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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date26 – 31 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants29 from 23 countries

A few days after Ariarne Titmus had defeated Katie Ledecky in the 400 freestyle they were to meet again in the 200 free final. Ledecky was the defending gold medallist, but the 200 was on the short side for her and Titmus was favored in this one.

Ledecky led the heats in 1:55.28 just ahead of Canada’s Penny Oleksiak, but Titmus was the fastest semi-finalist, finishing in 1:54.82, with Ledecky in third, also behind Hong Kong’s Siobhán Haughey, with Oleksiak qualifying sixth for the final.

Oleksiak led the finalists through 50 metres in 26.50 when Haughey took over and led through 150 metres, with China’s Yang Junxuan in second, Titmus in third, and Oleksiak fourth. Ledecky was never a factor and was never better than fifth place at any split, where she would finish.

As Yang faded on the last lap, Titmus came through with her typical fast finish, splitting 28.80 to win the gold medal in 1:53.50 for an Olympic record. Behind her, Haughey won Hong Kong’s first ever Olympic medal in swimming, a silver, and Oleksiak filled out the podium with a bronze, as Yang finished fourth.

1Ariarne TitmusAUS1:55.88 (1 h4)1:54.82 (1 h1)1:53.50 (1)Gold
2Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:56.48 (2 h3)1:55.16 (2 h1)1:53.92 (2)Silver
3Penny OleksiakCAN1:55.38 (2 h2)1:56.39 (4 h1)1:54.70 (3)Bronze
4Yang JunxuanCHN1:56.17 (3 h4)1:55.98 (3 h1)1:55.01 (4)
5Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.28 (1 h2)1:55.34 (1 h2)1:55.21 (5)
6Barbora SeemanováCZE1:56.38 (1 h3)1:56.14 (2 h2)1:55.45 (6)
7Federica PellegriniITA1:57.33 (5 h3)1:56.44 (3 h2)1:55.91 (7)
8Madi WilsonAUS1:55.87 (3 h2)1:56.58 (4 h2)1:56.39 (8)
9Summer McIntoshCAN1:56.11 (2 h4)1:56.82 (5 h2)
10Allison SchmittUSA1:57.10 (4 h4)1:56.87 (5 h1)
11Isabel GoseGER1:56.80 (3 h3)1:57.07 (6 h2)
12Freya AndersonGBR1:56.96 (4 h3)1:57.10 (7 h2)
13Charlotte BonnetFRA1:56.88 (4 h2)1:57.35 (6 h1)
14Annika BruhnGER1:57.15 (5 h4)1:57.62 (8 h2)
15Valeriya SalamatinaROC1:58.33 (6 h3)1:58.98 (7 h1)
16Erika FairweatherNZL1:57.26 (5 h2)1:59.14 (8 h1)
17Janja ŠegelSLO1:58.38 (6 h2)
18Joanna EvansBAH1:58.40 (7 h3)
19Andi MurezISR1:58.97 (6 h4)
20Li BingjieCHN1:59.03 (7 h4)
21Veronika AndrusenkoROC1:59.17 (7 h2)
22Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL2:00.20 (8 h3)
23Elisbet GámezCUB2:00.56 (8 h4)
24Ieva MaļukaLAT2:03.75 (1 h1)
25Beatriz PadrónCRC2:04.56 (2 h1)
26Nguyễn Thị Ánh ViênVIE2:05.30 (8 h2)
27Gaby SantisGUA2:07.24 (3 h1)
28Lina KhiyaraMAR2:08.80 (4 h1)
29Gabriella DoueihyLBN2:11.29 (5 h1)

Round One (26 July 2021 — 19:00)

14Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.28Q
26Penny OleksiakCAN1:55.38Q
35Madi WilsonAUS1:55.87Q
44Ariarne TitmusAUS1:55.88Q
56Summer McIntoshCAN1:56.11Q
65Yang JunxuanCHN1:56.17Q
76Barbora SeemanováCZE1:56.38Q
85Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:56.48Q
92Isabel GoseGER1:56.80Q
103Charlotte BonnetFRA1:56.88Q
113Freya AndersonGBR1:56.96Q
123Allison SchmittUSA1:57.10Q
137Annika BruhnGER1:57.15Q
147Erika FairweatherNZL1:57.26Q
154Federica PellegriniITA1:57.33Q
167Valeriya SalamatinaROC1:58.33Q
171Janja ŠegelSLO1:58.38
181Joanna EvansBAH1:58.40
191Andi MurezISR1:58.97
202Li BingjieCHN1:59.03
212Veronika AndrusenkoROC1:59.17
228Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL2:00.20
238Elisbet GámezCUB2:00.56
244Ieva MaļukaLAT2:03.75
253Beatriz PadrónCRC2:04.56
268Nguyễn Thị Ánh ViênVIE2:05.30
275Gaby SantisGUA2:07.24
286Lina KhiyaraMAR2:08.80
292Gabriella DoueihyLBN2:11.29

Heat One (19:00)

14Ieva MaļukaLAT2:03.750.65
23Beatriz PadrónCRC2:04.560.67
35Gaby SantisGUA2:07.240.65
46Lina KhiyaraMAR2:08.800.67
52Gabriella DoueihyLBN2:11.290.72

Heat Two (19:05)

14Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.280.67Q
26Penny OleksiakCAN1:55.380.69Q
35Madi WilsonAUS1:55.870.71Q
43Charlotte BonnetFRA1:56.880.71Q
57Erika FairweatherNZL1:57.260.69Q
61Janja ŠegelSLO1:58.380.70
72Veronika AndrusenkoROC1:59.170.75
88Nguyễn Thị Ánh ViênVIE2:05.300.72

Heat Three (19:10)

16Barbora SeemanováCZE1:56.380.64Q
25Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:56.480.72Q
32Isabel GoseGER1:56.800.82Q
43Freya AndersonGBR1:56.960.70Q
54Federica PellegriniITA1:57.330.74Q
67Valeriya SalamatinaROC1:58.330.74Q
71Joanna EvansBAH1:58.400.70
88Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL2:00.200.71

Heat Four (19:15)

14Ariarne TitmusAUS1:55.880.76Q
26Summer McIntoshCAN1:56.110.76Q
35Yang JunxuanCHN1:56.170.66Q
43Allison SchmittUSA1:57.100.74Q
57Annika BruhnGER1:57.150.72Q
61Andi MurezISR1:58.970.70
72Li BingjieCHN1:59.030.65
88Elisbet GámezCUB2:00.560.66

Semi-Finals (27 July 2021 — 10:30)

15Ariarne TitmusAUS1:54.82Q
26Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:55.16Q
34Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.34Q
43Yang JunxuanCHN1:55.98Q
56Barbora SeemanováCZE1:56.14Q
64Penny OleksiakCAN1:56.39Q
78Federica PellegriniITA1:56.44Q
85Madi WilsonAUS1:56.58Q
93Summer McIntoshCAN1:56.82
107Allison SchmittUSA1:56.87
112Isabel GoseGER1:57.07
127Freya AndersonGBR1:57.10
132Charlotte BonnetFRA1:57.35
141Annika BruhnGER1:57.62
158Valeriya SalamatinaROC1:58.98
161Erika FairweatherNZL1:59.14

Heat One (10:30)

15Ariarne TitmusAUS1:54.820.76Q
26Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:55.160.72Q
33Yang JunxuanCHN1:55.980.61Q
44Penny OleksiakCAN1:56.390.69Q
57Allison SchmittUSA1:56.870.72
62Charlotte BonnetFRA1:57.350.71
78Valeriya SalamatinaROC1:58.980.73
81Erika FairweatherNZL1:59.140.71

Heat Two (10:36)

14Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.340.67Q
26Barbora SeemanováCZE1:56.140.62Q
38Federica PellegriniITA1:56.440.71Q
45Madi WilsonAUS1:56.580.74Q
53Summer McIntoshCAN1:56.820.63
62Isabel GoseGER1:57.070.78
77Freya AndersonGBR1:57.100.69
81Annika BruhnGER1:57.620.72

Final (28 July 2021 — 10:41)

14Ariarne TitmusAUS1:53.500.71OR
25Siobhán HaugheyHKG1:53.920.72
37Penny OleksiakCAN1:54.700.69
46Yang JunxuanCHN1:55.010.66
53Katie LedeckyUSA1:55.210.62
62Barbora SeemanováCZE1:55.450.63
71Federica PellegriniITA1:55.910.71
88Madi WilsonAUS1:56.390.75