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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date26 – 28 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants27 from 20 countries

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú had dominated the individual medleys at Rio in 2016, winning gold in both the 200 and 400 IM, the latter in world record time. She had since won the 2017 World Championship, the 2018 European Championship, and the 2019 Worlds, but she came to Tokyo at 32-years-old and had not posted the fastest times of the year. Her biggest challengers were expected to be Americans Alex Walsh and Kate Douglas, who both swam for the University of Virginia, and Britain’s Abbie Wood, who had the second fastest time on the year. Also considered was Japan’s Yui Ohashi, the 2018 Pan Pacific Champion in both IMs and a silver medalist at this event at the 2017 Worlds, who had already won the 400 IM in Tokyo.

Douglas was the fastest qualifier in both the heats and semi-finals as all the favorites made it to the final. The final was led for 100 metres by China’s Yu Yiting but she dropped back on the breaststroke and freestyle legs and would finish fifth. Ohashi was second after the butterfly and breaststroke legs, trailing Walsh into the final freestyle lap, but the Japanese would finish the fastest to take gold narrowly over the American, as Douglas gave the USA two medals by finishing third, only 11 hundredths ahead of Wood. Hosszú was never a factor and finished seventh.

1Yui OhashiJPN2:10.77 (3 h2)2:09.79 (3 h1)2:08.52 (1)Gold
2Alex WalshUSA2:09.94 (1 h3)2:09.57 (1 h1)2:08.65 (2)Silver
3Kate DouglassUSA2:09.16 (1 h2)2:09.21 (1 h2)2:09.04 (3)Bronze
4Abbie WoodGBR2:09.94 (2 h4)2:09.56 (2 h2)2:09.15 (4)
5Yu YitingCHN2:10.22 (2 h2)2:09.72 (2 h1)2:09.57 (5)
6Sydney PickremCAN2:10.13 (3 h3)2:09.94 (4 h1)2:10.05 (6)
7Katinka HosszúHUN2:09.70 (1 h4)2:10.22 (5 h1)2:12.38 (7)
8Alicia WilsonGBR2:10.39 (5 h3)2:10.59 (3 h2)2:12.86 (8)
9Maria UgolkovaSUI2:10.04 (2 h3)2:10.65 (4 h2)
10Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:10.21 (4 h3)2:10.70 (5 h2)
11Cyrielle DuhamelFRA2:11.11 (3 h4)2:10.84 (6 h2)
12Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.54 (6 h4)2:11.38 (7 h2)
13Sara FranceschiITA2:11.47 (5 h4)2:11.71 (6 h1)
14Ilaria CusinatoITA2:11.41 (4 h2)2:12.10 (8 h2)
15Miho TeramuraJPN2:11.22 (4 h4)2:12.14 (7 h1)
16Kristýna HorskáCZE2:12.21 (7 h4)2:12.85 (8 h1)
17Dalma SebestyénHUN2:12.42 (5 h2)
18Bailey AndisonCAN2:12.52 (6 h2)
19Ellen WalsheIRL2:13.34 (8 h4)
20África ZamoranoESP2:13.81 (6 h3)
21Fantine LesaffreFRA2:14.20 (7 h3)
22Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR2:14.41 (8 h3)
23Rebecca MederRSA2:14.79 (7 h2)
24McKenna DeBeverPER2:15.86 (1 h1)
25Diana PetkovaBUL2:16.70 (8 h2)
26Anja CrevarSRB2:17.62 (2 h1)
27Nicole FrankURU2:18.93 (3 h1)

Round One (26 July 2021 — 19:37)

