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30 kilometres (Mass Start, Freestyle), Women

Date20 February 2022 — 11:00
LocationZhangjiakou Nordic Centre and Biathlon Centre, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants63 from 23 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 30,464 m
Height Differential: 58 m
Intermediate 1: 7.5 km
Intermediate 2: 15.0 km
Intermediate 3: 24.76 km
Maximum Climb: 35 m
Total Climbing: 1,156 m

After claiming gold in the very first final of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the skiathlon, Norwegian Therese Johaug also won gold in the last race, the 30 kilometres mass start in freestyle. The women’s longest race had been brought forward to the morning to avoid the anticipated cold weather and worst of the wind. In 1:24:54.0, Johaug took her third Beijing gold with a brutal high tempo race and, as a result, won all distance races at these Games. It was also the last Olympic race of her career. At Vancouver in 2010, Johaug had won gold in the relay, and four years later in Sochi won silver over 30 km freestyle, and bronze over the 10 km classical. She was absent at PyeongChang 2018 due to a doping ban. Jessie Diggins from the USA secured second place 1:43.3 behind Johaug in Beijing, while bronze went to Kerttu Niskanen of Finland (+2:33.3).

At minus 14° C, Johaug took the lead right from the start and set an extremely high pace. In addition to Diggins, only the Swede Ebba Andersson and the Frenchwoman Delphine Claudel were able to keep up with her. But one by one Johaug shook off her chasers. Halfway through the race she was 27 seconds ahead of Diggins and 1:15 ahead of Andersson.

After three laps (22.5 km), she had increased her lead over Diggins to more than a minute and left her victory in no doubt. Behind Diggins, Andersson defended her third place until one km from the finish line. Ultimately, a group of five, with Niskanen, Claudel, Jonna Sundling, Tatyana Sorina, and Rosie Brennan closed in on her. They all finished within just over eight seconds of each other, with Niskanen prevailing in the final sprint. An exhausted Andersson fell back to eighth place.

Co-favourite Nataliya Nepryayeva capitulated to the difficult conditions. After having won a full set of medals in relay, skiathlon, and team sprint in Beijing, she dropped out before the end of the first round. At this point, she was already more than 40 seconds behind the leader, her skis didn’t seem to work at all.

12Therese JohaugNOR1-24:54.0Gold
24Jessie DigginsUSA1-26:37.3Silver
36Kerttu NiskanenFIN1-27:27.3Bronze
420Jonna SundlingSWE1-27:29.4
57Tatyana SorinaROC1-27:31.2
68Rosie BrennanUSA1-27:32.7
712Delphine ClaudelFRA1-27:34.0
83Ebba AnderssonSWE1-27:35.5
923Mariya IstominaROC1-28:00.1
105Krista PärmäkoskiFIN1-28:35.0
119Teresa StadloberAUT1-28:36.5
1211Victoria CarlGER1-30:08.4
1317Lotta Udnes WengNOR1-31:14.3
1410Tiril Udnes WengNOR1-31:15.4
1537Sophia LaukliUSA1-31:21.2
1642Cendrine BrowneCAN1-31:21.6
1716Anastasiya RygalinaROC1-31:22.1
1839Novie McCabeUSA1-31:22.5
1934Antonia FräbelGER1-31:23.6
2018Anne KyllönenFIN1-31:41.0
2130Izabela MarciszPOL1-31:43.0
2236Kateřina JanatováCZE1-31:43.2
2314Johanna MatintaloFIN1-32:01.7
2438Flora DolciFRA1-32:04.7
2519Pia FinkGER1-32:06.3
2624Masako IshidaJPN1-32:06.3
2732Lydia HiernickelSUI1-32:12.3
2813Ragnhild HagaNOR1-32:19.9
2921Emma RibomSWE1-32:27.8
3022Katherine Stewart-JonesCAN1-32:33.3
3160Baiba BendikaLAT1-33:37.8
3229Patrīcija EidukaLAT1-33:51.2
3345Cristina PittinITA1-33:54.8
3447Martina Di CentaITA1-33:56.6
3515Charlotte KallaSWE1-34:45.4
3641Masae TsuchiyaJPN1-34:47.6
3744Maryna AntsyborUKR1-35:31.3
3827Chi ChunxueCHN1-35:41.0
3933Dahria BeattyCAN1-36:08.2
4026Anna ComarellaITA1-36:12.4
4149Petra HynčicováCZE1-36:26.6
4250Angelina ShurygaKAZ1-36:29.6
4352Jessica YeatonAUS1-37:06.1
4425Coralie BentzFRA1-38:08.2
4546Caterina GanzITA1-38:19.5
4640Li XinCHN1-38:39.2
4735Jialin BayaniCHN1-39:14.8
4853Carola VilaAND1-39:18.1
4958Nadezhda StepashkinaKAZ1-39:38.8
5043Miki KodamaJPN1-39:53.8
5164Laura LeclairCAN1-40:14.5
5254Vedrana MalecCRO1-41:18.6
5362Neža ŽerjavSLO1-42:14.2
5451Irina BykovaKAZ1-42:42.0
5548Chika KobayashiJPN1-43:33.1
5665Casey WrightAUS1-44:19.9
5761Magdalena KobieluszPOL1-44:48.8
5857Viktoriya OlekhUKR1-46:22.1
5955Anita KlemenčičSLO1-46:37.6
6028Yilamujiang DinigeerCHN1-50:04.2
6159Maria NtanouGREDNFlapped
DNF1Nataliya NepryayevaROC
DNF31Petra NovákováCZE
DNS56Hanna KaraliovaBLRDNS
DNS63Sanja KusmukBIHDNS