 2 laps9Q
12Stephan JohoSUIat 2 laps8Q
13Kurt ZellhoferAUTat 2 laps6
14Hans FischerBRAat 2 laps5
=15Hitoshi SatoJPNat 2 laps2
=15Danny Van HauteUSAat 2 laps2
17Peter AldridgeJAMat 2 laps1
=18Deogracias AsuncionPHIat 2 laps0
=18Roberto MuñozCHIat 2 laps0

Heat Two (1 August 1984 — 13:25)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Jörg MüllerSUI---14Q
2Manuel YoushimatzMEXsame lap8Q
3Didier GarciaFRAsame lap6Q
4Balbino JaramilloCOLsame lap4Q
5Michael MarkussenDENat 1 lap26Q
6Alex StiedaCANat 1 lap23Q
7Juan Carlos HaedoARGat 1 lap19Q
8Shaun WallaceGBRat 1 lap18Q
9Rudi CeyssensBELat 1 lap17Q
10Manfred DonikeFRGat 1 lap16Q
11Derk van EgmondNEDat 1 lap15Q
12Stefano AllocchioITAat 1 lap12Q
13Graeme MillerNZLat 1 lap10
14Mark WhiteheadUSAat 1 lap9
15Akio KuwazawaJPNat 1 lap8
=16Miguel DroguettCHIat 1 lap4
=16Carlos GarcíaURUat 1 lap4
18Gary WestAUSat 1 lap3
=19Paul PoppAUTat 1 lap3
=19Edgardo PagariganPHIat 1 lap1
21Aubrey RichmondGUYat 2 laps0
DNFElisha HughesANT
DNFErnest MoodieCAY
DNFIan StanleyJAM

Final Round (3 August 1984 — 14:30)

150 laps (50 km). Thirty sprints, one every 5 laps (1.67 km) with points awarded - 5-3-2-1 - to the top four finishers in each sprint. Points on last sprint and halfway sprint doubled.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCLap MarginPoints
1Roger IlegemsBEL---37
2Uwe MesserschmidtFRGsame lap15
3Manuel YoushimatzMEXat 1 lap29
4Jörg MüllerSUIat 1 lap23
5Juan Esteban CuruchetARGat 1 lap20
6Glenn ClarkeAUSat 1 lap13
7Brian FowlerNZLat 1 lap12
8Derk van EgmondNEDat 2 laps56
9Michael MarkussenDENat 2 laps21
10Alex StiedaCANat 2 laps17
11Rudi CeyssensBELat 2 laps16
12Didier GarciaFRAat 2 laps13
13Balbino JaramilloCOLat 2 laps12
14Stefano AllocchioITAat 2 laps11
15William PalaciosCOLat 2 laps9
16Silvio MartinelloITAat 2 laps8
17Brian HolmDENat 3 laps12
18Gary TrevisiolCANat 3 laps10
19Manfred DonikeFRGat 3 laps3
20Juan Carlos HaedoARGat 3 laps1
21Shaun WallaceGBRat 3 laps1
22Paul CurranGBRat 4 laps13
DNFÉric LouvelFRA
DNFStephan JohoSUI