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18 kilometres, Men

Date 2 February 1924 — 9:30
LocationStade Olympique, Chamonix
Participants41 from 12 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 170 m
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

3 days after the grueling 50 km race, the 18 km race took place under good conditions in a much more level track than the 50 km, with only 170 metres of hight difference. Before the start of the race there was a big discussion about the status of the participants in Nordic Combined, starting in the same race. At the end it was decided that the same athlete could participate both in 18 km and Nordic Combined.

Norway then decided to enter Thorleif Haug and Johan Grøttumsbraaten in both events, Jon Mårdalen and Einar Landvik only for the 18 km, and Thoralf Strømstad and Harald Økern only for the Nordic Combined. 17 of the 30 participants in Nordic combined were entered for both events. One of the competitors entered for 18 km only, Landvik, could certainly have taken a medal in Nordic combined. He placed 5th in both the 18 km and the Ski Jumping, but there was no place for him in the Norwegian team for Nordic Combined!

In those days no intermediate times were taken during the race, and for some time it looked like a Finnish day. Tapani Niku with an early start had the best finishing time ahead of Landvik and Per-Erik Hedlund, until Grøttumsbraaten bettered Niku’s time with 35 seconds. 4 minutes later Haug crossed the finishing line 1.20 better than Grøttumsbraaten and secured his second gold in 3 days. Another great day for the Norwegians, with all 4 participants placing among the 5 best.

134Thorleif HaugNOR1-14:31.4Gold
227Johan GrøttumsbraatenNOR1-15:51.0Silver
39Tapani NikuFIN1-16:26.0Bronze
435Jon MårdalenNOR1-16:56.8
510Einar LandvikNOR1-17:27.4
612Per Erik HedlundSWE1-17:49.0
738Matti RaivioFIN1-19:10.4
88Elis SandinSWE1-19:24.0
920Torkel PerssonSWE1-19:29.8
1033Erik WinnbergSWE1-20:29.4
1122Matti RitolaFIN1-25:13.0
1240Enrico ColliITA1-26:32.4
137Antonio HerinITA1-33:06.4
1421Peter SchmidSUI1-33:34.8
1524Daniele PellissierITA1-33:45.2
1630Anton CollinFIN1-33:54.6
1714Štěpán HevákTCH1-34:43.4
181Anton GottsteinTCH1-34:54.0
196Sigurd OverbyUSA1-34:56.0
205Gilbert RavanelFRA1-35:33.4
2129Achille BacherITA1-36:03.8
2239Xavier AffentrangerSUI1-36:36.2
2317Václav JohnTCH1-37:20.8
2416František HákTCH1-39:41.6
2519Hans EidenbenzSUI1-39:51.8
2631Alexandre Girard-BilleSUI1-41:43.4
2715Franciszek BujakPOL1-42:13.0
283Andrzej Krzeptowski IPOL1-43:02.8
2911Adrien VandelleFRA1-43:58.0
3013John CarletonUSA1-45:49.8
3125István DévánHUN1-50:20.8
3237Zdenko ŠvigeljYUG1-50:27.6
332Anders HaugenUSA1-55:04.2
3426Vladimir KajzeljYUG2-00:43.0
3541Ragnar OmtvedtUSA2-05:03.0
364Dušan ZinajaYUG2-12:19.4
DNF23Béla SzepesHUN
DNF32Mirko PandakovićYUG
DNF28Martial PayotFRA
DNF36Roberts PlūmeLAT1
DNF18Denis CouttetFRA
DNSErnest AppleyardGBR
DNSAllan CurrieGBR
DNSAlex KeillerGBR
DNSChris MackintoshGBR
DNSWalter DelmárHUN
DNSAladár HáberlHUN
DNSHenryk MückenbrunnPOL