15Kate DouglassUSA2:09.16Q
24Katinka HosszúHUN2:09.70Q
=35Alex WalshUSA2:09.94Q
=35Abbie WoodGBR2:09.94Q
52Maria UgolkovaSUI2:10.04Q
64Sydney PickremCAN2:10.13Q
76Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:10.21Q
83Yu YitingCHN2:10.22Q
93Alicia WilsonGBR2:10.39Q
104Yui OhashiJPN2:10.77Q
117Cyrielle DuhamelFRA2:11.11Q
123Miho TeramuraJPN2:11.22Q
132Ilaria CusinatoITA2:11.41Q
142Sara FranceschiITA2:11.47Q
156Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.54Q
168Kristýna HorskáCZE2:12.21Q
177Dalma SebestyénHUN2:12.42
186Bailey AndisonCAN2:12.52
191Ellen WalsheIRL2:13.34
208África ZamoranoESP2:13.81
217Fantine LesaffreFRA2:14.20
221Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR2:14.41
238Rebecca MederRSA2:14.79
245McKenna DeBeverPER2:15.86
251Diana PetkovaBUL2:16.70
264Anja CrevarSRB2:17.62
273Nicole FrankURU2:18.93

Heat One (19:37)

15McKenna DeBeverPER2:15.860.72
24Anja CrevarSRB2:17.620.68
33Nicole FrankURU2:18.930.65

Heat Two (19:43)

15Kate DouglassUSA2:09.160.72Q
23Yu YitingCHN2:10.220.65Q
34Yui OhashiJPN2:10.770.67Q
42Ilaria CusinatoITA2:11.410.71Q
57Dalma SebestyénHUN2:12.420.68
66Bailey AndisonCAN2:12.520.66
78Rebecca MederRSA2:14.790.74
81Diana PetkovaBUL2:16.700.78

Heat Three (19:49)

15Alex WalshUSA2:09.940.73Q
22Maria UgolkovaSUI2:10.040.64Q
34Sydney PickremCAN2:10.130.68Q
46Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:10.210.70Q
53Alicia WilsonGBR2:10.390.61Q
68África ZamoranoESP2:13.810.64
77Fantine LesaffreFRA2:14.200.73
81Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR2:14.410.72

Heat Four (19:55)

14Katinka HosszúHUN2:09.700.73Q
25Abbie WoodGBR2:09.940.66Q
37Cyrielle DuhamelFRA2:11.110.64Q
43Miho TeramuraJPN2:11.220.61Q
52Sara FranceschiITA2:11.470.73Q
66Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.540.68Q
78Kristýna HorskáCZE2:12.210.68Q
81Ellen WalsheIRL2:13.340.67

Semi-Finals (27 July 2021 — 11:58)

14Kate DouglassUSA2:09.21Q
25Abbie WoodGBR2:09.56Q
35Alex WalshUSA2:09.57Q
46Yu YitingCHN2:09.72Q
52Yui OhashiJPN2:09.79Q
63Sydney PickremCAN2:09.94Q
74Katinka HosszúHUN2:10.22Q
82Alicia WilsonGBR2:10.59Q
93Maria UgolkovaSUI2:10.65
106Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:10.70
117Cyrielle DuhamelFRA2:10.84
128Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.38
131Sara FranceschiITA2:11.71
141Ilaria CusinatoITA2:12.10
157Miho TeramuraJPN2:12.14
168Kristýna HorskáCZE2:12.85

Heat One (11:58)

15Alex WalshUSA2:09.570.73Q
26Yu YitingCHN2:09.720.68Q
32Yui OhashiJPN2:09.790.69Q
43Sydney PickremCAN2:09.940.65Q
54Katinka HosszúHUN2:10.220.70Q
61Sara FranceschiITA2:11.710.70
77Miho TeramuraJPN2:12.140.57
88Kristýna HorskáCZE2:12.850.66

Heat Two (12:05)

14Kate DouglassUSA2:09.210.71Q
25Abbie WoodGBR2:09.560.65Q
32Alicia WilsonGBR2:10.590.67Q
43Maria UgolkovaSUI2:10.650.59
56Anastasia GorbenkoISR2:10.700.70
67Cyrielle DuhamelFRA2:10.840.65
78Kim Seo-YeongKOR2:11.380.63
81Ilaria CusinatoITA2:12.100.73

Final (28 July 2021 — 11:45)

12Yui OhashiJPN2:08.520.66
23Alex WalshUSA2:08.650.72
34Kate DouglassUSA2:09.040.69
45Abbie WoodGBR2:09.150.66
56Yu YitingCHN2:09.570.68
67Sydney PickremCAN2:10.050.59
71Katinka HosszúHUN2:12.380.70
88Alicia WilsonGBR2:12.860.65